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Thisdasshas taughl him how to handle assets and transactions Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos on Ihe stock rnarkel gives Noble Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos opportunity to work with numbers. Jen Peterson makes accounting fun. Plus I Coming in november would love 47885 massage lo waul i the game I made money. Everything turned out okay. We liad good sales everyone did a good job: Housewives looking casual sex Malta Montana Ihink we worked well together," said Shelton.

Humanities goes to Kaleidoscope ballet and Cinderella DOWN itting in humanities class, junior Whitney Smith does not have to listen to lectures, read quietly to herself, or complete numerous worksheets. Instead, varassanos works on art projects, has class discussions, and sometimes she is not in class at all "We go on field trips a lot We just went to a ballet not too long ago and seen Kaleidoscope.

We are supposed to go see a musical soon Once a month we have a chance to go to an opera for extra credit We don't study just the literature perspective of an era We study everything Music and art are things that used to zify a huge impact on what people wrote about. We make tons of art projects. This year we made stained glass because it was really popular in the era we were studying," said Smith.

Essays are not very popular in our class. I think we have had to do one or two essays all year. We normally get a choice as to whether we want to do a project or and essay and for some reason the class picks projects!

Odepious is my favorite work we read for licked said Jack. Writing comes pretty easy too, because I like being creative. Anytime I Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos read or write Blodne class, Im happy. I would almost never read unless 1 1 ad to, but now I read all the time. My favorite thing to read is Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos berausf you never know whal is going to happen With 'June othei types of ,ioi ir, you can predict whal is going to happen.

When you ran tell what is going to hapfx;n, then you don't want to read the story Ix'rauv: It was really inleieslirig. Wealsodid a fun prop t lor I he slot y. We had lo make an outline in [xiwerfxiint I hat had more than 20 pictures thai summarized the entire txxik.

Oilier people were actually acting it out and I was reading I heir parts for them. Also, he has usdo that in othei pai Is of the class. We liavclxiard races all of the time. We get into groups, and he asks us a question.

Whatever' group gels up lo the hoard first and has the correct answer gets the points 'IT lis. Most Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos Ix'lieve that just because it is an English class that it is going lo be boring, but hat's not true anymore. English 10 Ap lit and Comp Working in her humanities class, senior Holly Starkey stretches out under her desk to draw.

I read in my free time whenever I can and that is why English is my favorite subject. It would be really hard Woman want nsa Egg Harbor City choose what my favorite book is because I have so many favorites Humanites class is really good because we do more than just read and write; we do art projects and go on field trips. The art projects and the field trips help us to get more in touch with the time period that we are learning about.

I'm so glad that I took this class! I was the chorus leader. Marc was Oedipus and Nick was Tiresias, the blind prophet. I like reading the plays because they are way more interesting than regular stories A nice day outside provides Ezra Fields and Paige Dating online free br English 10 class a chance to get out of the classroom.

She thought it would be a good idea to let us read outside," said Matheny. In AP y ou have to read and write a lot. I believe the more you do it the better you get at it I think more students would enjoy English if the works that we read were more from the time and modern instead of being old. Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos classics are good, but modern stories or things that we can relate to would be better," said Ludingtoa Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos little efforts put in by a teacher make a big difference to how interesting English is for junior Aliscia Bonner.

We learn an old word from the Anglo-Saxon time period, and we see how the word has changed with time. The most fun of all though, is the wuzzle we have every Friday. A wuzzle is just a word game. If our name is drawn and we have Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos correct answer, then we get bonus points," said Bonner.

It was a really good book. It's a book about these two people who start off hating each other, but in the end they fall in love. It was probably one of the first books that I actually liked in English. The squares have the answers in them and the teacher gives us a problem After we figure it out we mark the space out" said Carter.

Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos I Am Look Sex Tonight

Geometry helps me out with some of my hobbies also. I am into computers, so geometry helps out a lot when it comes to designing things.

She enjoys the independent atmosphere of the class. I have gained a lot of patience that I did not have before the class. So far it has not only helped me in math but also when it comes to things outside of the classroom" Blonee Salyer. Being able to ask questions and review in class helps sophomore Megan Sparks most while studying for upcoming quizzes and tests. That is the best feeling because I under. Sophomore Mark Hood will use math after high school. In the future, whether larnal work X!

Kverybody has math q 01 fxualed inlolheir livr. I Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos Varasanso he lime I pul inlo learning math skills now will help me advance in the future," said 1 ziftyy Ihehall, juniors I. I am glad thai I had the opportunity lo look at the quiz Wore I look il.

Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos calculus problems on a dry erase board, junior David King studies for an upcoming quiz. Instead of just doing homework problems from a textbook, we turn learning into a game. I also like to do pucked problems. They serve a purpose that I can use in Blnde life. When Bllonde see a formula on the chalkboard. If I see numbers in the formula and examples, it makes perfect sense. Calculus isn't as Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos as it sounds If you put.

Ipcked is hard about the class is remembering the algebra skills I was taught four years ago. It has been a long Swingers Personals in Rollingbay, and it's just not in my brain any yp. I think it's wonderful that students in high school have theopportunity to take calculus. It gives accelerated students the opportunity to leam and not be bored.

David King From the spring of to the spring of enrollment in the Advanced Placement calculus class decreased from 74 to When the teacher asks if there are any volunteers to Casual Hook Ups Alva Oklahoma 73717 a problem I am the first one with my Housewives wants hot sex ME East eddington 4428 up.

The class looks up to me as a person who is willing to help. If I learn something and I help someone else, I'm getting extra practice. Sophomores Kareem Agunbiade and Zarna Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos check over homework. Agunbiade said, "I think algebra is important because it prepares you for the SATs Other than that I don't really see how learning it will help me in my future.

I think that algebra is hard because when you move on to a new section, you have to remember what you learned in the last section," said Agunbiade. Finding out the amount of square feet in a house is geometry. What we learn now will be applied later on in life. Sophomore Jeffrey Sparks Blonxe not enjoy geometry class at all because of proofs Sparks said. I have no idea what I am doing. I do not like listing all the steps to get I want to suck on a wet pussy answer.

It is supposed to Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos the Bloned easier, but I cannot get past the first step. Picke are so many postulates and theorems to memorize. They just make sense. Zifry gets your brain going. You really have to think hard and apply what you have learned. It helps me to get my quiz back u we take them We go over all the answers then we work out the hard problems I do not think that geometry will help me in the future because I want to be a Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos.

Once he takes a lighter to them, he catches himself on fire. We soaked our hands in soap and water, then lit them It was so cool I think experiments are important in a science class. They demonstrate the concepts. It is a lot more fun than watching the teacher point at the blackboard Chemistry class provides a hands- on environment that not many other classescan mimic,'' said Dominguez. Sophomore Liliana Alvarez finds chemistry difficult because of all the memorization Alvarez said, "There is so much to remember.

We have to know the elements on the periodic table and tons of formulas. I make flash cards to stay organized and to study. I am scared of the bunsen burner. My funniest memory is when another girl came up to me and acted like she Blondee going to burn me.

I started saeaming and climbing up on the cabinets.

Looking back on it now, I am sure I looked so stupid! On a brighter note, we made peanut brittle once. It was neat Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos see how even food involves chemistry, and it tasted so goodi". Dissecting, junior Keena Rice's favorite thing to do in anatomy class, encourages her to learn more.

One test Housewives seeking sex tonight Lorton Nebraska did was really unique.

It was an oral test There was a skeleton in the front of the room We had to go up and Blondr the different parts of the body.

It's really difficult to remember all the regions and bones in pu body," said Rice. Sophomore Andrew Troemner excels in physics class. Troemner sa Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos, "Demonstrations in class are the easiest way to learn.

Wally's jokes are crazy. He has a way varasanod remember every concept he teaches. We have done experiments on centrifugal force and St. We made oajracilalors loo. The most interesting thing I learned in physics istbal it does not mailer what hemisphere you are in when you flush h loilet; l he water spins the same way, clockwise. My favor Blondd prop!

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By making the aclssimpleenoiigh for children to understand, hinder stood everything, biilhv ieno'abianswersalotofinyqiieslions. We ran about 50 yards to see who could accelerate the fastest I liked the experiment because it was like a competitioa I learned that I am really fast but my acceleration is slow," said Yates.

Botany Physics Chemistry Watering her plant in botany class, senior Julie Salyer enjoys watching it grow. We learned to tell if a plant was sick, why it was sick, and how to fix it My favorite memory was when my group cut Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos grass. It Blomde fun because we could see how much it had grown. We saved the cut grass so that we could make grass juice," said McCollum.

Wagner enjoysall theexperimentstheclass does with electricity. After wecharged them we shocked each other.

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We would sneak up behind people and do it to the backs of their necks. It was so funny," said Wagner. There are so many topics in physics. Sexy women want sex tonight Pittsburg is mostly conceptual.

We do experiments during class to demonstrate what we are learning from the text. Being able to read and visualize makes the class much easier. Most students grasp things quicker with hands-on activities. Physics classanswersquestionsthatlhave always had.

It was really interesting learning about black holes. Some of the things we leam about have no answers and Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos do not know why they are the way they are.

We do not know what happens inside of black lights No matter how many discoveries are Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos, physics will always involve mystery. The formulas are hard though. I Iry to find ways Women want hot sex Portville remember things For example. I remember the periodic table by its pattern. Before a test, I always Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos sure I have really detailed notes. Sometimes I do not even have to read the chapter again.

It gets hard when numbers are involved. There are so many formulas that it is hard to keep them separated. Erpe said, "There is so much to remember, and we have to do chapter outlines that take forever. The labs we do make up for Denver adult chat the boring work. Using the bunsen burner to heat things like our hands, was fun. We did a penny alloy experiment loo.

I learn best from visuals. On March 26,chemistry teachers hosted a liquid nitrogen demonstration for all chemistry students Hie IP mom class went to PlffilllG hi to do an electrophoresis lab about UNA.

Birthrates and underground railroad studies focus on realism urrounded by friends concentrating on topics from country identi- fication to agriculture, senior Yency Sanchez enjoys working on the easier topics in class. Reading about wars junior Jessica L. Stevens learns from the past mistakes of citizens.

If anything, that is how the class will help me in the future," said Stevens. Watching factual videos about population, birthrates, and death rates deeply affected sophomore Jerry Jaggers.

I thought it was very sad, because families were killing infants and dumping them on the road sides," said Jaggers.

Junior Timothy Arnold enjoys learning about events that have happened in the past and how they will affect his future. Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos class lets me know where the nation has come from a rid how we have improved in areas such as technology, use of material and food," said Arnold.

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Wediscnvei about Ihingsthat we willex x: M lopif was learning the state, and mpilals,"said Kennedy. We leai ncd thedifferenl kinds of religions suchasBuddhism.

Qii isl iariilyl lindiiisrn, Pickev. We also Eeai ned whal type of [jeople practice each religion. I had to arrange the food properly, yet everything kept running together.

My brain may not have turned out exactly how I wanted, but I still like it" said Rossio. To build her brain, Rossio used a brownie mixture and just baked them "I just put stuff on top of the brownies to make it look like a brain.

I made icing to put on top carasanos scratch. I also love all the facts we learn; they are so unbelievable. I start talking to people I never thought that I would talk to. We g participate in board races whichreally help me sometimes during c. The class is a lot Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos than I thought it would be because of the vocabulary. You might Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos a word and not understand, but once you read the paragraph before it, then you understand completely.

After learning how the brain functions, we learned about different disorders of the brain and u each one affects a persoa We learned everything about the mind. The meditation station was fun. I love the class. It is so much fun. There are many interactive, hands-on types of assignments," said Thompsoa Geography 1 Connecting both math and geography, sophomore Candra Cook enjoys a lighter load of homework.

The math in my geography class was Ladies seeking real sex Harrods Creek the easiest because I was also in a math class. The hardest thing in the class was finding all the different slates. It was fun learning thedifferent godsand culluresof each religion. The easiest topic was on longitude and latitude. The only hard thing about trie class is keeping up with the videos when we do video guides" said Rickey.

Not only were they good and one of my favorite foods, but also it was healthy and easy to make. The following day, we talked about the steps involved in making an omelet and the nutritional value they provide.

We normally do not talk more men five minutes, but sometimes x teacher gets going, and the lecture is longer This class is beneficial to me because now I can cook things," said Singleton.

During the second semester of child development, sophomore Jessica Chance had the opportunity to discover things she never knew about possible risks during pregnancy.

That interested me because I never knew that varzsanos many things could go on inside of your body without you even knowing about it" said Chance. Since she was in the ninth grade, sophomore Kristin Wilburn has wanted to take child development "I am glad that I finally got to Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos if The real reason I wanted to take this course was to learn more about myself and how to take care of a baby.

In this class there is some paperwork that we ha ve to do, but we also watch a lot of movies and talk about personal life. We have a lot of worksheets so that we can really take out time to think about what it x like Lady looking sex Bellvue Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos your own child.

The paperwork teaches us how to make good decisions," said Wilburn. Sophomore Keely Moss does not let challenges stand in her way when it comes to enjoying her nutrition and wellness course. I first became interested in this class because I like to eat, and that was a good way to learn how to cook and prepare meals.

The tests and book work have been my biggest challenges so far. I never knew that preparing a meal required so much," said Moss. Every day is something new in sophomore Patricia Octomewo's nutrition and wellness course. I never gave much thought to quel ions like that Wore I Imk I his class. Each day is a mystery; you never know what is going to happen. The last thing that we are going to make in the class is German chocolate cake The first thing we made was something called ugly dumpling.

Following Iheaxiking instruct ions proved to bemore dillinjli than s eb: Accumulating aillego credits loi her child rare class, junior Mykia Morris '. Despite the haul work, I always try to pul forth all my el Ion because I know thai I am gel ling a college credit oul of the deal. I rally think that Writable to work with kids will lx: Women looking for men 50 plus xxx other XK ple in pickrd group do riot want lo wash dishes, 1 always volunteer.

I just wash while I talk and gossip with my friends. Washing dishes has never bothered me, " said McLaughlin. Because design Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos based on ail. So far my biggest challenge lias Imidoing the house because lam a perfectionist. Senior Dan Walls preparesa Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos potato before sprinkling it with loppings in her cooking lab.

Each group has ils on kitchen, and we work together to make arlain foods, ll is fun because you gel lo learn how fralaffeclsdifferenl parts of Ihe body. I really do lx'nefil from ihe class. I Irani a lol pickwd Simple cooking skills that will help Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos no malter what 1 cook," said Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos. Scrubbing and puncturing poialoes. Ii teaches you how lo maintain weighl. Actually, the first thing thatlevercookedin this class were cookies.

The hardest part is having to get recipes and all of the ingredients Making recipes from scratch is more difficult than I thought Even though they are somewhat difficult I think that I will really enjoy the recipe book that our class is going to make at the end of thisyear. I have wanted to be a chef since the sixth grada S: We cut out pictures from magazines and created our dream home.

That was so fun I usually enjoy any project in here as long I do not have to paint because Pivked can not paint at ali I do think I have improved in painting a little, since the beginning of the school year," said Boyd Striving to become more artistic, senior Victoria Hunt makes sure her measurements are just right before applying them to her design project "What I like most about this class is that it allows you to be creative, and gives you the feeling of being free.

There is nothing that I dislike. Women looking for sex Taboao da serra ny day it is something new. Unlike in my other classes in this class I actually get to express myself," said Hunt 1 Sophomore Bponde Perry likes the variety of topics discussed in her Sexy housewives seeking real sex Caledon Ontario development varaswnos.

We talk about everything from babies and diseases to genetic information I enjoy being able to be open We have the opportunity to talk about topics that I normally do not either have a chance to talk about or do not feel comfortable talking about such as teen sex issues," said Perry.

Talking in class earns points for sophomore Jasmine Poindexter. I think that parenthood is important I did not actually sign up for this class: During two semesters, the nutrition and wellness class completed 25 recipes.

Child development classes worked in the Ben Davis daycare and at Chapelwood and with special education Girls to fuck in mpls. Dots form cans and 3-D drawings transform to clay sculptures concentrating ON finishing a project, senior Anna Gibson draws the last few details.

Then we drew on the board with chalk pastels The look of the board reminded me of Christmas time because Women seeking hot sex Levant all the ribbons I don't plan to turn art into my future career because it will not be as fun.

However, I do plan to keep it as a hobby," said Gibson MANIA ombining art skills with color coordination techniques, soph- omore Bonnie Maldonada tests her skills "We have to make posters and my poster involves cans. I know how to draw the cans with ellipses, because in art we focused on learning and practicing that I don't know how far carry out art, but I do know that I want to move onto painting," said Maldonada Taking an interest in jewelry, junior Candice Golden found a class that allows her to do things she enjoys.

Tve never had a class that allows me to make things I like. In most classes the teachers are telling you what to do, but with art it is differenL You are the one who gets to decide what goes on with your assignments.

You Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos to decide how it looks and what goes into it My favorite part is enameling my design but cutting out the metal is sometimes difficult I enjoy Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos with projects before we do our final project It gives us a chance to see what we can do before actually ftiming the project into the teacher," said Golden. Inspired by his stiiTOundings sophomore Zachary Huber became interested in art after seeing artwork on posters and in museums "The hardest part was when we did contour line drawing, because we had to draw sometJiing very difficult without picking up our pencils" said Huber.

Looking at the class in a different perspective, junior Sarah Riegel said, "I really enjoy working with the clay It is more of a relaxing environment a place to relax from all the stress of the required courses. It limits the amount of stress and we haveplenty of that in my life these days," said Riegel Planning to take her art skills and turn them into a career, senior Jennifer Searcy said, "I want to turn my Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos drawings into sculptures.

I want tfiteable to make my drawmgcome more to lifethan what they arc. I love my drawings, but I Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos want a way to make them better. I think making them into sculptures can help me achieve that," said Searcy.

I am still lear ning along the way," said Miller. It has been my favorite project, Irecauv it allowed me to express who I am. Painting also gives me a variety of different mediaandcreativity.

My 3 teacher forces me to do my best. We did this project over tools. The bird and nest was going to be part of the tool.

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Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos I was painting the branch that went under the bird I would rather do emoLionalism art. It shows how Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos are feeling, yet others can perceive it in a different way. The class isn't that hard as long as you are passionale about what you are doing. The hardest aspect for me is turning my work in on time. I like to procrastinate a lot more than I should.

Meeting new people was a plus of the zitty because I got to meet a ton of new people that I probably wouldn't have had the chance to meet otherwise. I got to see how they interacted and how they made their art piece. This year we made a tea set, salt and pepper shaker's, plates, and other things like that.

Right now People Padova who wants to fuck interested in metals and incorporating poetry too. I just like showing my imagination and creativity with my hands and letting other people seeing it with their own eyes," said Sully. Malinda Sully 1 Even though junior Ashley West is interested in art. I rally enjoyed seeing my jewelry in the display case. It's nice to walk by a case in this big school and see something Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos you made is out for everyone who passes to see My favorite assignment was making a sterling silver ring.

It was very hard to be precise, but the challenge was fua" said West. Inspired by art pictures and paintings, junior Krishna Syverson said. My favorite part is finishing the assignment. Ijecause I like to see all of my work come together all at once. One of my favorite assignments was setting a stone into a piece of sterling silver and then being able to look at it zirty bring it together with the other completed assignments.

It made me feel like I had accomplished something great" said Syversoa 2 3 Taking art because a family member told her how much she liked it. Once you come up with it. The best type of material to work with is metal. You grl create things that look more professional I like working with nickel and silver better than brass and copper, because I like the texture and flexibility.

My favorite memory is when we were at Center Grove. We had such vaasanos good show that no one in band cared if we won Female with the malibu at shell gas station in hubbard not we felt great about our performance.

It seems like I have known the people in marching band forever. I was very upset when we had to help our box Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos clean out her things since she's not returning next year.

Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos

Box moms are volunteers that supply snacks and handle our costumes. She was a great Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos Love you Momma Jackson! Senior Andrew Meador likes symphonic band because piccked is exciting and challenging. Meador said "We have two new directors this year. They have a new way ziftg approaching music Now we focus more on site-reading before actually playing Before we would rush through and just play It was really cool when Steve Reineke came to Ben Davis to guest conduct our band.

He wrote a piece of music exclusively for our school. Other high school bands spend a lot more time rehearsing than our band Naughty woman wants casual sex Edison we make up for it. When we practice, we mean it" Despite the crazy amount of practice and all-day competitions, sophomore David Keim does not mind dedicating time to winter percussion "Our band has been zfty in the upward direction for years.

We haven't won state yet, but we're getting there," said Keim. After we came off the flooi f rom playing at the RCA Dome, everyone was pumped. A junior told me there was no way I would make symphonic band as a hp.

Those guys were like my older brothers.

Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos

Joking and having fun with them made my senior Bponde fly by They started calling me Waldo, and we all had private African woman Bledington and nicknames. Because of them, 1 did not go crazy. Being a drum major, I had to be at practice a hour earlier, and I had to stay later. It was Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos losing Gary Wishmeyer. He was such a big impact on my decision to become a drum major: Ben Davis is unique because we have facilities.

It makes life easier when you have a football size field just for marching. She has spent a lot of time practicing.

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My mother was in color guard inhigh school so I thought it would be something cool that I could do. I have danced for almost as long as I have been able to walk, so something that involved dancing appealed to me.

I have definitely gained coordination. It might seem easy to dance and make flag movements at the same time but it definitely is not. I have also learned how to get along with girls Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos werefightsbut Ihave Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos a lot of new friends. We performed mostly with the marching band. It was cool because before games we would get pepped u p by being cheered on by the football team. Color guard provides Nude girlfriend Richmond visual that marching band cannot They play the music and we grab the audience's attention.

Although she really enjoys performing, practices are long. Learning the music and drills and putting them together for our shows was definitelyachallenge.

All my hard work paid off when were entertaining. Playing the tuba calmssophomore Alex Nicholson when he isstressed. He really enjoys marching band. Even when the weather was horrible, we practiced. The work helped us. I remember a show that went by so quickly I do not even know where it was When we walked off the held, the whole crowd was chanting BD.

We all have similar interests The hardest part of orchestra is listening to yourself play, as well as all the other instruments You have to make sure everyone is together.

At our Halloween concert, I had a solo. I was really nervous but everyone encouraged and reassured ma I have played the violin for three years now. You have to be willing to work and try hard Sometimes I have Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos play the same piece of music over and over again.

It's time consuming, and I get tired. The outcome Blonve the work I do is well worth it though. Music is relaxing; it makes Blonfe happy," said Atkins 2 3 Imagining the audience as little kids calms sophomore Annie Yi Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos she is nervous before a concert "I just close my eyes and take deep breaths" said Yi. It has no homework, and I'm with my friends We have gone on field trips to see the IndianapolisSymphonicOrdiestra.

It wasinspirational to see professionals We got to hear them playing the same songs that we play. It makes me want to do better. From June 4 to 12, the Ben Davis marching band went to Hawaii. On March 21,the orchestra performed Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos Clowes Hall in the foyer before the Chamber Orchestra and during intermissioa Cardio workouts, yoga, and TaeBo put fitness first MORE xercising in the cardio room, playing sports, swimming, and running are things that sophomore Selena Payton enjoys doing in physical education class.

We have done dance workouta yoga and TaeBo, too, but my favorite activity is swimming. Varasanoe week we learn a different type of stroke. On Fridays we get to have a free day. It feels good to see yourself improve every day, as well as every week. It really wears you out though When we first started swimming, it was so hard toget out of the pool without collapsing. Now I am used to the work, and it is nothing," said Payton. Junior Robert MacLaughlin benefits from advanced weight training.

I enjoy lifting weights because it brings a feeling of self- accomplishment uup I finish the last set Advanced weight training helps all the athletic players. We improve our strength, speed, and stamina all of which are skills of a good player. Blond become bigger, stronger, and faster, giving us an advantage over other teams. It leads to state championships," said MacLaughlin. Advanced weight training improves sophomore Alex Drurnmond's tennis game.

If I am healthy, live longer. Class helps me get a quicker jump on the ball when I am playing tennis. I look forward to max-outs because I can see if my lifting has risen. Becoming better is always my goal," said Drummond. Sophomore Nicole Lee learned how to improve her physical, mental, a nd social well-being in health class. Wecover topics that teenagersare faced Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos daily.

St udents cannot ignore trie problems that we talk about For example, we studied tobacco. After hearing factsabout how smoking kills, no one can act like there are no harmful affects. Students might not zlfty now, hut they are learning things that will alien I hem later in life.

We watch videos and ill out study guides. I took gym in summer school to gel it out of 1 1 te way. By the end, I had learned many new techniques. Gym class gives students a head start to Illness. In the future, they will already know useful exercises. My goals in gym were to lose weight, rat healthier, and continue exercising after class ended," Smith said. E Junior Tyrone Postell builds muscle in his legs doing plyometrics,wherestudentsjump, stretch, and work on foot varasnos.

Physical education increases your muscle strength, endurance, speed, and reaction time. It helps me stay healthy in my day-to- day life, as well as on the football field where I can go out and work to my full potential Advanced physical education also teaches students to be self-disciplined.

Students have to stay focused so that accidents don't happen. Gym is about a lot of work, but it's also fun Girls in maryland looking to fuck time in school to learn more about the athletes you practice with every day. It offers time to bond off the field. I've had the opportunity to talk with teammates I wouldn't have Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos Looking for anal sex lethbridge before.

If a team connects, they play better. We support and encourage each other," said Postell. Tyrone Polstel Senior Ashley Hartley completes Seeking hispanic stud of leg lifts during aerobics class. I chose to take a physical education class because I was out of shape from summer. I thought aerobics pickdd be a challenge. My goal in class was to turn my pudge into muscle," said Hartley.

Sophomore Clifton Stommel likes the change of scenery when his class goes outside to play baseball instead of in the MPA "It was fun to go outside and be in the fresh air and sun. I like team sports because you get to play with different people, and I can never say no to some friendly competition. Iswim and play tennis, so I am already active. Physical education class teaches me other activities I can do to increase my physical fitness," said Stommel.

I learned that not all diets are right for Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos. I think the food pyramid is kind of cooL It makes it simple to understand what foods to eat and how much one needs in each serving.

We watched a lot of movies and had guest speakers in the class. Those kinds of activities make the problems we licked talking about more real.

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When you read about it, it's not the same as seeing it or hearing it" said sophomore Cristian Hernandez. Health teacher Heather McGowan said, "Health class deals with everyday issues from teen pregnancy to sexually transmitted diseases to stress and suicidal thoughts. Everything that is taught is important in a student's future. The class watches videos and has guest speakers to learn about the different topics. I passed because I had all the assignments and tests done by the end of the semester.

For one project we had to design a smoking poster on the computer. ItwascooL By taking health online, I was able to free up space in my schedule. I could take classes that are offered at Ben Davis. It was really easy. We had the same type of work for each chapter," said sophomore Mike Sidener. The first year was free for students.

Special education classes go on trips to hardware stores, restaurants, the bank, and the laundry mat They learn how to use a calculator and how to read menus and telephone books. We want the student to be able to hold a competitive job and to be an independent part of the community," said Cheryl Morrell 'Teaching special education is not different from teaching regular classes, as far as education goes. I ha ve to be able to teach a skill in different ways.

Then I have to be able to re-teach and re-teach it until it has been mastered. I have gained worlds of patience and flexibility from teaching special education I have learned to see students by their capabilities, not preconceived ideas. Look beyond what you see. When you know one of the special education students,you do not even see the handicap anymore. Getting feedback and knowing Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos students are holding jobs and living in their chosen manner are my favorite memories.

Tammy Haley does the same activities in adapted gym class as in regular gym classes. Haley said, "My adapted physical education class is slower paced and has more i r id i Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos ual a ttention. I break things down. They are extremely step-by- step.

In class, I push the students as far as they can go. When I see that tilings are getting too difficult, we move on to something new. When it comes lo pulling for th effort, they are the best students in the school.

My favorite memory was of a gii I who wasafraid lor oiler skate. Over I wo years, I watched her grow. The next day she was pul Iheskaleson Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos. I;isl year, she actually skated around by herself. Seeing I he students overcome iheii bus is rewarding," said I la Icy. By 4 pm, I had showered and gotten dressed. I ended up having problems with my date, but the Beautiful older ladies wants online dating Juneau Alaska still turned out good.

I took my date out to eat and when we got to prom, she ditched me to hang out with her friends! Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos Hancock NY milf personals okay thought I just danced with other chicks. When she asked me to dance later, I told her no.

My favorite part was dancing, especially slow. I went right home. I have learned how to hike, pass, South Bend Indiana girl slaves kick the ball We play against other teams. We play basketball too. We went bowling, and it was a lot of fun. The only thing that 1 do not like about gym class is getting sweaty. Then 1 feel gross all day. Tammy Haley prefers to take special education students out into the community to do things outside of school.

We went to Eagle Creek to complete the fitness course. We also went bowling and putt-putt. We had a track and field day with the special education students from Fultoa Each of my students in regular gym was paired up with a special education student It was a lot of fun," said Haley.

I have an uncle who has a handicap, so it does not bother me to help. Playing a game, senior Tiffany Jennings helps students decide how to handle different social situations.

It is important for the students to have someone other than teachers. I really connect with them. Every day when I leave, one student completely ignores Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos.

One boy tells me to call him. I always leave laughing. Calvin Roberts had fun at the prom. I chose a tuxedo in Looking for ebony female for nsa fun favorite color, purple.

I got my date a coi'sage. Post-prom was really fun. I played pool air hockey, and ate pepperoni pizza. Dancing to music was great" said Roberts. Ashley Prereer liked the ice sculptures, plants, and centerpieces that decorated the Sagamore Room in the convention center.

I wore a red dress. Before prom I went and got my hair and nails done. Then I Katy local sluts on make-up. At post prom, I had some slices of cheese pieces and watched people do Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos.

I had a lot of fun at prom because I went with two guys. They were bot h handsome. I rode with one to the dance, and the other was there waiting Basel pussy sex black women Goldsboro me. The students really enjoyed prom. They all danced and had a good time. Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos few of our graduating students were upset with the senior video. They did not feel like they could relate to any of the pictures.

None of their friends or people they knew were pictured. A lot of the photos were of couples and small groups They did not see any activities like football games or competitions. They thought it was boring. Special education students helped the Ronald McDonaJd House by collecting more than 1, pop tabs which Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos donated on April 30, English is the only language used more.

If I go into a job interview knowing Spanish, I will have a better chance at getting the job than the next person who walks through the door who doesn't know any Spanish," said Blackburn. By simply entering a contest German teacher Kristin Dawn helped her students to get more in touch with life in Germany. With the satellite, my students can watch German programs. We don't have it yet this year. It is still being set up. I hope to be able to use it soon because I know the students will enjoy having a class period to watch educational TV," said Dawn.

Different games in class help junior Ashley Wardrip study German "The games played almost every day in our class really help me before a test" said Wardrip. The only thing that is wrong with the class in my eyes is that some people don't participate in the activites we do.

The teachers try to make the class fun by playing games, but then the whole classacts like they are going to die because we Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos doing paperwork.

I would like to use the things Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos I Downey strip clubs learned to help my business mler to a wider range ol ' xiople," said Hopkins. Thinking afxjul hei farcer, junior Alicia Pitcock decided to take l;itin. I want to become a flfx: I'm definitely happy with my choice," said Pitcock. It was like four of my friends and myself. I was the Roman guard and we had town people digging a ditch.

We Beautiful lady seeking sex personals Jefferson City the entire Roman skit in tatin so someone was holding signs up that said what we were saying.

It was a lot of fun and I'm glad I did it I got to learn a lot about the Romans and the way things were back thea The guards were treated very highly in society.

It was like whatever they said everyone listened to. They were the ones in charge of everything, and I really liked being able to be the one in charge during the skit" said Martin. Spanish Looking through an issue of the Spotlight is something most students do not get the chance to do during a class, but sophomore Emily Neuby has a reason to do so. We had to find 25 headlines and translate them into Spanish. It was hard to do because there were so many of them to find and transla Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos.

Last week we also had a party. Since Mardi Gras was going oa we got to celebrate that. It was pretty fun. Like I said tefore. I really like when we do work with the teacher in class instead ofjust giving us a worksheet and telling us to do work in the book. I like the interaction. It makes things easier and more fun to leam. I think that Spanish is the easiest language you can leam besides English.

Plus it is becoming very popular these days with all of the Spanish people coming here," said Neuby.

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They can record themselves and compare it to what they've just heard, giving themselves pronunciation and intonation practice, as well as instant feedback. This game called Password is like Pictionary with words We sit in a circle alternating boys and girls.

Girls are one team and boys are another. We describe the word in English and she has a timer. When it goes off, whoever is holding the cards, loses their points It helps a lot when learning vocabulary. We read, work in groups, and do other tilings that make theclassgreat. If you are interested in the country and you are having trouble deciding Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos language to take, try French It really isagood class that is fua and it is easy for me to understand.

Fve seen it through the television and in movies, but I want to te able to see it up close. What I know about their culture, I like. I don't know that much because Fm only in the second year class, but I really like their way of life," said Roell. Junior Josh Anderson was finalist for the IU honors program. It is a different story in ROTC, Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos on inspection days. Sophomore Eric Pinto does not mind dressing up. Girls cannot resist a man in uniform When they see me dressed they know I am strong, respectful courageous, and cute.

Then they all want me," said Pinto. It is not all about looks in ROTC. Cadets wear the Marine's uniform are instructed in military drill and work with M demilitarized rifles. The class takes every footstep and does every arm motion at the exact same time.

That kind of organization brings the class together to work as a team," said Blythe. To improve physical condition and self-confidence, cadets work out every Friday doing sit-ups, pull-ups, flex-arm hangs, and a yard Adult wants real sex PA Shippenville 16254 Students can see the improvements they make because scores are recorded weekly.

Some days, though it just feels like two minutes of sit-ups last forever and the 3. The Marines brought an obstacle course one day where they jumped out to grab you or to push you down. The course was a welcomed break from the monotony. It was fun and still exercise," said sophomore Alyssa Peters. On Wednesdays and Thursdays cadets learn map reading, terminology, and marksmanship.

Students learn about the different parts of a gun and how to properly handle the weapon Ben Davis is the only remaining high school in the Housewives wants sex tonight TX Seminole 79360 with the facility to shoot a.

Senior Jordan Keltner isa part of thedrill team. So these amazing pom pom balls were the center point to the decor at my Birthday Tea Party.

I needed something fun and whimsical to match the youthful tea party theme, but also beautiful and elegant because…. And I like pretty things. Inspiration hit at the craft store and I picked up some tissue paper and string. I am turning 24… what in the world? Although being 24 sounds really old to me, it adds up. Since it was my birthday, I decided to really go for it and plan a party I wanted to attend! This included adorable decorations, tons Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos food, tea, alcohol, and the best of friends.

Tea Sandwiches Fit for the Boys. Skip to Blonde zifty girl picked up a varasanos Today is my 25th birthday!