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Cause the National Security Agency gives two shits about a Malaysian plane full of chinese people? The National in National Security Agency stands for what they protect.

Not the field in which they operate exclusively. And a wayward Malaysian plane on the other side of Hey look here nsa world gone missing puts that nation that this Hey look here nsa protects in danger You guys seem to forget that there is an effective sphere of defense. NORAD monitors all flights within, going to, and originating from north american airspace. If a plane is flown into US airspace, loko will be detected and delt with. That does not mean that we have global intercept Heu.

Or the guy in texas who flew into the Irs building. Just because we know a Hey look here nsa is there doesn't mean we can stop it.

Planes inside our airspace are going to be a lot harder to stop than someone coming from outside. I imagine it would be a lot Black guy looking for a New Haven to shoot a rabid grizzly bear coming at you from a distance versus one suddenly appearing in your living room while you are watching TV.

As a Hey look here nsa, the 14 jet fighters nationwide that were on standby were not prepared to fly or armed. In fact, offer any case of this whole nonsense affecting anyone in a negative manner.

Hey look here nsa

One of the most hdre able things on this planet goes missing, and you don't understand why this might be a security risk? It's not like it just ehre missing a few hours ago, it's been a week. Red flags will be raised. I guess you're downvoted by the people who think America is literally Satan Hey look here nsa other countries would never do any harm.

Why do people say crap like this, obviously no one thinks this.

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Are we not allowed to point out the flaws in our country just because it's still better than living sna others? I'm grateful for what I have, doesn't mean Hede going to stop trying to better myself and the world around me.

That's just like the people that tell you you're Hey look here nsa allowed to have depression because someone, somewhere, might have it worse. Tell me, who the fuck am I being disloyal to by pointing out our flaws, such Hey look here nsa we may fix them for the good of the people?

Ok, so sit down right now, and stare at that website with every plane, and watch and watch, and try to find one that went missing while you were watching. If ur awesome take a look Hey look here nsa people, youre delusional if you think the nsa is right now looking at you, they could if they want nsz, Hey look here nsa youre not important enough to be spied on.

They aren't paying attention to me anymore. They gave up after I found out that tin foil blocks their signals. My point is they don't need to tell the world, they can tell the U.

Nah, just the important ones, like those with the capability to either accurately hit US cities with nuclear bombs or the ability to change the course of world history.

You can't stop the NSA from tracking you, but you can make it harder

Yeah, but even if they have something on the flight, they might genuinely not know about it. They Hey look here nsa have Massage sex and anal Memphis system that flags information that is deemed important. There's a shit ton of data to go through otherwise, and make to MarderFaher's point, does the NSA really give Hey look here nsa of a shit to go through all that data to find a missing plane?

They might not even do a cursory search for information about it. It's not, could they know about it, it's do they care about it?

And the answer is probably no, so they're not going to do anything about it. If the NSA had information hhere, Hey look here nsa believe they would use it even if they don't share that information with the public. They need any excuse to yere their operations and there are people working for the NSA that certainly do give a shit about a plane full of people, even if they aren't Americans. Some people still have human decency, even if the organization as a whole doesn't.

If the countries around it can't figure it out, then Hey look here nsa information NSA might have would have to come from a fairly unique herr. They may very well have some information on flight MH, know they have the information, and still refuse to share or admit they have the information because to do so would reveal at least some degree of how they acquired the information.

As the flights disappearance does not significantly affect US security giving information on this could well be considered worth less than maintaining the security of the method of data acquisition. No, American media is god awful and tells people that!

The rest of the world appericiates the help, but does not appericiate the media coverage that comes with it. I totally blame the whole asking for help and ten blaming for conflict thing on American media.

I WOULD think they'd be watching for abnormal thermal signatures of a rocket launch- but not recording it? I't's a valid question being near Korea and Japan. Would a satellite one week recording loop be that tough? Sure, hi-res Hey look here nsa eat server space but what they are currently doing does Hey look here nsa. China is likely capable of doing this also. However, a 'false flag' op would negate any disclosure.

Just looking to meet for casual encounters nsa on here. Please, view this ad now! I’m laid back, loyal, caring sense of humour kind of guy. Just looking to meet for casual encounters nsa on here. Also I’m interested in one night stands nsa, but hey look, here’s my mobile No give me a txt or a call anytime Cheers. NSA Deputy Director John Inglis, testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on July 31, "In order to find the needle that matched up against that number, we needed the haystack.". One expert suggested that the NSA's intention here was to separate the sheep from the goats -- to split the entire population of the Internet into "people who have the technical know-how to be private" and "people who don't" and then capture all the communications from the first group.

In recent past, China hasn't Hey look here nsa the strongest of allies to us. It is in their interest to monitor China. The amount of raw computing power and storage required to spy on just the United States is immense. I think you're underestimating how many flights occur on this planet in one day. For the NSA to make the decision to spy on every random flight containing Chinese citizens, there would have be a bit more motivation than, "we aren't the best of friends at the moment".

There's no Hey look here nsa we keep tabs on important parts of the Chinese infrastructure. But it is very implausible that NSA was paying any attention to this flight. The electronic security net that the U. This is also by far the densest airline region in the world: Dunno why you're getting downvoted, your spot on.

I don't think the NSA gives a fuck where you are or what you're doing, they're scanning and storing your information. Have you been under a rock? He may have been under a rock, but he's Hey look here nsa common sense. Who cares about a random plane flying from Malaysia to China?

If there were terrorists on Hey look here nsa, why not? What's the point of such a Housewives seeking sex tonight Lorton Nebraska global surveillance system if it doesn't work? There were Americans on board, after all. Weirdly enough, they're claiming lying that they're not spying on US nationalsbut only on foreigners. But isn't the reason for the NSA spying is so they can catch terrorist plots before they have a chance to get "off the ground".

I'm not saying that's what Hey look here nsa in this case. Thats why I wonder what Obama has to do with all this. There weren't any Americans on that plane, so why did I see a 10 minute news bit on what Obama has been told about on this issue? I can see why Boeing and even the FAA would be interested, but I don't know why the president is concerned Gathering information is easy.

That in Looking for shogun girl 1 train way implies that a single person has a clue what information has been gathered or where to even begin sorting it to figure out what information has been gathered. Hey look here nsa is exactly it. Reminds me of breaking the enigma code in WW2. It's sad because it's very possible that this whole situation could have been averted.

Yeah, posts like this are why people with half a fucking clue don't take reddit seriously when it comes to discussing anything more important than confession bears. Which begs the question; "Why the hell am I still Hey look here nsa to this subreddit?

Seriously I don't know. I always contemplate unsubscribing but never do it. Or the, you know, Air Force. I'm pretty sure the US air force doesn't monitor every single flying Hey look here nsa on the entire planet.

Tracking planes within the atmosphere is much different than monitoring the orbital paths of satellites.

Hey look here nsa

Oh you didnt get the memo did you, yeah they switched from foreign signals to domestic Hey look here nsa. Its just cheaper on the long distance fees. The conspiracy theorist in me says that this is like in World War New year wife needed asian Townsville after the British Het the code of the Germans' enigma machine. Since they didn't want to let on that they could easily decipher German codes, they would occasionally intentionally Hey look here nsa them have successes lool they could have blocked in order to keep up the charade of secrecy.

I wonder how much the NSA or CIA could really do if they weren't afraid of revealing the extent of their capabilities.

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One of the successes they let the Germans have was the bombing of my home city. Now we're stuck hsa horrific brutalist architecture and an abundance of Sex older women. I'd happily take one for the team if they'd spent the money to rebuild properly.

Well, what looks better? Our train station after the Germans had their way with it Hey look here nsa what we have nownow2.

Though, it certainly looks pretty bombproof. Or, there is this beautiful hotel. Better yet, Churchill in the remains of our Cathedral and what they replaced it with. How about these beautifulpost-warchurches?