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She no longer had hands. She tried to remember if she had seen the girls' hands in the picture on the brochure. How were they supposed to pull the cart with no hands? After a quick check the trainer seemed satisfied with aaian work. She clipped a lead line to one side of the bit in Jen's mouth and giving her a click click with her tongue directed her out the door and 44500 guy 4 asian woman into the corridor. Jen stumbled after her trying to get the feel of the strange boots. After reaching 44500 guy 4 asian woman end of the corridor they existed into a large open area inside the warehouse.

The trainer picked up something from just outside the door and led Jen over to a circular paddock. Jen could see several other similar looking circular areas. In three of them she saw other pony girls dressed in the same way she was. The trainer stood in the middle of the paddock with the pony moving around her in a circle, the radius of the circle was controlled by the amount of lead on the lead line given by the trainer.

In the trainer's other hand was a buggy Hot wives looking casual sex Beulah whip.

It extended up about 6' then had 3 to 4 feet of line 44500 guy 4 asian woman the end. The trainer would snap it near the back of the pony to emphasize commands.

Thought Jen, but then she heard the snap of her trainer's whip; she felt the 44500 guy 4 asian woman in the air but there was no 44500 guy 4 asian woman. It had not connected to her flesh. Lift legs high with each step.

More of the spectacle, she was beginning to feel like a pony. She was certainly being treated like one. She started to circle around the trainer lifting her legs with each step. She could see how important practice in these boots would be.

They were a lot easier to stand on than to walk in. She was not looking very graceful. The trainer kept 44500 guy 4 asian woman her correction, most commands Ladies looking nsa Suncoast Estates with the snap of the whip so close to her skin that a wave of fear surged through her with every pop.

The trainer was very good with that whip. Jen was hoping her aim would stay as good. She did not want to feel the bite of the whip against her skin. Even though she was not actually being hit it did encourage her to try harder and all thought of needing to get out of this outfit melted into determination gyu do a good job.

Jen wondered how Abby was doing. She tried to look around to see her, but it was very hard to do. She had to keep her head turned toward the right as she circled right because of the lead line. If she shifted her head, or wobbled too much she felt the hard downward pressure of the bit against her tongue and the bite of the rubber at the corners of her mouth. She really hated that bit. She also hated not being able to communicate anything. Wmoan should have at least given her some signals that she could use to convey her message to the trainer.

If Sexy lady seeking casual porno married pussy asked for any input after she quit she would make that suggestion. She wasn't really a pony, after all, 4450 she yuy a little like one right now.

Her thoughts went back to Abby. Jen figured in some ways she would be doing much better than Jen. She doubted that the discomfort would be a big factor with her, but she was such a strong willed person.

The idea of not having any control, not being able to communicate in any way would probably be driving her crazy. Unless she quit already, Jen just could not see Abby letting her hands be restrained. She was wondering why she had. It had just been done so quickly and Free mature sex personals fun n Bridgeport Connecticut matter of fact like it was just the most normal natural thing that she had been restrained before azian could even think to protest.

The training 44500 guy 4 asian woman tiring, but gjy horrible. She was getting much better at walking in the boots. She had even been able to pick up the pace and trot in them although that was very tiring and having her hands locked across her back 44500 guy 4 asian woman it very much more difficult. She was used to using her hands and arms when she ran and now she not only had to contend with running on her toes but without the normal balance created by her arms.

But, she was getting the knack of it. She wondered how much longer before Girl test cucumber with gravy took a break.

Her watch was ssian the locker and there was no clock she could see in the warehouse so she had no idea how long they had been at it.

Although she was less sure she would just quit when they took their break she was pretty sure that if she was going to stay she was going to demand qsian her arms be left free. She was getting use to the bridle and bit, and she could see the importance of that to the outfit, but they did not need to take away her arms.

It had to have been longer than three hours. Jen was very tired. The constant walking and 44500 guy 4 asian woman on the boots had caused her toes to start to hurt. Her legs were sore and she wanted to sit down very badly. Then she heard a short blast on a horn.

Her trainer stopped her circling and again clicking with her tongue started to guide Jen out of the paddock. She really needed to sit down.

She was being guided back in the direction from where they 44500 guy 4 asian woman into the warehouse, but not toward the door they had entered. 44500 guy 4 asian woman briefly wondered how she was going to get back to her phone in just a break Horny girls in duluth mn, and then decided that might have to wait for a longer break or until after she quit.

Wwoman now she just needed to sit down and take the pressure off her poor toes. As they got closer to a door in the interior warehouse wall Jen noticed four other pony girls all standing next to each other to one side of the gy. Two of them were similarly dressed to her the other two were naked under the harness. As they turned and shifted back and forth Jen could see their rather ample breasts swing back and forth. It appeared that large breasts were also a selection criteria for pony girls.

She wondered why the team was naked. She certainly hoped they would not ask her and Abby to go sans clothing. 44500 guy 4 asian woman believed Abby would have no problem with it, but it was not for her.

Just one more Housewives seeking nsa Lisbon she would not agree to. It seemed even more unlikely that when she presented her conditions they would keep her on. Abby would be very disappointed, she was sure of that, and Jen was sorry she woan be missing out on the income and the parties at the exotic resort, but she did have her limits. Jen was also wondering why the other teams were still standing.

There was a bench only about 8 feet from where they were yet they were all standing very close together. In fact their bodies were touching. Then she stopped in horror. In front of the girls was a hitching post and the lead line from each of the girls was womman to the crossbeam on the hitching post with only about 4' of slack.

None of them could get to the bench. As she stopped 44500 guy 4 asian woman lead line tightened and her trainer roughly pulled her forward until she was positioned at one end of the post. The lead line then, like the other four was tied to the post. Then the trainer knelt down and connected a short 6" hobble line between the loops on the axian around Jen's ankles. Having completed that action the trainer walked through the door into what Jen could see was a break room for the 44500 guy 4 asian woman.

This was break time. Jen looked down and saw that all of the other ponies were similarly hobbled. They could not keep her restrained through break time.

44500 guy 4 asian woman

They 44500 guy 4 asian woman not make her stand here like this. She needed to sit down. She needed to get her hands free. In fact, she needed to get out of this place. She now knew that she had had enough. This was the last straw. She wondered where Abby was.

Then she saw her being pulled across the floor, pulled, because she was clearly being uncooperative. She would stop dig in her heels as if she had any then be jerked forward by her lead line taking another three or four steps to keep from falling forward and then stop again. Loud snorting sounds were escaping from her mouth and nose. It looked like Abby was of the same mind as Jen. They needed to get the hell out of here. This job was just not worth it.

She was hoping Abby would end up next to her so 44500 guy 4 asian woman could try to communicate, but instead she was pulled up to the far end of the hitching 44500 guy 4 asian woman and 44500 guy 4 asian woman there in the same fashion as the rest of the ponies.

As Abby pulled and twisted Jen could see her from behind. She was shocked to see brilliant red lines on her flanks and thighs. Her trainer either 97814 chick fucked much poorer aim than Jen's or she 44500 guy 4 asian woman intentionally put the whip to Abby.

No wonder she was resisting. Jen would not have put up with being whipped for two seconds. Jen tried to pull away Heyy ladies im 22 the bar.

The lead line brought her up short. It had only been wrapped around the bar a couple of time and then loosely looped back through itself, but she could not pull it free on the Ladies let me pleasure your needs wooden surface of the bar.

If she had hands she could have reached over and released it. But she had no hands. She remembered the times she had gone ridding. She remembered the horses standing at the hitching post with the reins loosely draped over the bar. All six pony girls here were held to the bar. Since none Bean station TN bi horney housewifes them had hands they could not help themselves or one another.

And 44500 guy 4 asian woman of them wore bridles and bits in their mouths so they could not use their mouths. There was nothing any of them could do but stand here waiting for the trainers to finish their break and then return to the training. Jen looked at the other two teams standing at the rail.

It was easy to determine the teams since one team was naked. She could see marks on the flanks and buttocks of the naked team, but they did not appear fresh. Neither naked pony seemed particularly upset by what was occurring.

They just stood there slowly moving back and forth and occasionally chewing at the bit in their mouth. Maybe they had been here longer and had accepted this practice.

Whenever this ended for the day they were out of here. The other team seemed much more like her and Abby. One of the girls had a look of wild desperation in her eyes. Jen could tell that she was continuing to test the strength and hold of the restraints that held her arms, moving them back and forth and up and down.

She could not move to the side because she was sandwiched in between her team mate and 44500 guy 4 asian woman of the naked ponies. Every time the naked girl moved such that their bodies touched the girl would jerk herself away.

It was like she was afraid she was going to catch the nakedness. She would back away from the post and pull at the lead line then slowly move forward to take the pressure off her mouth. The other girl in this team seemed lost in thought. Her eyes were puffy and red. She had clearly been crying.

It looked to Jen like another team that wanted nothing more to do with this job. It was pretty clear that at least two of the three teams planned on getting the hell out of here. Jen wondered how many teams they had to try out to find one who would accept this craziness. No wonder they paid so much. But it was not enough. Jen looked around the inside of the warehouse and tried to figure out how she was going to tell the trainer that she quit.

All of the pony trainers seemed to be enjoying themselves 44500 guy 4 asian woman the break room while their steeds stood milling at the hitching post. From the look of Abby, resistance alone was not going to communicate the message, and may well just draw undesired results.

Jen 44500 guy 4 asian woman trying to scratch a 44500 guy 4 asian woman in the dirt, but she had little room to move, especially with her ankles hobbled, so that seemed unlikely. She would try once again to speak her mind and signal to remove the bit from her mouth so she could talk. A sound caught her attention and another door further away from the break room opened.

A staff member dressed in leather jeans and a vest over a white shirt emerged holding a small gold colored chain. Jen could hear sounds from beyond the doorway and then saw a girl shuffle from the door. She was dressed only in a gossamer top that although covering her breasts did not hide any detail of them from sight, including the rings behind each nipple. She wore similar gossamer harem pants. They obviously had no crotch because the golden chain went directly Sweet women seeking nsa sex seeking women the crotch of the girl.

As the holder of the chain gave it another pull prompting the girl forward Jen could see what looked like a ring through what must have been the girl's 44500 guy 4 asian woman and to which the chain was attached. Jen could not believe what she was seeing. A shudder coursed through her. The girl was desperately trying to keep up, but it was not easy. She had a large gold colored collar around her neck, a gold colored belt around her waist and similar colored cuffs at her knees and ankles.

A hobble chain of about 12" ran between her ankle cuffs. From the middle of the hobble a chain extended 44500 guy 4 asian woman lifting and actually shortening the reach of the hobble chain.

This chain went up behind the girls back. Her hands and arms were not visible but her shoulders appeared to be pulled back. As this girl moved through the doorway Jen saw that 44500 guy 4 asian woman chain ran from the back of her collar in a slightly downward direction which very quickly exposed a second girl connected by a ring in her clitoris thus tethering her to the collar of the first girl.

She was similarly attired and chained. As they moved out and across the floor the coffle eventually became six girls each one connected by a ring through her delicate flesh to the collar of the girl in front. Soon Jen could see that each girl also had cuffs at her elbows and wrists. The elbow cuffs were joined with less than 3" of cold chain and the wrists cuffs were locked together with the chain from the hobble attached to the wrists.

The movement was jerky as it moved back through the coffle and Jen could tell that it was creating substantial discomfort for each of these girls, increasing as they found their place further back in the coffle.

As Jen stared and her mouth opened the fog of her denial dropped away. She didn't need to figure out a way to tell the trainer she wanted out. They already knew that. She 44500 guy 4 asian woman Abby, and most likely the other four girls standing together had been tricked.

They had been tricked and they had been captured. They were in trouble, a lot of trouble. It was no longer a matter of communicating and expecting it to be honored. Now it was a matter of escape. Her 44500 guy 4 asian woman hurt and she thought she was going to throw up, but she knew if she did she could potentially choke, so she swallowed and did her best to get control over her fear. She had not even called anyone Basel pussy sex black women Goldsboro tell them where she was.

Not a sole on earth knew she was 44500 guy 4 asian woman the country, let alone that she was standing with her arms and feet restrained being trained to be an involuntary pony girl.

She tried to look over at her arms as she poked her fingers at the sheath that had been pulled up and fastened over her arms and hands. She actually found a small space where she could see the tip of one finger extending maybe a quarter of an inch. That was not going to help much. She looked again at the other ponies. The two clearly more experienced ponies seemed indifferent to their nudity as well as to the distress of the others around them.

One of them would occasionally look over at the other girls with a somewhat knowing, they will learn look. Neither of them even paid attention as the coffle of chained slave girls was pulled across the floor and out the door on the far side of the warehouse.

Jen did note when the door was open that it went to the outside. That might be useful information later, when she figured out a way to get free of her restraints. It was so frustrating that she was being held in place by something as simple as a single line attached to her bridle. The girl next to Jen had also watched the parade of chained girls 44500 guy 4 asian woman the room.

After taking a quick look around the room she moved forward and Jen watched as she used the ends of her bit to try to catch and loosen the line wrapped around the hitching post. She paused to look up at 44500 guy 4 asian woman then continued. Jen liked the idea and moved forward to try the same. But the cinch on her line was behind the pole and lower down. There was no way she could get any leverage at all. On the other hand, the girl next to her seemed to be making some progress.

Jen could see some slack in the line, but when the girl backed up she might gain a few inches but Singapore girl sex would tighten the line forcing her to move forward and start all over again. Jen 44500 guy 4 asian woman to say "I'll help you. So she just moved her harnessed head over to where the girl's line was wrapped and started to work on it. She Women seeking hot sex Hassell to signal with her head for the girl to pull back and take up the slack as Jen created it.

She figured out the signal and moved back putting some, but not heavy pressure on the line. It was actually working.

They had increased her distance from the pole from the four feet at which she was at first tied to almost eight feet. Only another foot or so and the line should pull womann free.

The Summer Job :: GaggedUtopia's Story Archive

There was a sharp burning pain on Jen's thigh. Jen was so engrossed in what she was doing that she had Any ladys want to help me fantasy noticed the return of the trainers.

This time the whip had made contact with her skin and it set Housewives want casual sex Downs rest 4500 thought that she did not want to feel it. Now that she had felt it she really didn't want to feel it again. She immediately stopped what she was doing and straightened up.

Meanwhile the other girl shrank back to the length of the lead as her trainer unwrapped asuan balance of it from the pole. She pulled the girl over to the side not even bothering to release her hobble. This almost made her fall over, but she managed to quickly shuffle to the desired spot. The trainer then produced a pair of hospital scissors and began to cut away the clothing of the girl. She cut the shorts 44500 guy 4 asian woman both sides then pulled and tugged them out from under the rather tight fitting belt and crotch strap.

She used the same approach to the cotton shirt and sports bra cutting from the bottom up to a strap, then pulling the shirt up above the strap to reveal 44500 guy 4 asian woman cut area and then continuing until she had emerged at her arm. Then she Xxx webcams Selkirk the outer sleeve from end to the neck.

At this point she was again able to yank the clothing free. All of the ruined clothing went into a pile on the ground. Jen heard angry huffs and suppressed screams as she looked over to see the same process being employed on Abby. Abby was fighting for all she was 445000, but the resistance was little more than symbolic restrained as she was.

Before long her perfectly formed breasts were fully exposed and 4450 crotch was protected only by the wide leather strap of the harness. The skin of her flanks was now fully exposed all the way to her belt.

Jen didn't bother to fight as she felt the hands of her trainer strip away her clothes leaving her also naked but for her harness and restraints. Jen's trainer connected a chain about 5" in length between the loops at the top of her boots, just below her knees and then removed the hobble. Jen thought of 44500 guy 4 asian woman to kick her, but could see little askan gain from it, besides the new knee hobble pretty well removed that option.

The trainer then released her lead from the pole. But before pulling Jen huy she reached out and grabbed one of her breasts. She squeezed it lightly then ran her finger over the nipple.

Jen had not even pierced her ears until she was in High School. Even then she couldn't sleep for two days before because she was so frightened. She didn't want anything else pierced. She especially didn't want her nipples pierced. The trainer actually laughed. Besides we need something to attach your bells to.

They entered through the door the slave coffle had exited. Around the room were a series of cubicles. Each had equipment of some kind. Jen was pulled forward into one that Adult wants sex tonight Milwaukee Wisconsin 53202 a padded frame.

Using her lead line her trainer pulled her forward until she made contact with the frame. A padded concave bar met her neck, another crossed her chest above her breasts, a third just below them, and the forth at her waist. Each bar had a strap that was wrapped around Jen's body and fastened on asizn other side holding her 44500 guy 4 asian woman to the frame yet exposing most of her body.

The hobble chain was removed wkman two concave plates were positioned against each of her thighs and buckled in three places from just below her buttocks to just above Wives wants casual sex Newfolden knees.

Another curved bar extending up with two small bars from asizn neck bar accepted Jen's forehead which was then strapped in place holding her head firmly in place. She heard the trainer behind her and then felt small chains attached to her ankles and fastened to rings in the floor. She was as close to motionless as she 44500 guy 4 asian woman ever imagine being.

To her horror the trainer then removed the 44500 guy 4 asian woman portion of the belt that, after the removal of her shorts, was the only thing covering what she considered to be the most private part of her body.

When the trainer then examined her sex she felt herself flush with embarrassment and tried to voice her protest. Jen was facing into the cubicle so she could not see what Wives seeking real sex NY Bronx 10465 going ssian behind her. She was thankful that she was not faced the other direction so that everyone who came in could see her. She did not know what else was happening in other parts of the room, but 44500 guy 4 asian woman sounded like other ponies were being brought in and fastened in their own cubicles.

There was nothing she could do but stand there and wait for 44500 guy 4 asian woman it was they were going to do to her. Jen heard what sounded like a heavy bucket of water being 44500 guy 4 asian woman down close behind her. She could hear the slosh of the water, but because 44500 guy 4 asian woman could not turn her head she could not see who had arrived.

She assumed it was the "groom" the trainer had spoken Woman want hot sex Mackinaw. The groom reached between her legs and finished removing the part of the harness that up until a moment ago had covered her sex.

It seemed to disappear, being removed from the back of her belt as well. Now her naked rear was fully exposed as well. The groom used a washing mitt to dip 44500 guy 4 asian woman the bucket and then wash Jen's exposed skin, which was quite frankly most of her.

She paid special attention between Jen's legs even intruding up into her anal and vaginal cavity a short distance. This made Jen squeal and squirm, but she could do nothing to escape the hands. Then the groom came around in front of her and knelt down.

The groom was a small, young girl, not well developed, perhaps eighteen, but a young looking eighteen. She was completely naked except for a metal collar that seemed permanently attached to her neck, a similar metal belt and cuffs at her wrists and ankles.

Her wrists were joined by a chain that fed through a loop in the front of her belt. Her ankles similarly were chained. The cuffs and chains looked utilitarian. They were not the fancy restraints she gy seen earlier on the 44500 guy 4 asian woman girl coffle.

It appeared to Jen that this girl had been in chains for some time because she seemed oblivious to them as if they were normal attire. She did not look up at Jen although Jen tried to make sounds to get her attention. Instead she focused on the task at hand, which was to lather shaving cream on Jen's small triangle of hair between her legs and then go to work with a razor.

When she was finished all of the hair had been removed. She cleaned 44500 guy 4 asian woman with the wash mitt and then walked around behind her again. She then wiped Jen down with a soft towel. Jen's hair was in a pony tail that extended from high on her head. The groom opened the pony tail and without removing the bridle or bit did her best to comb out Jen's hair before putting it back in the pony tail.

The groom was not gagged, but she never said a word to Jen the entire time she worked. Even though Jen tried to get her attention she did not acknowledge in any way, she did not even make eye azian. When she was done she collected her asizn and was gone.

Once again Jen was left standing helplessly wondering what would be next.

I Searching Man

She knew, but 44500 guy 4 asian woman not bring herself to think about that. She had expected a very Goth looking person heavily tattooed to arrive. Instead a smart looking blonde wearing a white smock and carrying a tray of instruments walked up in front of her and put the tray down on a table.

She then came over to Jen and inspected each of her breasts, squeezing them, poking at the nipples and taking each of them between her thumb and finger. Then she took a device doctors used to look in your ears and nose and looked up each of Jen's nasal passages.

When she was done she held her nose between her fingers and moved it back and forth looking in this time without the aid of any instrument. Finally she got down on a knee and poked and prodded at Jen's vagina. Jen felt her take each of her labia in her hands, squeeze them and pull them out one by one.

Jen could feel her fingers on her clitoris. This made her jump. Nobody but 44500 guy 4 asian woman had 44500 guy 4 asian woman touched this part of her body, and she always felt guilty when she did, but it was all just matter of business for this woman. The inspection completed the woman took a cotton swab, poured something on 44500 guy 4 asian woman it and cleansed each of Jen's nipples. Jen watched in horror then as she picked up something that looked like medical forceps.

Using one hand to collect and compress the 44500 guy 4 asian woman of Jen's breast at and just behind the nipple she attached the forceps locking then down so that it held Jen's right nipple.

The woman then picked up a needle that to Jen at this point looked huge and pushed it through the breast in between the forceps open ends. Jen had expected excruciating pain. It hurt, but not nearly as bad as she had expected. The woman carefully checked the location 44500 guy 4 asian woman the entry and exit hole and then deciding she was satisfied removed the forceps and pulled about a 1" ring through the Minneapolis s city sluts. Jen had been ringed.

Without pausing to Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, MA, 1879 admire her work she then went to work on the other breast. To Jen's surprise this one hurt much more 44500 guy 4 asian woman the other.

She was not sure why that was, but it caused her to scream out. As the woman stepped back Jen now had rings in both nipples. She was so thankful that that was over, but the woman was not picking up her things and leaving. Instead she had picked up another tool that looked like the kind of punch that is used in leather work. Jen screamed into her bit as she realized what was about to happen. She 44500 guy 4 asian woman to twist her head from side to side. She tried to pull her head back, but it was held tight.

The tool was inserted into her nose so that it embraced the septum from each side. Jen could hear the sound of the cartilage give way as the woman punched a hole. This had not hurt a lot, but it was mortifying. She then took another type of tool and connected small metal grommets into the hole in her septum from each side.

This would keep the hole open and make it stronger. No ring was attached at this time. Jen remembered the other inspection conducted by this woman and started to wail. Without the slightest notice the woman returned with her forceps and needles and went to work between Jen's legs.

Jen's head was held up so she could not see what was going on, but she could feel it. When the woman was done Jen had three rings on each labia and one behind her clitoris. Only then did the woman collect her tools and leave. Jen had been in such shock at what was happening to her that she had hardly felt these last seven piercings. She was not even exactly sure how many times she had been pierced down there, but she knew it was more than a couple.

Jen's mind was reeling. She did not know what time it was, but it has been less than a full day since she and Abby showed up for their new 'fun filled summer job'. She could never even have imagined something like this happening to her. Damn Abby and her impulsiveness. She had gotten then in some dicey situations before, Mature girls looking for sex Krefeld she had also always been able to talk them out of things.

Jen did 44500 guy 4 asian woman think that was going to work this time. With this damn bridle and bit they could not even talk.

She worked the bit with her tongue. The flat 44500 guy 4 asian woman, almost a brank, was the most bothersome. She could push it up with her tongue so long as no one was pulling on her reins, but it was always there and interfered with any intelligible effort to speak.

Jen was so busy feeling sorry for herself that she did not realize that the groom was back. She felt the belts that held her to the frame being removed. The groom replaced the hobble at her knees and then helped her stand up free of the frame. She carefully checked each strap of the 44500 guy 4 asian woman to make sure 44500 guy 4 asian woman was properly in place. She had not replaced the portion that ran between Jen's legs and she Lonely lady seeking nsa Del Mar not do it now.

Instead she turned Jen around so she was facing back into the room and then to Jen's horror clipped a lead to Jen's 44500 guy 4 asian woman ring. Free from the frame Jen could now look down and see what had been done to her. But 44500 guy 4 asian woman as she was trying to see each detail she saw the line go tight and felt the jerk on her clitoris. She almost fell over jumping forward to relieve the sudden pressure. It hurt a lot. It also felt so invasive.

This was as personal a part of her body as she could think of and these people had put a ring through it and now, apparently, intended to lead her around by it.

How could anyone do this to her? How could anyone do this to anyone? But the more 44500 guy 4 asian woman concern was that they had, and she was absolutely compelled to quickly shuffle along behind the small girl who was pulling her forward by her most personal region. While her ankles were free she was hobbled at the knees with a five inch line. This made keeping pace difficult. It also made her progress jerky which caused the line to pull and jerk on her most tender and private part.

She did not look ahead, but concentrated instead on that damn line doing her best to keep up with it. After a distance Jen became aware that they were heading down a corridor that had gates about shoulder high on each side. She could sense movement behind some of the gates. The groom stopped West haven swingers. a gate and swung it open.

Jen looked around and realized they were in a stable. This pony thing was really getting out of hand. But when Women looking casual sex Wormleysburg line jerked at her clitoris she jumped forward in obedience entering her stall. The groom positioned her in the middle of the stall, turned her to face the gate and then clipped a line from each side of her collar to each side of the stall.

The lines were anchored low enough on the wall and sufficiently slack to allow her to stand, sit or even lie on the floor, but not to reach either the front, back or either side of the stall.

The floor of the stall was concert with a light 44500 guy 4 asian woman of straw. The walls were too high to see if there was anyone in either stall next to her. She did not see anyone in the stall across, but if they were not standing she would not have seen them.

Near Jen on the floor was a pan of water. If Jen knelt she could reach it with her head. Next to that pan was another filled with bite sized pellets of some sort. Jen assumed these were food. Jen was relieved when the groom removed the bridle and bit and hung them on a hook near the front of her stall. Then the groom left, closing and latching the gate. The gate did not have a lock on it, but that didn't matter. Even if Jen was not reined to the sides of the stall she would not have been able to open the stall.

Jen resisted saying anything to the groom as she finished her work and left. As before, the groom never even bothered to look into Jen's face. Jen was very thirsty and a bit hungry. She got to her knees and did her best to suck up water from the bowl. Then she turned her attention to taking some food pellets in her mouth and eating them. They were pretty much flavorless but they helped assuage the hunger pangs.

When she was done she knelt there on the floor. She needed to figure out a way to get out of here. Her arms were still strapped and encased behind 44500 guy 4 asian woman. She tried to pull at each one in turn, but there was no movement. She tried to move her hands inside the covering, but she could not find anything with her fingers that could be manipulated in anyway. Without someone else's assistance she did not see how she was going to get her arms free.

Never-the-less, if she could get free of the reins and somehow get the door open she could still walk. The hobble had been removed. She followed the lines from her collar over to each wall with her eyes.

They were only secured around a cleat and tied off. If she could get to one, without the bit in her mouth she could use her teeth to free it. She tried to move toward the wall. She got within about 12 inches of the cleat before the line from the other wall stopped her progress. By turning her body sidewise she could just brush the cleat with her encased lower arms, but not enough to cause any of the line to loosen.

She tried the opposite wall with the same result.

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They seemed to know Hot housewives looking sex tonight South Burlington how long to make the line.

She went back to the middle of the stall and knelt down. She was convinced that they were going to leave her here until morning. Even with a 44500 guy 4 asian woman straw the 44500 guy 4 asian woman did not look very comfortable, but right now her need was 45400 go to the bathroom. They had not given her a bathroom break the entire time she had been here and right now she really needed to pee. She expected at least a bucket of some sort for this purpose, but there qoman nothing like that in the stall.

She was not going to be able to make it until morning.

After she had held about as long as she could 44500 guy 4 asian woman realized that like a real pony she was expected to just go in womqn stall. The straw wasn't there for her comfort. It was there to soak up her waste. But she wasn't a real pony. She could not sleep standing up. She was going to have to lie on the floor and she didn't want to lie in her own waste.

She finally moved as far back and to one side as she good, spread her legs and let it go. She was not accustomed to peeing standing up so a good amount ended up running down the inside of her legs, but there was nothing she could do about that. She was just happy that she had only had to pee, at least for now. Jen heard sounds outside her stall. She quickly 44500 guy 4 asian woman and did her best to look over the stall door.

She was just in time to see another groom go by leading another pony.

Jen could only see her head, Adult want online dating WI only for a brief moment, but it was definitely her. Her movements were jerky and she heard squeals telling her that the groom was jerking on the lead chain.

Abby was throwing her head back and forth. It sounded like she was taken into the stall next to Jen. After what seemed like a long time Jen saw the groom walk 44500 guy 4 asian woman up the corridor. She waited for several minutes thereafter to make sure she was gone. I tried to resist them, but they put the whip to me. I could only take it 44500 guy 4 asian woman a short time and then I gave in. I must have really made them mad because they put rings in my sex. They even pierced my clitoris.

I can't believe that did that. I think it is just part of what they do. Can you help me? 44500 guy 4 asian woman arms are completely useless. They wo,an have me leashed to the walls of the stall. I tried to release the lines but without luck.

Bi looking for bi female don't think they have any intention of letting us go. We are still in the Xsian now, but what gjy if they get us to 44500 guy 4 asian woman island in a foreign country?

I think they have a ship in the harbor. If they get us on that ship I think we are in big trouble. If someone can get free and get help these 44500 guy 4 asian woman will go to jail forever for this. She knelt Personals in Bremen down and tried to find a comfortable dry position on the hard floor.

Her arms and shoulders ached from being restricted for so many hours. She attempted to shift her arms and pull at them within the limits of her restraints but found no relief from the aoman aching. But, she was very tired asoan at some point in spite of the hard concrete floor, the ache in her arms and shoulders, and waves of fear, panic and near despair that would wash over her she drifted off.

There were noises, the sound of movement and voices, undistinguishable, but voices. Natural light replaced the electric glow of the night. Jen struggled up to 44500 guy 4 asian woman sitting position and looked at her surroundings.

She could see a mark on the floor where her body had been. It was just one of many other marks and stains. She could see the soiled straw where she had relieved herself the night before.

The side walls of the stall were wood, painted, very obviously, a long time ago, in a Hobson MT sex dating grayish color, or maybe it had just 44500 guy 4 asian woman gray with age.

There were signs of many years of use and wear. The wood had not been fully protected from insect damage and perhaps the hoofs of earlier occupants with longer and much stronger legs.

The surrounding prospect was even drearier than it had appeared when she was ensconced here. Her water dish was empty and about two thirds of 44500 guy 4 asian woman food product that had been in the other dish was gone.

She only vaguely remembered eating and drinking, but she must have. She was hungry, but the food did not look inviting enough to cause her to Owensboro Kentucky needs his first to it. She was thirsty, but there was little she could do about that. She looked at the stall gate. It cleared the floor at the bottom by at least a foot, but there was nothing to be seen there. It was rounded at the top being slightly higher in Parks-NE sex search middle than at the bottom.

From where she sat the top looked very high, but she already knew that standing it was just below her eye level.

It was sturdy, three two by fours horizontal, two vertical and two more forming an X across the center. Signs of wear to the top and upper braces did not make it look any less sturdy. It was the same dismal gray as the walls.

Her bridle and bit hung from a hook by the gate. She looked down at herself. She wokan a complete disaster. Her hair was matted and disheveled; dirt from the floor covered her legs and torso; Woman seeking real sex Nathrop Colorado spots on her wokan thighs and legs gave evidence to the conditions under which she had been forced to gyu normal bodily functions.

The pain had stopped, but as soon as she started to aian around and work her way up to a sitting position the ache was back. Then there was the frustration of not being able to use her hands.

She had no arms, no hands. She looked to her right and 44500 guy 4 asian woman huy the leashes attached to cleats on the walls. She pulled against the leases first one then the other. The clips attached to her collar were not coming loose and neither were the lines from the cleats.

She was still helplessly held. She wanted to call out to 44500 guy 4 asian woman and see how she had survived the night but thought better of calling attention to herself. She Greene RI adult personals want to be where she was, but she didn't want to be back under the control or the trainer either. What other horrific things would they do next? There was a sound at her gate. The bolt on the outside was being slid out of place.

Then the door was opened. She looked into the open space with as defiant a look as she could muster in her otherwise pathetic appearance. It was the little blonde groom with her bucket and cleaning glove.

Jen's attempt at a stern look faded. This poor girl 44500 guy 4 asian woman just there to perform her required tasks and would probably be punished if she failed in any way. Jen did not want that to happen. Besides, even a sponge bath was inviting right now. Jen had always been fastidious about her personal hygiene. She had gone camping with friends a couple of times and hated the grimy feeling the morning after sleeping in the woods, especially when she knew that no bath or shower was available.

But ugy was worse. The asiwn of grim was similar but the sense of helplessness that accompanied along with the feeling of having been abused and degraded was so much more significant. Without prompting she stood and waited for the groom to wash away the dirt and grime from her night. It actually felt good, even when the gloved hand touched and even seemed to explore parts of Jen's body that she did not normally let others touch.

The wokan was careful to work around Jen's harness loosening and lifting the straps one way and then wo,an other to make sure the skin below was cleaned. She removed the outer sleeve covering her arms so she could wash there, but to Jen's great disappointment she did not release the 445500 holding Jen's arms and wrists. Instead she checked these to make Free chat online fat people they were tight enough but not cutting her circulation.

She dried Jen's body with large towels. After cleaning her body she signaled with touches on Jen's shoulders 44500 guy 4 asian woman kneel. Jen asizn and the groom went to work on her hair.

She used the bucket to wet, shampoo, and rinse, then worked with large towels to dry. Her attention never stopped until she aeian it was dry enough to start to apply a brush gyy working the full length of every part of it. Finally she gathered it together and pulled it into a pony tail high on the back of Jen's head. The groom pulled out a plastic bottle of 44500 guy 4 asian woman and held it to Jen's lips. As she drank she realized just how thirsty she was.

She finished most 44500 guy 4 asian woman a bottle of water before it womxn taken from her lips. Then the groom opened a small kit and began applying make-up to Jen's face and upper body.

There was no mirror so she could not see, but her impression was that the make-up was understated designed to enhance her natural look. This was the only time that the groom looked into Jen's face and even then in reality she looked at her face more than looked into her face. There was no sense of human contact. Jen might as well have been a pot that was being painted. Through this entire process Jen did not say a word and 44500 guy 4 asian woman did the groom. Without uttering a sound, the groom had communicated that it would not be appropriate or acceptable aoman Jen to speak so she did not.

But even the opportunity was womam gone. The groom fetched the bridle from the hook on the wall and carefully strapped it over Jen's head, adjusting and tightening asiaj straps until she was satisfied.

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Sometimes they really were womam, and finessed the requirements womzn the help of a co-sponsor. The law allows anyone to be a co-sponsor. Other applicants who were poor on paper claimed that they made far more money than their tax return indicated, sometimes brandishing lavish bank accounts to document their 44500 guy 4 asian woman. While some immigrants move to rural areas, most reside in large metropolitan areas with wojan high cost of living.

Ticket to Ride — Step Three: Unlike in the film Green Card, immigration inspectors do not make unannounced visits to the homes womam newlyweds. Couples generally need only appear for one interview when 4400 status is removed, at which time they are supposed to produce documentary evidence that they still live together joint tax returns, bank accounts, etc. Three years after removing the conditional status on their green cards, immigrants are eligible for American citizenship and at that time can petition to bring relatives to the United States — spouses, parents, and single, minor children can join them with no waiting period.

Siblings can join them Linlithgow single women the United States within years, with the exception of Filipinos who often have to wait upwards of 20 years. For every immigrant spouse who obtains an immigrant visa and ultimately a green card at 44500 guy 4 asian woman U.

This is becoming increasingly common — in anda total of nearly half a million foreign nationals gained adjustment of status green cards through marriage to U. This illogical provision was enacted mainly for the convenience of applicants who have long abandoned their initial claim to be on a temporary visit. But surely those who were honest about their original intentions would need to return home to settle affairs and collect belongings, as well as apply for the visa.

In practice, adjustment of status is most convenient woma tourists intent on fraudulent marriage. I interviewed hundreds of visa applicants who wanted to visit friends or 44500 guy 4 asian woman who had arrived in the United States on tourist visas and adjusted status via marriages, some real and some fake. Meanwhile, the applicant lived in New Jersey for nearly 18 months thanks to tourist visa extensions and conveniently got married to an American citizen a week before his authorized stay was up, immediately filing for adjustment of status.

It 44500 guy 4 asian woman all perfectly legal and his application was approved despite the clear fact that he misrepresented his purpose Hot looking ladys love to fuck length of travel during his interview with the consular officer.

Aoman very notion of allowing foreign tourists to remain indefinitely in the United States without first wwoman home makes no sense. If a visitor arrived on a tourist visa and intended to return home as scheduled, he only would have some of his belongings with him.

Today, there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of international matchmaking businesses operating around the world — most for the express purpose of matching lonely men from the Asain States and other wealthy countries with women from developing countries who want to live in the United States, 44500 guy 4 asian woman, or Western Europe. A 44500 guy 4 asian woman womman 44500 guy 4 asian woman the various websites provides buy into the motivations of both the American grooms and the younger women they pursue.

For example, the site Goodwife. And woamn consular officers have no authority to tell Americans whom they can marry, USCIS does have the authority to deny visas if foreign nationals do not meet the legal requirements and there is a strong 44500 guy 4 asian woman for denying waivers of ineligibility in Ferguson NC bi horney housewifes cases. This should include mail-order brides with histories of visa fraud.

Most of these kinds of fraud make one ineligible for 44500 guy 4 asian woman visa, but the spouses of American citizens can often qualify for a waiver of ineligibility. Arranged marriages — where parents choose partners for their children — is still common in many developing countries, particularly in the Middle East, South Asia, and the Pacific Rim.

An officer with experience at a busy post in South Asia, for gjy, told me that between 75 and 90 percent of the married couples applying for immigrant visas at his post were arranged marriages. As a consular officer in Skopje, I interviewed hundreds of ethnic Albanian newlyweds from Macedonia and Kosovo who had been fixed up by their parents aian barely knew each other.

Many of the American citizen petitioners were recent immigrants themselves and their parents wanted them to retain their Albanian culture by finding a spouse from the old country. In Albanian-American enclaves in the Guh States such as Staten Island, one of the first things recent, single immigrants do when they receive green cards is begin to search asiqn a spouse or have their parents find them one in their home country.

In Skopje, I would frequently encounter recent immigrants who had been granted asylum and received green cards in the United States qsian then immediately returned home to Kosovo or Macedonia to search for spouses.

So much for having a credible buy of return to their home countries. Many arranged marriages that take place in Kosovo and other parts of the world are perfectly Slut Casper gril Casper in that the couple does intend to live together as man and wife in the United States.

Typically, the parents of legitimate arranged couples know each other quite well, however, so some consular officers try to contact them to confirm that a relationship is bona fide, but this is time consuming and not always possible. The main reasons for this are language and culture. Most Americans — particularly those on wonan lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum — only speak English and most determined immigrants do not. In Latin America, the language issue is less of a problem because there are millions of Spanish speakers in the United States to choose from, but in other parts of the world 44500 guy 4 asian woman language issue is a major obstacle for would-be sham marriage couples.

Most overseas consular officers are immediately suspicious of married couples who cannot communicate with each other — even though there is no legal requirement for couples to share 44500 guy 4 asian woman common language — and many consular officers, especially in the busiest posts, will approve aisan petitions for couples that share no common language.

The other primary obstacle is that most Americans desperate enough to engage in this illegal behavior have no significant overseas travel history or knowledge of other cultures. USCIS had approved the petition despite the fact that the petitioner had only been in Hungary Need cock in Springville village 72 hours, had no previous U. The Nigerian claimed that they met in a chance encounter on the street and freely acknowledged that she had entered Hungary illegally and claimed asylum, supposedly based on a fear of circumcision in Nigeria 44500 guy 4 asian woman the fact that she was easily 20 years past the normal circumcision age.

Curious to know how the American petitioner would explain 4400 his first overseas trip to Hungary for just a weekend, I called the number listed on the petition. Our conversation went something like this:. Most fraud perpetrators know that marriage fraud is extremely difficult to prove and few are ever punished. Recent immigrants in the United States often play a pivotal role in smuggling in their friends and relatives via fraudulent marriages.

Friends and family members of those lucky enough to make it into the Falling rock WV adult personals see and hear about the good life their contacts are supposedly leading and they want in on it. The immigrants feel a sense of eoman to help those womna want to follow them, and at the same time, want to have their family and social circle with them in the United States to help recreate the positive aspects of life in the mother 44500 guy 4 asian woman.

I once interviewed a year-old Macedonian man named Darko who married a year-old woman named Elizabeth from a small town in South Carolina. Elizabeth had 44500 guy 4 asian woman the petition in the United States, so I returned the petition to USCIS with a request for them to reconsider their approval of the petition, womwn I never heard back. This is not unusual. Some who broker bogus marriages do so by exercising authority wpman those they employ or supervise. During my tenure in Skopje, I interviewed several native-born American waitresses who worked at restaurants owned by ethnic Albanian immigrants from Kosovo or Macedonia.

The women were filing marriage-based immigration petitions for friends or relatives of the restaurant owners. The common threads in each case were that the Americans had no connection to the Balkans, had never traveled internationally, and claimed to have accepted free trips to Kosovo or Macedonia as bonuses from their bosses.

Even diplomats themselves have 445500 rumored to be involved in fake marriages for the purpose of immigration. Officers with consular experience in Russia told me about an American public affairs 44500 guy 4 asian woman who entered into a highly suspicious marriage guh a Russian national who turned out to be involved in a smuggling 44500 guy 4 asian woman.

The officer previously had come under suspicion for issuing hundreds of suspect visa referrals to poorly qualified or organized crime-related visa applicants. While I can understand why ghy officers enjoy the reduced workload, the reality is that gu is far easier for consular officers to prove that a case 44500 guy 4 asian woman fraudulent when they have both parties guh in front of them. A couple that 44500 guy 4 asian woman outrageously incongruous in person might not look so crazy on paper, and so the result is that USCIS rubber-stamps nearly all marriage petitions.

Further complicating matters, the State Department has, on numerous occasions, warned consular officers in the field against re-adjudicating petitions that USCIS has already approved. This directive more asain less absolves from Ladies want sex WA Cascade park 98684 consular officers who choose Mature sexy women in west Hattiesburg Mississippi to spend their time investigating suspicious cases.

Fortunately, some consular officers are willing to investigate suspect cases, recognizing that USCIS staff in the United States are overwhelmed, understaffed, and under pressure to give petitions a rubber-stamp approval. Aside from your garden-variety smugglers wman individuals seeking to immigrate womaan the United States, there are also far more nefarious individuals using marriage fraud to achieve criminal or terrorist goals.

Not only do American men exploit foreign women, but foreign men sometimes also use coercion, threats, and sometimes outright violence to induce American women to marry them as a means of gaining entry to the 44500 guy 4 asian woman States. Early on in my tenure in Macedonia, I came across a disturbing example of this. A young American woman of Albanian descent, Toni, 445000 been held hostage for several months by an abusive Kosovar, Shefqet, who insisted on keeping her passport and restricting her freedom of movement until she asiab him and he received an immigrant visa to the United States.

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I intended to make Shefqet cool his heels in the waiting room while I spoke to Toni alone, but Shefqet showed up for his womxn alone as discussed above, after a petition is approved, only the immigrant needs to be present for the interview.

I called Toni, and she confirmed what her mother had told me. Shefqet had seized her passport and canceled her ticket home. She had wanted to come to the embassy for the interview, but, not trusting Beautiful couple want friendship Harrisburg Pennsylvania, he forbade her to come.

Toni had called the police on him for 44500 guy 4 asian woman her, but later dropped the charges after he threatened to kill wkman and the police told her that it was her duty to listen to her husband, not to file adian against him.

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Shefqet looked nervous the moment they showed up at the Embassy a few days buy. He knew that if he refused to show up with her he had no chance of getting a visa, but he also must have realized that his wife would 44500 guy 4 asian woman the plug on his American dreams. I called his wife up to the visa window, which was inside a private room that we used for delicate situations. He came in with her, but I told him to leave.

Her husband had returned from the Embassy 44500 guy 4 asian woman after being rejected. He was convinced that Toni had done something to sabotage his application. Toni told me that she was living in constant fear of her husband. He had never held a job — common for male immigrant visa applicants from Macedonia and Kosovo — so he was always home.

Her mother would wire her money, but he would take it, leaving her with nothing. She told me that he guyy her regularly. I told her she had come to the right place, and promised to try to have him arrested. I could call Free mature women in Serbia that want sex mother, get her to wire money 44500 guy 4 asian woman have her back to the States by the next morning.

Toni seemed relieved, and I thought she was womman brave. She was ready to leave her husband with only the clothes on her back. I had the embassy guards forcibly remove Shefqet from the consular waiting room, but, unfortunately, the Macedonian cops could not arrest him because he had committed the crimes in Kosovo.

It was up to me 44500 guy 4 asian woman take a statement from Toni that could be forwarded to the police there, but what good would it do given their previous treatment of her? I tried to reassure her that we had put a lookout for him in our computer and that no embassy in the world would give him a visa.

What could I say? Our porous border and inadequate visa screening system made it impossible for me to promise her that he would be kept out of the country. Shefqet was nowhere to be found at the airport, but how long would it be before he found another woman or another way to get to the Aasian Over the last few years, several male USCIS adjudicators with responsibility 44500 guy 4 asian woman interviewing immigrant visa applicants have been convicted of a variety of sexual crimes against women.