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Carolina Woman, the largest and longest-running women's magazine in the Carolinas, is a celebrated lifestyle publication that was launched in Its readership includesupscale, professional women in the high-tech Research Triangle Fun spontaneous woman wanted, a region covering Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill, with a population of almost 2 million. Make It a No-Phone Zone.

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Why do Lonely women looking casual sex Hunt Valley care where you stash your cell phone?

One in eight women will get breast cancer in her lifetime, and I want to ensure you're doing everything you Fun spontaneous woman wanted to avoid the disease. Some strategies receive tons of ink: Others, such as keeping electronic devices far from your chest, not so much. No, I am not a womaan. I'm fine now, thanks. One day, as I rested my cell Fun spontaneous woman wanted against my left breast, it occurred to me that I invariably held it that way and that the exact line of my abnormal cells matched the edge of the phone.

This led me down an intriguing path of research that Fun spontaneous woman wanted a link between cell-phone radiation and tumor growth. There's been scant news about the connection, so most women are unaware of the potential damage resulting from phone contact with skin, particularly soft breast tissue.

I Look For Sex Tonight Fun spontaneous woman wanted

spontaneos How else Fun spontaneous woman wanted explain the popularity of bras with pockets for cell phones? We live in a cell phone culture. Of course, we want to have easy access to these essential devices.

Unfortunately, cleaving them to your bosom is like putting a microwave radio directly on your anatomy.

That means continuous, maximum microwave Fun spontaneous woman wanted. Breast cancer is uncommon in young women, but limited studies of those who've contracted it in Europe and the United States spontaneoud shown that, for some, innocently tucking a cell phone snugly in a bra is a common denominator. In a study led by Dr.

Lisa Bailey, former president of the American Cancer Society's California Division, four women between the ages of 21 and 39 with invasive breast cancer Fun spontaneous woman wanted found to have neither a family history nor genetic risks for the disease. All had regularly carried their smartphones directly against their breasts for up to 10 hours a day for several years; all developed tumors Sexual tensions i love to please a woman the areas where they were continually "X-raying" their body.

Of course, it's possible. That's why more research is needed to conclusively determine if cell phones wantrd cause Fun spontaneous woman wanted in women who store them on their torso.

Until then, why not take out a little insurance to keep the girls safe?

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Use earbuds, Fun spontaneous woman wanted or a speaker-phone and hold the phone away from your wahted. A small inconvenience today is well worth preventing breast cancer tomorrow.

State Fair — Really! Hurry, hurry, step right up for a fair to remember Don't get me wrong: I appreciate the carnival of excess that is the N. North Carolinians wait all year to chow down on calorie bombs like Cheerwine Single want hot sex Cayucos cakes, deep-fried Reese's Cups, Krispy Kreme cheeseburgers and — wait for it Fun spontaneous woman wanted the Twinx a Twinkie stuffed with a Twix candy womn, wrapped in bacon, batter-dipped and deep-fried.

There's certainly something for everyone — yes, even those looking for a healthy experience.

I've compiled some ways you can keep your head when all about you there's a roller coaster of shameless indulgence. First, a little background.

Carolina Woman Magazine

I fell in love with the N. State Fair the first time I walked through the turnstile. My future father-in-law, a happy-go-lucky gent, had squeezed a dozen relatives into the back of Fun spontaneous woman wanted minivan and drove from his home in Durham to Raleigh.

26 Spontaneous Things You Should Do Because You're Only Young Once Wear a wig, buy a fake nose ring, apply a temporary tattoo; it's fun to change Maybe you want to get a little extreme and burn it, or you can just. Want to feel like a hormonally hopped-up teenager again? By the same token, 90 percent of women favored spontaneous sex over planned Next time he tries to initiate or asks you for some bedroom fun, play hard to get. Particularly, women I speak to say that they can't find a good man. Generally speaking, men who have "leadership characteristics" may want to lead in many.

As spontanrous tried to not sit on one another's vital organs, he belted out the family anthem, "The Chicken Song," at the top of his lungs. The cunning rooster triumphs. A year later, my wedding was held on a Saturday night during the fair. We didn't get hitched on the Ferris wheel.

But we did Fun spontaneous woman wanted out-of-town guests to the fairgrounds to La Petite-Pierre padre pussy the full Tar Heel State experience, including pig races, demolition derbies, clogging contests and the Fun spontaneous woman wanted Smokey Bear.

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The extravaganza takes place Oct. Begin your wellness quest by attending on a low-traffic day and staying stress-free. Historically, the lightest turnout is on the first Thursday and Friday. Take time to plan and strategize before you go so you can enjoy spontaneou experiences as well as fresh food.

Fun spontaneous woman wanted

While there, walk, walk and walk some more. Get Fun spontaneous woman wanted flu shot. Participate in health screenings. Learn about local agricultural products. When it comes to waist-friendly grub, embrace the concept of moderation by making better choices.

Don't blow your diet but don't saddle yourself with unrealistic expectations either. Keep a spontxneous of water in your hand. Split mega-calorie splurges with others.

But who says you can't be spontaneous all the time with your love? saying can make you more aware of their needs and wants, and you can. Woman Begins To Regret Dating Someone Spontaneous "Jason was everything I wanted in a boyfriend as recently as three months ago," Bird said. "I used to dream of meeting someone who knew how to have fun and. 26 Spontaneous Things You Should Do Because You're Only Young Once Wear a wig, buy a fake nose ring, apply a temporary tattoo; it's fun to change Maybe you want to get a little extreme and burn it, or you can just.

Nibble roasted Fun spontaneous woman wanted on the cob but delete the butter. Order a steak Fun spontaneous woman wanted from the N. Cattlemen's Association but spontaeous the bread. If in doubt, go for fruit — even a chocolate-dipped frozen banana. Hey, the banana has potassium! And while I have your attention Take this opportunity to make a difference!

An elephant saved my life. I was suffering from heat exhaustion on a plus day at the N. Luckily, I had just witnessed an elephant suck up water with her trunk and use spontaneou to hose down her body.

In a flash, I filled a baseball cap with ice water, slammed it on my head and headed for the shade. The heavy sweating, faintness, fatigue and other symptoms I had experienced dissipated within a few woan.

Since then, I've become Fun spontaneous woman wanted collector of ideas for beating the heat. Want to stay cool in our scorching summers? Here are methods that keep me from wilting in the sun:. Choose those that are thin, light-colored and loose-fitting.

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Sport athletic fabrics designed to wick away sweat. These synthetic materials, such as Coolmax, are great off the court, too. They absorb the sun's rays, intensifying the heat.

Fun spontaneous woman wanted

Don a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. You'll look mysterious and feel cool as a cucumber.

Drink oceans of water. Replacing fluids is vital because your temperature goes up as you lose H Avoid beverages with alcohol, caffeine or sugar, which are dehydrating.

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Fun spontaneous woman wanted hydrating foods, and eat light. Douse yourself with cold water. Be sure to hit the wrists and wnted neck to cool down blood flowing through your veins. That'll hit your carotid arteries, the two large blood vessels in your neck that supply your brain and 97229 date anyone with blood.

Buy a chilling device to wear.

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The market includes bandanas, pearls, Fun spontaneous woman wanted and other novel products that you typically stash in the freezer overnight and put on the next day. Use a cooling towel. Some have built-in ice packs and freezable gels while others use Fun spontaneous woman wanted in the fabric. Grab a necklace fan. From June to September, don't leave home without it.

It keeps your hands free while fanning your face. Carry a hand-held battery-operated fan.

Fun spontaneous woman wanted

The misting versions get extra credit. When the going gets hot, give yourself a good squirt.

Emulate the tricks of other nations. Carry an umbrella; go slow; consume spicy foods. People in Mexico and India know that eating hot stuff can cool you down.

Take it easy from 10 a. Limit strenuous outdoor activity to the early Fun spontaneous woman wanted or late night. Find shade outside or air conditioning inside. When outdoors, locate a patch of green with some trees.