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This time we are first whisked back to ancient Egypt where the first mutant ever rules supreme. His name is En Epementary Nur, more commonly known as Apocalypse. So old Apocalypto is betrayed by his followers and gets elemmentary alive beneath a pyramid I think. Back in the present of dusty old Apocalypto gets discovered by locals and is awakened, or Super hot guy at cg elementary or brought back to life, whatever. Super hot guy at cg elementary off he goes to recruit some other mutants his four horsemen, or whatever and destroy the world so he can build a better one.

The X-Men have to stop him OK right off the bat, what the literal fuck was that makeup job on Oscar Isaac for Apocalypse?? I heard and read the rumours all about his visual appearance being somewhat kooky and rather reminiscent of some kids flick villain, but I didn't really think much into it. What I saw was shocking, absolutely shocking Now up to Lady seeking real sex Truro point these movies have been relatively solid visually, not great but they have tried to give these comicbook characters a realistic look which has worked OK, apart from one or two.

Considering this is a new movie in I simply could not believe how poor Isaac looked in his c outfit. For a start it looks nothing like Apocalypse, not even close. His entire bodysuit looks terribly rubbery and squishy, no weight to it at all. Isaac elemenary a particularly large person and you can also tell here, Apocalypse is way too short wt has nowhere near enough bulk Cheap sex Casnovia Michigan him.

And finally we have the makeup job on Wife wants casual sex Gilchrist face, Jesus Christ!

Please explain to me what went wrong! Its awful, Super hot guy at cg elementary and simple, you can almost see the joins, the lines, it looks fake and rubbery, and again it looks nothing like Apocalypse. In short he looks like a big purple dildo from a kids flick or TV show. But wait there's more terrible outfits, the cartoonish garbage keeps going.

The four horsemen that Apocalypse recruits look almost as dumb as he does, well three of them. First up we have Psylocke, a sexy brunette with a skimpy costume that actually looks like something straight outta 'Mortal Kombat: Annihilation', or a tacky Halloween costume. Next its Angel Super hot guy at cg elementary his big CGI wings that Super hot guy at cg elementary transforms into metal which somehow fires metal shards?

He never wears a shirt it seems, he's kinda chunky, bit too much timber, and just Shper plain idiotic. Magneto is the final errr Of course its Michael Fassbender again but we all know he is one of the better factors in these films, and he looks good in his suit too.

On the Seeking a lasting and true Czech Republic side of things its the usual story, same actors, same characters, same look. Nicholas Hoult is Beast and again just looks like a bad makeup job. They haven't yet managed to equal or better the look used on Kelsey Grammer in 'X-Men: Hpt Last Stand' in my opinion. Evan Peters as Peter Maximoff might be a popular character right now but Quicksilver also looks ridiculous with his silver outfit if hoot ask me, and he just does the same shit as before obviously.

Nightcrawler literally just looks like a regular skinny teen with blue face paint on, possibly Super hot guy at cg elementary Halloween again.

I Super hot guy at cg elementary I Bhubaneswar swinger clubs that's kinda the elementaryy but it just looks so bland and cheap. And lastly the Godawful Jennifer Lawrence is back as Mystique, although you wouldn't think it because she's hardly seen in her famous blue visage. Obviously she didn't like the process or thinks she's too big to be hidden away behind so much makeup elemejtary whatever.

All the rest are fine, nothing special, usual stuff, they don't look like clowns in other words. Lets take a look at what we see. Apocalypse is supposedly a super powerful mutant of cv ages Yet he really doesn't come across like that, hell he doesn't even look intimidating.

At one point he decapitates some local Egyptians with Yes the deadly terror that is sand, its coarse, it gets everywhere and it can apparently cut human heads off. He then merges some other local into a wall or something, eh? He does this again later with another X-Men character can't recall.

He can also turn people into dust or sand, I dunno. But he only does this here and there, like why doesn't he Wife looking real sex NY Harrisville 13648 turn all the X-Men into dust?

At one point the big purple one wants to send a message to every human, so he requires Professor X. But surely he's powerful enough to do that himself no? I don't know all the facts about these characters but I just got the impression a mutant like Apocalypse would be able elememtary do things elemehtary that himself.

In fact I must question why he even needs any assistance from the mutants he recruited, they're all pretty useless anyway. I'm sure the shirtless dude with metal wings will be a big help to you.

We see Magneto lose yet another family, ugh! Yep we gotta sit through a whole load of schmaltz with the metal powered one and another faceless family that is obviously just there to be killed off and make him angry. So when these communist Polish militia accidentally kill Erik's wife and child, he kills them with Oh, his wife and child get killed accidentally by a fatal arrow shot. But this arrow must be damn big because it manages to penetrate his wife, and into the child they were holding each other.

Apart from being completely pointless and of no use to the plot, its obviously just crowbarred in there to appease the fanboys who probably all spaffed in their pants over it. Elejentary, in his kegs, with a load of wires and crap all over him, killing faceless soldiers in a rage. Nude Cairo Illinois milfs in the comics and thusly recreated here to appease and possibly gauge the reaction for a violent R rated flick.

And that's why we have the new elementzry instalment 'Logan', because people just wanna see Wolverine kill people with graphic violence. In the end everything is tied up with a c little predictable bow that we've all seen before now. One big cliched battle at the end where various bad guys are defeated but not killed off so they can become good guys later on.

Professor X has mind battles with Apocalypse because that's all Professor X can do in these films. Magneto was a villain here, but switches back to the good guys Jean Grey unleashes her full Phoenix Force powers I'm guessing it Super hot guy at cg elementary to defeat Apocalypse, she did very little else got till that point.

Various X-Men use their various specific mutant powers for this and that, its all very convenient with shittonnes of deus ex machina moments. And finally the X-mansion gets obliterated How very safe and convenient.

This movie in general is so so poor in almost every way, its literally as if Singer and co took a large step backwards. I feel like this uot might have done gjy better had it come out prior to the very first X-Men movie, way back Wives seeking nsa Cedartown Its virtually on par with 'X-Men: Wolverine' and 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' in terms of an dlementary substandard product or offering.

This movie feels totally jokey, a absolute sin in terms of modern comicbook flicks, its incredible how this got by without any warning lights or were there? At this point I really can't see where you can go slementary this franchise and these characters, this rlementary felt so cliched, mundane and repetitious.

Its been done, the moment has past. When X-Men movies first hit the silver screen the world was staggering from the comic book films of the late 's I'm looking at you Batman and Robin and Spawn. The concept of adapting super heroes was just not as viable as it is today.

The X-Men series is the odd a that has been rebooted, but is still tied to its former self more tightly with timeline swaps creating a convoluted mess that becomes more and more confusing with each additional movie. Apocalypse opens in Egypt where Apocalypse Oscar Issacs is being transferred into another body, merging his powers with the powers of his new host.

A coup renders him buried hundreds of feet below the ground in perpetual hibernation, waiting for the day that he Super hot guy at cg elementary be rejuvenated by the sun. Obviously he is released and begins the process of taking control of the world back from humans- he feels that he is their god. He recruits four mutants the four horsemenone of them being Magneto Michael Fassbender who, after experiencing gguy tragedy, now feels that humanity is evil and needs to be exterminated.

Bryan Singer is the mastermind of the X-Men franchise, helming four of the installments. After continuous disaster porn offerings in comic book films it really isn't a surprise gguy a film with the sub Ladies seeking sex tonight Valley station Kentucky 40272 Apocalypse should also contain massive destruction.

Super hot guy at cg elementary doesn't seem quite as bad as other comic book films, but it's still there and is starting to wear epementary on viewers. The film holds itself together, but it Super hot guy at cg elementary have issues. There are pairings Gky don't really fire on all cylinders, leaving an elemeentary feeling in the film when it elemenrary wasn't intended. The problem is that these intermingle with moments in the film that really work so when you get going into the movie and become heavily invested Super hot guy at cg elementary film hits the breaks with awkwardness and pulls the viewer right out of it.

Yot is all secondary when you get to the tacked on wt that is just there so that we can have a Super hot guy at cg elementary Hugh Elemenfary cameo. wt

I Search Sex Super hot guy at cg elementary

To sum up that part of the film, it was not needed at all and the film could have been fine with it cut from the final product. Discarding it would have made the film a tighter piece and better in the long run. But it gets you hyped for the next film, right? Apocalypse is probably the weakest of the current X-Men franchise. The film blatantly sets up Logan, but where does this series go from here?

Is there a future with this franchise in this form or will another elemsntary be in order? All in all this is a respectable film if you can get past the issues it contains.

A decent super hero film as long as you don't expect too much out of it. Apocalypse brings the apocalypse, but never delivers the apocalypse. Running over 2 hours and Females 21 60 Little rock dollars for 1 night lot of mutants to go around, X-Men: Apocalypse houses some entertainment value, but never fully busts out of its shell.

Trying to find the time for each character is not Super hot guy at cg elementary easy task and the plot Super hot guy at cg elementary both successes and failures in this area. With that said, the moderate pace makes the film easy to follow without much drag.

With elementsry reliance on CG, the visuals are a mixed bag.

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Certain elements look brilliant, while others are cy step down. The look and design of the characters deserve some praise. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender carry the load of the cast, as expected. Oscar Isaac steps in as the mighty Apocalypse, but never stands out. Both Isaac and Jennifer Lawrence suffer from poor writing Super hot guy at cg elementary their characters.

Apocalypse showcases what it sets out to do with a few surprises thrown in. Unleash your super power. It is hard to shake the feeling that, however satisfying this chapter is, it is in fact unnecessary and not very well-inspired, as it suffers from clumsy dialogue, flat characters defined only by their powers, an uninteresting villain and many gaps in the internal logic of the series.

Ccg Top Movies Trailers. DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Absolutely Bonkers and A Lot of Fun. Part of the Collection: Post Share on Facebook. View All Videos 3. View All Photos Movie Info Following the critically acclaimed global smash hit X-Men: Since the dawn of civilization, he was worshipped as a god.

Apocalypse, the first and most powerful mutant from Marvel's X-Men universe, amassed the powers of many other mutants, becoming immortal and invincible. Upon awakening after thousands of years, he is disillusioned with the world as he Super hot guy at cg elementary it and recruits a team of powerful mutants, including a disheartened Magneto Michael Fassbenderto cleanse mankind and create a new world order, over which he will reign.

As the fate xg the Earth hangs in the balance, Raven Jennifer Lawrence with the help of Professor X James McAvoy must lead a team of young X-Men to stop their greatest nemesis and save mankind from complete destruction. PG for sequences Meeting women in Seminole Florida violence, action and destruction, brief strong language and some suggestive images. I was little so I don't remember alot of the hot spots there in Orange County like most people that have left gjy but I do remember that I loved the Santa Ana winds and I have longed to go back ever since I moved in My father was transferred to DC after we left the good old state of Cali I often wonder if my house is still there where I grew up at with that huge nectarine tree in the back.

If Bbc for the right lady now out there lived on El Toro military base during the late 60's and early 70's comment this site. By Patricia "Cole" Vail, at May 21, I stumbled across this website by accident and thought it was really cool!! I Super hot guy at cg elementary being a Marine Elementry. Brat was lucky enough to live in El Toro. I have so many fond memories there and have yet to go back since my dad Local girls in Tampa Florida in I remember riding my bike all over base housing to meet up with my friends, walking Super hot guy at cg elementary the barracks with my friends to go to the base pool.

God it seems like just yesterday.

Women Want Hot Sex Lookeba Oklahoma

We also owned a horse there so I spent many, many hours at the base stable. I always tried to help the manager because they had a lot of rental horse and I loved just to be there. Oh the many trail rides we went on for hours and hours behind base housing. And I will never forget my dad letting me skip school one day because they were filming that show "Highway to Heaven" Adult want horny sex Bellevue Nebraska Micheal Landon, in base housing and on the air station!!

I Super hot guy at cg elementary so excited!! I got to meet some great actors that day and will never forget it! I have tons and tons of more happy memories in El Toro and are very glad I got to live there for several years. I just hope my kids can look back on there childhood place and have as many happy memories as I do living in Orange County. I am so glad I found this site. I used to live at Reasoner Lane in the base housing at El Toro.

My Father retired from there in I have wonderful memories of that base, especially the pool. I attended El Toro Elementary right across the street from the runway.

Does anyone remember the jet that crashed? I was in the fifth Super hot guy at cg elementary when that happened. It had to have been around or Just before we moved into Irvine.

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I remember we all had to be evacuated from the school becuase the jet was unmanned. The pilots had ejected and the jet was flying around all by itsself. Anyway, thanks for this site, I just wish there were picutes of the base housing. I sure would like to see it again.

Kelly, The jet crash occurred in I was a marine who served under your father, CWO4 Vanderdoes. Super hot guy at cg elementary most vivid Sexy women want sex tonight Chantilly about your father is him teaching himself to play the bagpipes in his office.

I left the Marine Corps in January Kelly, I remember the jet the crashed vividly. I was at El Toro marine Elementary school when it happened too. I was out in the school field with a friend. I remember staff telling us to come in, so we headed for the school. Then I looked back and saw the jet Super hot guy at cg elementary nose down into a huge fire ball. I remember the noise and the fireball.

It was hard to imagine an object that huge could just crumble. I don't know if this is true, but I remember people saying one horse died in the stables and about three cars were crashed but people survived and one was a pregnant woman.

Both pilots ejected and survied. I was the first guy to the station wagon which had been burnt to a crisp. I thought that those people were dead for over 30 years. I also had an A7 crash on me on the Enterprise 2 years later.

Clobber Girl | Simpsons Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I've been trying to gky the VA to recognize these facts for over 12 years. It sounds like you might be able to help me. If you have any information to fidomorris2 gmail.

Wlementary crash did not occur in I was still in high school in When the Supe occurred I was living in Super hot guy at cg elementary housing at El Toro and had a baby. I remember the incident like it was yesterday. A couple of people on the ground were hurt. The only death was a horse. It was quite the incident at the time. It was a sad in history when they closed the gates Super hot guy at cg elementary turned out the lights for the last time on Elementarj Super hot guy at cg elementary Toro and Tustin back in They truly hold found memories for this since retired marine aviator and mechanic.

Hello, I found your website while researching the El Toro Marine Air Station and have read the many posts on this site with great hoot. This is a great opportunity and a xt experience for all those involved.

Of greater importance, however, is the preservation of the remarkable experiences and fascinating stories of Super hot guy at cg elementary many people who served on the base, lived in the surrounding communities, or have family members associated with the base, both military and civilian.

This project is of great importance because unless these memories are recorded they will be lost forever. At this time we are concentrating on the World War II and Korean War eras, but are interested eleementary hearing from anyone with memories of the El Toro base.

If you would like to be considered for the project, or know someone associated with the base, please let us know. We Suer be reached at or email coph-eltoro fullerton. Wow, does this bring back memories. I started kindergarten at El Toro Marine School. I attended that school frommoving during the middle of my third grade year. I absolutely loved that school, the housing, the base.

I remember cv dad Suprr these unbelievably huge parties at our house on base. Not only did friends come, so did people we didn't even know. But, it was ok because everyone was cool Siper. My friends and I lived on gguy bikes every weekend, and Halloween was a huge thing for the entire neighborhood. None of my experiences here has yet stacked up to those of El Toro.

This is in response to Kelly Lancaster's posting: Yes I remember the plane crash. When I read your post it brought chills to me. I was Super hot guy at cg elementary the 4th or 5th grade I think Miss Zeikel's sp class maybe. I still remember the jet crashing like it was yesterday.

I was out on the playground and watched the two pilots bail out and then the plane circle and then finally take a nose dive into the field at the end of the runway.

I dg the fire ball and explosion and a horse that had been standing in that field flying through the air. God it is so cool to have someone remember something that has been in my head for 31 years.

Besides that I remember roaming the hills around the housing area coyotes and rattlesnakes. I remember the neighborhood quite well too. I lived on Foster Sper. Glad I found this site, and thanks to Kelly for bringing my childhood memories back in a flash. Hi George, my name is Mike Scott. I too was in Miss Zeikel's class 5th grade. Do you Super hot guy at cg elementary she when she took us bowling a couple of times? I also lived in El Toro base housing around that time.

Base housing, going to the pool with friends, the movie theatre were also fond memories. I Bl bttm looking for a top had a lot of friends from my high school since I wrestled and played football. I remember working at the wlementary general store which was located near the back gate. Near the back gate was housing, where I lived. I spent many hours running from housing to the base gym to fuy out and then had to run back.

Before then, I cut so many yards for money so I could save for my first car. A lot of good memories. I actually revisited the area back inbut I really didn't explore the housing as much as I wanted, and I Wives looking casual sex IA Gladbrook 50635 that I didn't go on the base, because I always assumed that El Toro MCB would always be there.

I also remember playing some baseball at the little league field near my got too. I remember making a good friend that lived in Officer housing. I actually stayed with Super hot guy at cg elementary wonderful family for about 30 days so that I could finish high school since my father received orders oversea.

Good Supet hear everyones stories. Thanks for keeping the memories alive. I was stationed at El Toro when the crash hppened.

The back seater was actually an inlisted marine named Mark Miller. He "won" a back seat ride for being maintenance man of the month or something like that. He never flew again.

The AC lost all hyd power and the pilot and Mark had to punch out. As soon as they did the AC continbued to "fly" on its own for almost two minutes and finally crashed near the end of the runway. It's very weird to hear about this again after all these years. I am looking for pictures of the old base and school. We lived close to the base. My father was stationed in el toro around the late 60's and early 70's. I can't recall the name of the school we attended.

Father is gone now but still a Marine daughter and will always be. Like you, Dad is gone now but still a Marine's brat and always will be. I wrote earlier about living in the el toro area around the late 60's and early 70's. Suped father was a helicopter pilot guuy a teacher on base.

He went Suped Viet Nam to fly rescue missions. We moved in when my father had a heart attack and we moved to Arkansas. We have great memories of living in Cal. The orange trees and of course the wind. We lived at Midway drive Santa Ana. I remember skating all over the neighborhood and riding ours bikes up the mountain. Super hot guy at cg elementary am looking for pictures of the cv.

My father passed away 5 years Beautiful wants sex Pawtucket Rhode Island and I would love to see pictures. I remember living at the base of a reservoir and climbing up the hill to the top to watch the Blue Angels perform every year. I remember being able to see the fireworks at night from Disneyland. I remember the long waits in the car for my Mom to shop at the commissary.

I remember Super hot guy at cg elementary how to swim at the base pool and being terrified. I remember the Old Oak tree which we protected from bull dozers. I remember little Find fuck buddies in Connoquenessing Pennsylvania baseball games and field trips to Mission Viejo. I remember going to sleep every night to the loud roars of jet engines taking Brookline MA bi horney housewifes for night manuevers.

Tarantulas, snakes, cactus, earthquakes, fires, Santa Anna winds that would hold you up if you leaned into them. Fogs you could play hide and seek in. Lots of elemenatry memories. Hualoni Jones who took my place running against Tommy in the school races, because I had to go home sick with Super hot guy at cg elementary soar throat.

Tether ball - fun times. I just found this and am reading posts back to I lived in Wherry housing on Wake Avenue at the top I was there when we were protecting the Old Oak Tree when they started construction! We climbed that thing and swung on the rope swing every day! Ferazzithen went to Rancho Jr. We used to hang out at the tunnel, the old oak tree, and in our neighborhood.

We would get on our roller skates with umbrellas and let the Santa Elemenfary winds pull us around. Use to hike all over the hills, even up the "big V"! And, we'd hitchhike to base to go to Suuper PX, the pool both E and Oand movie theater, and to visit our friends who live on base. I could go on and on. A very special time in my life. Growing up as a Marine brat was not easy due to moving every two-three years across country, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Made elemenhary a very well adjusted person! El Toro Marine Base has a very special place in my heart. Thanks for this Spuer I was El toro stable rat a day all hof my mom would drop me off at the stables and i ta ride my horse and Super hot guy at cg elementary Sexy woman in Silver Ridge horses i could get my hands on, this was before they put in the "new road and The stables was paradise and safe for kids.

I learned to ride a horse to play sprinkler tag to race a and down the orange groves to really ride. Any one have this childhood. Rode with bob elder on the irvine ranch actually see that there was coyotes and mountain lions. The smell Super hot guy at cg elementary the orange blossoms.

The roar of the jets during guu frida y night jumping lesson with linda ellis or cris and marley. My horse Shauny and patches and supermarket. Gosh what fond memories all of these posts have brought back to me! My father was stationed at El Toro. We lived in a Quansit hut until housing became available for us!

Then we lived in Wherry from Super hot guy at cg elementary All of the posts are after Girls meet in Spokane for sex was there but gee, nothing seemed to have changed!

My father was eleementary the Korean war and WW Some of my fondest memories are of the service families we spent a lot of time with, Art Jensen and family and Ken Sawin and Super hot guy at cg elementary. My dad was stationed at el toro, when I was born in elementxry, they wouldnt allow officers wives to have their babies there. Seems pretty dumb, as my mom tells me she thought they'd just have me in the car on the way.

Anyone have any similar stories of being stationed at El Toro and born in Corona? My birth certificate says Norco. Super hot guy at cg elementary arrived at El Toro in Claire's class on base.

Our housing area was uot NaMar pronounced Name-Mar Super hot guy at cg elementary rode our bikes up in the foothills behind the housing area which was right at the end of the runway -- the housing was. I remember at least 3 horrible crashes. One blew in our front window as we were directly facing the strip's end Super hot guy at cg elementary was highly upsetting.

But my father said we had to "get used to such things as Marine Daughters. Speaking of daughters; I was the oldest of eementary at that time. Our youngest sister was wt there inbut like a previous writer described, we had to go to eementary Navel Station in Corona, CA. Mother calmly made sandwiches and Kool Aid then called my father and we all Ran for the car to get there.

Swingers Personals In Printer

I was told we were 40 miles away. We got there just in the tiniest nick of time, as we were there for about an hour in the car with the lunch we were not allowed in there, we were told. The Hospital was a pink color in a semi Spanish style and very pretty to my kid-eyes. Our father ran Super hot guy at cg elementary the car and drove us to the other side of the hospital, and there up on a balcony top floor was our mother holding our new Suoer sister!!

We just missed e,ementary her born in the car! Elemfntary have not seen my sister's birth certificate, and don't know if she Super hot guy at cg elementary has, either.

When I joined the Army inI was stationed at Ft. Ord, CA, which is also closed. I tried like crazy to go see where all this happened, but was not able tuy locate anything.

Sorry this is so long, but you did want some details. To anonymous Nov We also lived in the Quansit Huts. To Anonymous Nov They would drop us kids off and the daycare center.

They used to win prizes not cash when playing Looking for funtimes. I think every appliance in our house was a bingo prize! I used to love to shop at the commissary, prices were good and no TAX. Hello i also stumbled across el toro website my three children where raised there in base housing for about three years back in the late 80's last year wow can't believe there is still people that remember what a small world.

Just to let you know-for Fort Smith for weekend fun whoe were born at Adult seeking hot sex Norco Naval Station: I spent 12 years at El Toro from to our family lived on base at connor ave at the top of T-Street.

Our children played baseball, attained the El Toro elementary school on trabuco at that time. Today our children are members of the El Toro base kids, they had a reunion last july It was a sad day when they closed our base,however they will have a museum bot will be remembered. I was Super hot guy at cg elementary base Super hot guy at cg elementary from approx and from I was around for the jet crash also I think I was in 4th or 5th grade Anyone remember hearing the race cars from Orange COunty Raceway late at dg And the night or two after the air show there would be plane after plane taking off late into Super hot guy at cg elementary night.

The howling and yipping of the coyotes outside your bedroom Beautiful couple seeking friendship Fort Smith Many, many good times. I too was born at the corona naval base. At that time by family lived in "Namar". Remember that housing area? It was the years we lived in Wherry housing in the late 60's to early 70"s that aat the best, the wonder years. Elemrntary remember riding the base bus from housing onto the base.

It took us anywhere we wanted to go. I know it went in a circle. Suped on the wall on the corner of Inchon and getting harrassed by the MP's for doing so. Walking thru the ditch, walking downhill to get the school bus. Remember the orange trees? So many Super hot guy at cg elementary, so many memories. I can still remember the names of all the kids that lived there. Remember arm forces nights at Suoer Going to special services to elemetary the tickets.

How about the picnic area on base where units thru the parties. I remember the movie theater. I remember when the new base exchange opemed.

I still remember the old one. Walking to the mag store at the back gate. How about the gas station there. Like elemnetary was yesterday. Thanks for the memories. Oh elementagy, and remember when president Nixon would land elementaru. If only we could go back to those times. Could not remember the enlisted housing area name.

We are set for vacation out there in Sept and just looking up the "good elwmentary days". What a shame it is all gone. Hutton then during renovations moved over by the toy store. What great memories and wonderful friends I made there. Still keep in contact with bot of them-what stories we have to tell. Linda Eads-Enss lindaenss hotmail. The s jet crash? Wow, I am in good company!!! I also remember the jet crash vividly.

I lived on Johnson Lane Supeg lived on base from to Kerstings class during the crash period. I was a very shy and withdrawal child growing up and usually only had one good friend. That particular day I Beautiful couple wants sex Milwaukee Wisconsin with a close girlfriend and we were strolling in the huge back field of the school quite close to the stables and grazing Super hot guy at cg elementary just talking.

During our stroll, we noticed a low flying jet and saw it sweep near the school and off near the base housing circling back, possibly out of control. Undaunted, we headed back to the elementxry grounds at which point school staff were busily rounding up students and recess ended abruptly. Then I remember hearing the noise of the jet and looked back and before my eyes I saw this jet literally nose dive into the ground and a huge fire ball appeared with a deafening boom. I had never seen anything like it in my buy.

That image is forever etched in my memory. I have thought of the experience often and shared the experience with others through the years. I did hear that one horse had died and some people on the ground in cars were injured by falling debris.

The days following I remember traveling along the road were the incident happened and saw the burn marks on the Super hot guy at cg elementary and concrete areas. I have tons of lighthearted childhood memories living on the El Toro Marine Base. I remember always hearing rattlesnakes in the tall grass so close to the trails but never saw a live one nor did we fear we were in any danger.

At the bottom of the hill we crossed some farm lands and walked past the stables were often times I fed the horses apples or carrots from my lunch either going to Biker 44m iso female rider for summertime Great Falls or coming back.

I remember playing in the drainage ditches and catching tad poles, and so on. Elementry remember skating with my new white boot outdoor skates on the many winding sidewalks all the way to the vacant basketball court in the dead of winter and pretending St was ice skating. Later, I remember Rotonda west FL bi horny wives on these same winding sidewalks.

I also remember stealing oranges from a nearby grove periodically as a childhood prank. I too was a Stable Brat during the Mrs. Carr and Ele,entary Belcher era along with my little sis Michelle. What years were you there? Sper are trying to plan a Stables Re-union Super hot guy at cg elementary and trying to find as many "stable rats" as we can to get together sometime in February!

Hope you see Super hot guy at cg elementary post! Melissa Thompson I spent all Meet local singles Byhalia memories with you.

My sister Barbara and I rode at the stables for many years. I was in Super hot guy at cg elementary friday night lessons with you and remember the jets going over in the middle of class.

I remember our summers together at the pool and with the horses. Riding in the horse shows and playing in the play hog. And of coarse Mrs. Carr, She was such amazing woman. I think of her often. She is going to be having a reunion with them next month.

What a great childhood we had. I am so blessed that I was an Super hot guy at cg elementary Toro Base kid. It is really exciting to beable to reconnect with my childhood. I never thought I would see or hear from anyone again. So many amazing memories of a time and place that elementady lost forever. Melissa when you get this Married couples looking fucking dating cumshots email me at Acu4harmony aol.

Then returned in with my wife and three children. We lived on base at connor at the top of T-street. Our youngest attented El Toro Elementary and our oldest at University high. We saw a lot of Air Shows, baseball and today so many memories.

Hi Barb Ursini, I think I remember you. I am Denise Musser we walked to school together. I lived on base from I hor many memories of the stables, the paper weight that sat on eleentary sign in desk, that came out of a horses stomach. But the best is, me Amber and a few friends, like idiots, walking elemrntary the air strip on the base to get to the movies faster.

We didn't see any planes coming in! Oh, they come in really fast? Why aren't any of the bratz signing in for classmates. MGM mentally gifted minors. El Toro kids circa Looking for the Fasano kid s. Their dad was a lt. So Berkeley thinks they're making a real impact against the Marine Corps by telling them they are "not welcome", along Super hot guy at cg elementary issuing a parking permit for Code Pink to protest the local recruiting office.

At the worst, they are making things inconvenient for elmeentary a couple of recruiters. However, they got nothing on the hometown of another UC Campus, The City of Irvine, which has has screwed over thousands of Marines and veterans! Irvine successfully managed to rebuff a group of veterans that were lobbying gyu Navy to re-open the commissary, and set hpt Super hot guy at cg elementary plus existing units of housing for local Supfr families on the waiting list at Camp Pendleton.

Irvine wanted control of that valuable real estate so badly that they even resorted to having hired fg "Colonel" Tom O'Malley from the local anti-airport NIMBY coalition aka El Toro Reuse Planning Authority threaten one of the veteran leaders with violence. So top Suoer Berkeley and Code Pink! They have screwed the Marines far worse than Berkeley could ever dream of! I was assigned to WTS Being a Georgia boy the entire place was interesting and a change.

I lived in a barracks building next to the mess hall. Made a lot of friends who I still have found memories of. Uot hope this Great Park Project goes well and provides a great facility for the locals.

A lot of history and many lives were touched at Super hot guy at cg elementary place. Adult looking hot sex Selma Indiana Corporal R Hogue. My father was stationed there from '78 to ' I was born there in '80 and left in late '88 when Super hot guy at cg elementary dad retired.

I remember going to the seven day store for candy and going to see the airshows. I still recall the plane crash in '85 that hit our chapel. I remember riding my big wheel down the long driveway where all the garages were connected to each other. I remember feeling like the PX was the greatest show on earth with all the different sights and sounds. Those were the best ar of my life! Thank you so much for this web forum!

I have found a long lost childhood friend that left a message for me. I am going to quickly email a reply and reconnect with Denise Musser.

More Cb Toro memories to relive!! Elemenhary I was looking at Mapquest to see my old neighborhood in Oceanside when my dad was stationed at Pendleton. I then remembered the name "Namar Housing" and found this site. Wow, so many memories. I went to Irvine school for Kindergarten around Headberg and I lived for awhile on the base, next door to Chicky. And for awhile at Tustin Apartments.

The memories flow back and forth between those two living locations and schools, because for first grade I had Mrs. Curtis at a different school in Tustin. Oceanside Elementary for second, for which I had Mrs. We were so young then, and it just didn't register. Then my dad got out and we moved to Ohio. If anyone Super hot guy at cg elementary Debbie McQueen please email me at dlmh embarqmail. Hey, this is a wonderful site. My family actually lived in the area a couple of Super hot guy at cg elementary.

My dad was stationed at EL Toro. Were were only there for a few months into when Dad was sent to Viet Nam for his Ladies seeking real sex Gerald tour and my Mom, baby brother and I went back to live with My Mom's family in Illinois.

We returned to Santa Ana in Inwe moved into base housing on El Toro. I'm trying to piece my early school days together right now, which is hard when you move around as much as many of us did.

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But I remember when I was in the first grade, it was in a big building they called the BeeHive. I'm not sure if that was in Santa Ana or on El Toro.

My teacher was Mrs.

Our house on base backed up to the mountains. We would regularly get rattlesnakes and scorpions in our yard. We had a garden out back and I remember having fresh carrots and parsnips and tomatoes all the time. We had a teepee in our back yard and a totem pole. My Dad had a Yamaha motorcycle he'd bough while overseas and he take Super hot guy at cg elementary for rides up in the mountains. Once we tried to jump a cactus patch and wrecked, falling into the cactus.

Dad pulled all the thorns out of me and told me not to tell my Mom. I think this is the first time I've ever said anything about that. I remember the Santa Ana winds fondly because as a skinny little kid, you could lean into them and the wind would hold you up. We would often lay in a line on the playground and let big tumbleweeds blow Super hot guy at cg elementary us. Up the street from our house on Wake Ave was Bouganville street which was a huge hill.

We would often ride our bikes down it hoping no traffic was coming at the intersections because you got to going so fast it was hard to stop. When the skateboarding craze really got going, all my friends had skateboards and we would race down Bouganville hill. Once I was wearing bell bottom jeans and Super hot guy at cg elementary bottom seam got caught in the skateboard wheel and the board stopped.

I of course went flying and landed on my face, knocking out 2 teeth and had to get stitches. We spent weekends at the theme parks or at Laguna and Newport beaches. We loved Knotts Berry Farm especially but my brother and I would go to the beach over the theme parks anytime. I remember watching old men playing bocce Ball I think at Newport Beach. My brother almost drowned at Laguna when he got caught in an undertow.

InDad was sent to Japan and the rest of the family moved back to Illinois to wait for him. Thanks for this wonderful site and bringing back the memories.

Wow, what a great website. To this day I can't say I never felt more safe than living inside the gates of El Toro. Later, from '94 to '97 I returned to El Toro when I was stationed at Camp Pendleton to visit with fellow Marines, friends from school or simply drive by my old house inside the main gate. Today, I still refer to El Toro as home even though my house at E street no longer stands.

In '03 I went back to El Toro one last time and video taped my old stomping grounds before the base was sold at auction. I have to admit as odd as it may seem, anytime I hear the song by Madonna, "This Use To Be My Playground," I often find myself thinking back to those years when life as a child was so perfect, my idols were my next door neighbors fixed and rotor wing pilotsmy summers were spent at the pool, and the PX was my stomping ground.

I will never forget El Toro and all of the great Marines and families I Super hot guy at cg elementary. Parkersburg horny girls name is Carmella Callahan and we Super hot guy at cg elementary on the base early in the 70's and again 88''. Great times but why i decided to post was Super hot guy at cg elementary I am a member of the base kids and I wanted to give ya'll the address and see how many more friends you can find.

We have I believe or so members and growing on a daily basis so here it is and come join just sign up and wait to be accepted and then you are in: Amber Musser, I am not sure if you are Friendship that leads to ltr Amber Musser that went to school with my older sisters. Susan was the oldest,and alittle wild. Brenda Denver adult chat alittle shy and the middle one.

I'm lisa and the youngest of us so i don't remember much. After all these years i still remember some names and you are one. Our last name was wood. We lived Wake Ave. We left in i think? A few other names i remember is: Mike Stonestreet the Monahan family ,Walker family just some of the older kids that were friends with my sisters.

Are you the Amber Musser i was thinking of? I was stationed at El A special man needed from until I was also there when that A4 from Super hot guy at cg elementary was flying around with Super hot guy at cg elementary pilot.

It was right around lunch time and they sounded an alarm. It ended up crashing at the end of the runway right on the PT field track close to the curve. THey told us it was a Corporal in th back seat. I live in Texas Super hot guy at cg elementary go to see the El Toro site every year in Feb. Any veterans Marines remember back then. We were married in Trabuco Canyon. It was a sad day when it closed.

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It was my first duty station. Great memories, good times. I have some pics I took then, and some others took if anyone's interested.

I am reading all theese great comments about El Toro! Another El Toro perhaps! We lived in officer housing from Our home was the first house to the right of the main gate right next Ladies seeking real sex Treynor Iowa 51575 the generals homes. I often visited my friend to lived in the Irvine Company farm worker house just outside the gate. We had dug a hole under the fence to go back and forth. I attended elementary school at San Juan school in the town of Irvine.

Gary La Grande, OR. This is pretty cool. I Super hot guy at cg elementary it might not be so cool if you didn't actually live on base as I did from and later in to My dad was a pilot with VMFA until his ejection where he was blinded in one eye in ' We lived, as my memory recalls, on Inchon Place in Wherry Park officer housing.

As someone else earlier wrote, at the base of a reservoir. I have many great memories as a young boy riding horses at the stables, exploring the big gravel pit or whatever that was, shooting arrows straight up into the sky, yikes! My parents bought our first house finally in Laguna Niguel where we lived shortly before dad getting oders to Cherry Point, NC.

We were bummed out about that but found it to be another great place. After 4 years we came back to El Toro. Living off base was different. My dad took my brother and I to the great woodworking shop a couple of times. What an awesome place. We also practiced judo at the base gym judo club. How about 10 cent movies at the theater. We almost had a cardiac when they more than doubled in price to a whopping. I also learned how to make ceramic castings with my mom at the ceramic hobbyshop on base.

Looking for a discreet secret friend along with my sister and brother have great memories of base living and especially of life at El Toro. We would love to hear from any that were there around our time.

I remember a few kids from El toro Marine School in kindergarten, Mrs. Smith's class, Super hot guy at cg elementary and in 1st and 2nd grade Carla. I remeber the older boys in 4th and 5th grade at recess play there air guitars and mimic the Beatles and the girls scream and go crazy over them. Also I remeber the principal, Mr.

Henry, chasing the boys squirting everyone with the sprinklers with his belt trying to swat them. Super hot guy at cg elementary were the days. Carmella Callahan, my next door neighbor! Get back Super hot guy at cg elementary me some how, some way, my e-mail is karrasmith ochca. Love to hear from you and lots of love to you and your family! Whenever I hear of a quincianera I still think about how much fun we had dancing and other things!

That was and still is the best darn party I've ever been too! Many memories of yot, wiffle ball in our back yard it was huge by the circle park Broken windows from balls flying through them, riding bikes through the not from officer housing to the general store! Stables, school, and the community itself! It's so sad to drive by there and see El Toro almost Super hot guy at cg elementary No more orange groves between the base and Irvine.

No more air shows! I was stationed at El Toro from to It was such a beautiful place. Ended up making a career of the Marines, largely due to reenlisting there and having a great time. I Super hot guy at cg elementary sad to Sexy looking real sex Harrington the place de-commissioned, but at least they kept it from becoming an airport. I didn't think anyone would ever remember me. I have tried many times to find your Sister Brenda.

Where did you all end elenentary. Do you remember which Monahans?

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Kelly was killed in a car accident in Wisconsin 8 months after her family moved back to Wisconsin. How old were you Lisa? Amazing what a google search will uncover!

I loved the stables and spent many hours with the horses. I remember the smell of the oranges in the wind. I also remember the Phantoms revving up their engins in the early mornings. The crash in the hills in was something I won't forget The men were as serious as I've ever seen them. My first born son was born at St. Joseph's in Orange because we didn't have facilities for birthing. One of our neighbors had a pet raccoon which was often put on a long chain and attached to the wire cloths lines between the poles.

Friendly little critter too! My second to the youngest is now a tanker in the Army in Baghdad and I listen to tanks instead of jets. Thanks to you all for your rememberances. This site has brought such warm memories.

It's been nice getting reacquinted with people from my childhood years. I have not been to El toro for the last 30 years, but I decided to go there last month Sept Unfortunately there wasn't much left. Maybe I shouldn't have waited so long.

But, somewhere in that mess I found lots of old memories which brings me to the point of this blog. I lived at Wake Av. My email is kayjon sbcglobal. God Bless, Lisa Women seeking hot sex Ferguson Pennsylvania. Thanks so much for this blog.

Super hot guy at cg elementary family was at El Toro in 57 and But what I remember most are the stables. My sister and I spent every spare minute there and that's where we learned to ride.

The fella who taught us and who we idolized was named Phil. I Super hot guy at cg elementary remember his last name, but he was a Sgt. If anyone was there and riding at the time, I'd Super hot guy at cg elementary to hear from Ladies you have what i want what do you need, especially if you know Phil's last name. I moved to El Toro in I lived near El Toro Rd. I remember the fire station on El Toro Road near Jeronimo had this massive horn that you could hear for miles to summon the fire fighters in an emergency.

I think it was to call the volunteer firefighters. El Toro High School was a junior high that was being torn down to build the high school. I went to the base all the time to watch the Blue Angels. I remember the street speed limit Big tall man looking for bbw to play. They didn't just say "25 MPH" they said "25 means 25! I live in Arizona now. My parents are still in E.

I spent the first six years of my life on "E" Street. I remember the palm trees that lined the street, and the the avocado tree in front lawn, and the red ants that would occasionally Super hot guy at cg elementary me when I played in the ditch underneath the power lines.

I remember the endless rows of orange trees Super hot guy at cg elementary our house and the equally vast row of eucalyptis trees that lined the long road into the base.

Super hot guy at cg elementary

I hof how to swim at the base pool--where my mom would occasionally give me a Lonely wives seeking sex Rochester to buy a Marathon Bar.

The base was so safe that I used to be able to walk pretty much anywhere unattended even at such a young age. I remember walking to find my dad at the Officers Club at Happy Hour. Mostly, I remember playing with gguy friends Thaddeus and Quentin. Hope you guys are well. Hello and thank you for this website. My name is Michael Bray and my father who was pilot in the Marines was killed in January of and while Super hot guy at cg elementary off from El Toro his plane crashed where Leisure World in Laguna Beach is now.

I have wonderful memories of my Dad and I also remember playing baseball with his fellow Marines and I think because of that, is why I was able to play high schoo, college and 4 years of professional baseball. Super hot guy at cg elementary you again for this website.