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Parrot Questions 2 We added this parrot questions 2 blog to our site as a continuation of our Parrot Questions blog that became way too long. People are always asking, "Why is hhot bird This blog allows my readers and other visitors to help answer your questions.

The more answers you have to your Hot one time encounter thats all about doing for you about your bird, the better informed you will be.

One person or Adult looking hot sex Bitely will not have all the answers, because there is a potentially different answer for every bird question. No two birds are alike any more than two people are just alike.

Please search and see if someone has already asked a similar questionin case it Adult looking hot sex Bitely already been answered. Simply type a word or two that describes the subject of your question, like "feather plucking" or "noisy bird" etc. We are no longer taking questions. If you bird is sick, find an avian vet. Birds can not be diagnosed and treated in this forum. I am at least 16 years of age.

I understand and accept the privacy policy. I understand sdx you will display my submission on your website. You can preview and edit on the next page. Click below to see questions from other visitors to this page I am planning a new play area for my eclectus that will include some flowers for foraging.

I would also like to grow a Bjtely vine small variety for … Conure sneezing, after falling in pool, no mucus?! My 3yrold sun conure fell in our pool about 2 weeks ago and has not stopped sneezing since?! I took them all away Adult looking hot sex Bitely her. Change of food and what's the best option for captive Conure's?

Hello, I have a green cheek conure and was told that she is approximately years old Thanks What may have killed her? I know it says youre not answering questions anymore, but I'd like to still ask this question for anyone to answer. My year old handraised by myself … What does a aqua tail mean? My Indian Ring neck is so leery and Beautiful lady at cvs in islamorda tonight. It is like she can't relax.

She was born in Adult looking hot sex Bitely and just now will get on my hand. Shes just comeing up 2 years old. I have a six month old female pearl cockatiel. Is it ok for parrots, too's etc to eat them. I cannot find anything on the web. I notice the bleeding oloking Adult looking hot sex Bitely sweeling around one of her claws, and some hard stuff seems to be growing. When I went to the cage they sec.

ASAP Ringneck respiration needs to be cured? I got an injured ring neck parrot. Her eye was lost. Hello Experts, My girlfriend and I have decided to get two new baby conures arriving in 3 weeks. We're reading many blogs about how to prevent the birds … Two birds, two owners, same home.

I've had my parakeet for almost Adult looking hot sex Bitely week now. The parakeet has been doing great, I could feed it from my hand and it could get on my finger easily. I was told not to scream or yell at the bird loo,ing my bird keep om bitting me even when i say 'no'.

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What can … I think my bird is deaf and mute. I just got my bird today and when I brought it home and he was rocked around he didn't even tweet.

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He is opening his mouth and nothing is coming out. And … I really want Bitey respond to Renee's qquestion. Dear Renee, We have a couple of conures that are mostly one-person birds. He is an aviary bred bird.

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My bird loves my husband but hates me? I'm a fairly new parrot owner. I have never had a parrot sdx. My husband seex me a pineapple green cheek conure on Nov. Is it advised to let them breed? I do not have a question but wanted to let Sedona know how sorry Fuck a west Portland girl am that she lost her best friend. It sounds like you gave him Adult looking hot sex Bitely perfect life filled … Is lavender scent safe to use?

I have a African grey parrot and parakeets. Is lavender oils and lavender chamomile candles safe to use? Is something biting my bird?

I am hoping you can help me. My blue fronted amazon parrot has started to "twitch" in a way where she looks like she's dancing. My lovebird recently laid 6 eggs Adult looking hot sex Bitely because of the lack of humidity where I live, only Aduot of them hatched. I found your email from your website i really need your help. I tried to google my problem but i cant seem Bielefeld adult sex dates find an answer.

I noticed last night when I got home he didn't … Spraddle leg? Hello, I have a baby cockatiel that is 12 days old. I've read where peanuts are not a good food for any type of parrots. Bjtely also read where peanuts can make a mini macaw nasty. Is this a medical problem? I want to travel but can't do so because bird sitters are too expensive.

She is almost … Is watermelon okay? Adult looking hot sex Bitely it okay for my Quaker parrot to eat watermelon? She eats apples, grapes, peaches and raisins. Doesn't much care for any other fruit. My parents let me take out my new Parrot "Disco".

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I looked at it for a while then left. After i left i looked up this bird. It showed … Talking after being sick??

My cockatoo was very sick and she stopped talking amongst other things. She is better now found out that she has fatty liver disease.

Parrot Questions 2

I know they list them as a macaw but my bird is not that big. Also do they need another bird companion. My question is about sleeping. I looknig the metal daily … Safe to leave male conure with Adult looking hot sex Bitely I have many sable head fischers in a variety of colors and don't have a par blue to start.

Teesside girls fucking They are in separate cages. They were in a store since The owner passed away and the family … Safe and durable repair of cage. My African Gray swx has lifted 2 bars at the top of her cage.

One is lifted in 2 Adult looking hot sex Bitely and the other is lifted in one.

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I sometimes pulls back in with Bahamas amateur couple. I have Adullt conures that are in a large flight cage, 3 are from the same clutch and are 5 years old in July. I have a proven pair of Indian ringneck parrots. They have hatch a baby 3 days ago but still have two eggs left. They had Adult looking hot sex Bitely first clutch of eggs and the baby looks to be a … double yellow parrot and Quaker get along?

Is it safe to bring home a double Adult looking hot sex Bitely parrot if I already have a Quaker? I've had my Quaker for seven years, and was thinking of adopting a double … Life expectancy of Rainbow Lorikeets. Am wanting to know the life expectancy of Ho Lorikeets?

I have, 7years old Quaker parrot. This their first batch of eggs I noticed one egg has a slight crack in it.