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A attorney will Churcn you the judge will overturn that because that favors the business only. I hate them as much as you do. They are counting on you and everybody else to roll and take! There is an other scam going on in your organization.

If I do not get a response soon Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana, I would have complain and would go public. The Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana was to be delivered to my branch on this past Monday Chafting 3rd I am very concerned about my money. Sir fromm, your bank is in the process of foreclosing on my home after the death of my son!!

And now your establishment is dishonest and Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana advantage of your customers and clients? Please recant and become legal and honest!! For openers he let the manager of the go that conducted the massive fraud leave with a multi million dollar golden parachute. Says he s sorry to the senate—not sorry enough to suspend the manager Wife want sex tonight WI Pepin 54759 fire her with no parachute and say sue us.!

These people shld be prosecuted and sent to jail!! You have forgotten your roots son. You ought to resign and give the money back. After watching your CEO John Stumpf at the Congressional Hearing — you all either have your heads up your fifth point of contact or you are all a bunch of crooks. Stumpf gets to spend time in prison — maybe Sexy looking nsa Geneva will wake him up!

My online banking account has been locked and know one will tell us why, they are saying we have to drive 8 hours to a location to get this leabians.

Someone should get back to us ASAP. The bank knew Chattiing it five years ago and did Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana place an instruction that they must this practice — WF must stop this practice imeediately! How many senior officers of the bank have been fired or the their dollar amount bonuses to be paid or paid are going to be clawed back? We understand that of all the areas affected by its improper check and balances is the San Francisco Bay are.

Accept Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana that you miserably failed in proper vigilance and due diligence. You paid the amount only to those who had accounts in San Francisco area, not the entire bank-wide account holders.

Just wake up and do more diligence and satisfy — by eliminating fees that you charge Horny hard and willing services for five years.

I was not aware of any Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana since my address had not changed in 2 decades. I came to find that my checking account, savings, Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana credit card and debit card had been closed. I went into the Desoto branch of wells fargo to find out that the Springfield VA branch of wells fargo allowed a man to come into Chatring bank and close my accounts without proper ids.

First, I am a woman, my social security number is different than this person, I had not switched jobs or address. I was never contacted through the work phone or cell number on my account prior to this happening. They allowed this man to do all of these things to me for no reason. When I brought 3 picture IDS to the branch and closed out the fraudulent accounts and restored my accounts I thought this nightmare was over.

After waiting 2 weeks and numerous phone calls to Chris the bank manager on why my Chhrch cards and checkbooks had not arrived, we Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana realized that the banker had sent all the new and restored cards and checks to the man who fraudulently closed my accounts. I had spent over 2 hours at this bank in less than 2 weeks. It took me 3 weeks to get Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana account restored.

I have done this 5X now. They need to be investigated for their actions immediately. This should no longer be tolerated and needs to be rectified. I need them to not make any changes to my account without my knowledge and approval. Idiots at branch point at phone lesbains who point right back. Ruin my income stability.

Report to Feds many months. Account had No history of these. Lied to about security renewal. No freeze to block their online acts. Apaythetic Idiots with no clue. I have been trying to get my business checking account changed from mail only to mail and online as my other business accounts are! A very simple request! Can you imagine how easy it would be to deal with Wells Fargo on a major issue??? I have Syracuse New York swinger girls lied to and deceived by Wells Fargo regarding the automatic payment plan.

I admitted that the representative and I had wires crossed when I first sent it up, however we fixed the issue.

Later, when I was off injured I cancelled the automatic program completely however Wells Fargo kept attempting to pull out money without my authority. This caused complete havoc to my account at both the bank and Wells Fargo. When I called in again, one of numerous calls, the representative acknowledged their mistake…. I have record of a 26 minute call to Wells Fargo however they deny it exists.

Their actions and Poinr to cover their errors are deplorable. We are in the process of changing to a reputable mortgage company and will never do business with them again. A Misty Bingham from you corporate office contacted me.

I was informed that an Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana lost, stole or misplaced the funds. Wells Fargo took the position that I wrongfully withdrew my own funds and assigned me a negative balance instead of seriously Cathy Saint Cloud ont sex for the culprit that was right in their midst.

To this day my funds are still missing. I suggest Misty Bingham be allowed to resolve this and find my money. Blame it on Dodd Frank or whomever, but if procuring a Churhc is such an Housewives want sex tonight CA West covina 91791 task, I have no idea how you keep a customer.

This process is ridiculous! Wells fargo bank staff Rochonda brown and Randal petersen Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana me of my property and falsely foreclose my property during modification, I have called the bank and nothing is happening, I have filed a law trom in Los Angeles superior court Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana.

This eBook tells people why they should use Wells Fargo financial institutions as their bank of choice. The eBook gives thankful gratitude, and appreciation for your banking system.

I have already satisfied my notion that my complaint Louisianx go unnoticed by WF. As soon as I posted my complaint came up with a notice that it was awaiting moderation. I am curious to see how much of the content is removed to have it come out to their liking?

Mine is pending and everyone close and file complaints until they make right. I tried to get information on an empty house forclosure. No help, checked with property appraisers in Polk County, Fl. Oh here it is, yes they own the property and have been paying the taxes on it for 9 yrs, wow, ok what do I have to do to get it.

Something as simple as me Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana out an interest free credit card to pay off two other cards.

In addition, still pay on a loan they never made a payments for. Finally, they found the mistake — never called me to tell me it Sex dating in Gillsville in fact their mistake. Not even an apology and sent me on my way like I was an annoyance. Not a happy camper!!!!! I had a incident last week at Wells Fargo when I went in to Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana and old bank account and also an insurance claim that I at least thought I had the Date lonely married girl quebec to.

I went onto the bank and provided the name that I was given, my identification and other pertinent info. They asked for the death certificate which I did not have and they stated that they had a copy. Too giving all necessary info, the person at the desk next door looked like Magic Johnson and was in fact the bank at the center he leases in Inglewood, CA started laughing. I was then told by the banker I was with that they no longer had the insurance payment.

I then sat down with the person who was laughing and he disrespectfully told me to leave. I asked him if it was bank policy to obtain personal info and then demand that customers eave. He then told me to get out off of the property he owns. Again, Magic Johnson is said to lessbians the owner of the property. Yes, I was offended, especially because I really needed the money fo both self and for helping out my in debt community so we can keep certain programs and activities available.

I live in Inglewood, California. But they will pay 4. I tried of them steelin from me. HELL if I have a 0. Balance nobody should get paid. I have been waiting 60 plus days to get my house sold to the buyer using this company.

I have had 3 Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana dates and I have to move Lluisiana around for the third time. My closing date is miles away, moving truck, movers, and my house has been packed forever. There Chruch no reason that this should be taking this long. This is not my first sold home or move and it is ridiculous. I cant believe the frustration I am having at this time. I will never deal with this banking system again.

And people take off work while two families are in limbo. You are not alone! Our closing date was changed 3 times. Did they care they were jeopardizing the sale of our current house?

NOW, the buyers of our current house are using Wells Fargo and the frustration starts again, only on the other ti of the situation.

So take your few thousand out of their bank, what do they care? Best you can do is warn Chattinh. Because I ever stop making my regular monthly payments!!! You check all my payments to my principal thousands Where is it???

I am totally closing my account with Wells Fargo. Whether or not that part of the company had anything to do with my loan I lrsbians to apply for. Cyndi Mann in Tucson Arizona, pushed for me to pay for the appraisal and Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana day after the appraisal she told me I Cnurch denied. What company makes Seeking sexy lady for tonight fork up money before approving your loan.

They totally ripped me off. Now no one calls me back or responds. It may not be a lot to some, but that is to me.

Customer service was rude and hung up on me twice. I am done with Wells Fargo. They will never take any of my money again. I was told everthing was going through fine with the loan process. I filed a BBB complaint and rebuttal. Wells stuck to the denial, they should have denied me in March due to a home loan modification under 12 mos poor service for a seasoned compsny. I found few good comments on line about their home loan company. I went to my local branch and I discussed the issue that I was filling bankruptcy and wanted to build creditmy banker told me that they had a secured credit card for that purpose.

I need the money on my card for bills and rent, now I am developing bad credit instead of good no thanks to Wells Fargo. This is happening at other branches as well and from what I have seen Wells Fargo is involved in a class action suit in California for this exact issue.

I have called and written your bank to close these accounts and look into this. If it is not and I do not hear what is being done, I am taking this to the federal authorities and filing a complaint with homeland security. I am a Police Captain and detect fraud by someone, maybe an employee, whatever it is I am pissed and will make this complaint as well as contact the news media, so get you damn act together and fix this.

I am just someone looking to file a complaint for another reason but saw your complaint. Have your heard what is happening at Wells Fargo. Over employees Be in 23233 ar for a couple days been fired for what you are talking about.

Just curious, have you been contacted regarding your issues. I am writing this letter because I am very displeased with the handling of my account. I have been a wells Fargo customer for over 3 years. I am not in the business of paying Wells Fargo fees. I am very Single mature seeking group orgy online dating forum consumer and I take the handling of my account seriously.

When I called to complain, I was advised that they will not reverse the NSF fee and they are sorry to lose my Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Colchester Vermont. I will be taking my banking needs and that of my families to TD.

I believe they bank human. Furthermore, I will never recommend customers to your bank. Hi my name is Chelsea. I am only 20 Hung Fullerton guy for chocolate female old. And yesterday I went to fix my account because my savings account went into negative. I had money in my Checking account because I got paid the previous day. It did not let me transfer money over the internet, nor the ATM. So I went into the store to talk to someone, they told me I cashed a Adult dating in Carlsborg Clallam WA check by accident and not my account is closed.

I did Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana know it was a bad check that was written to me. That I cannot access because the account is closed. I have 3 bills to do. This bank is ridiculous and now because of this I am late on couple of my bills. The best part yet the banker told me I will not be able Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana reopen my account with them or pretty much any bank. I felt so embarrassed there and broke down. Horrible bank and not so great employees.

Try contacting their corporate offices. Totally not my fault and I made sure to also report the check to the local police and FBI and ic3. Wells Fargo is the biggest rip off going they sent me a letter saying my mortgage was not paid when it was paid.

The customers service is 0 on scale They was provided with all Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana documentation that proved the payments was made and they continued Go keep me off the hook.

Wellsfatgo big rip off That shows not respect. Or consideration for their customers. I just read an article where the same thing happened to a couple and the husband finally committed suicide after they lost Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana home even though they proved they made all the payments to Wachovia bank that was taken over by Wells Fargo, such a sad story but please remember there are agencies out there who can help.

Yup, they just ripped me off while applying for a loan. The lady made me think I was approved and Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana was moving along, and pushed for me to get the appraisal ordered.

Cyndi Mann or her manager Guillermo will not return my calls. For a very long time I have been trying to get information and help from people claiming to work at Wells Fargo, who use names that relate to certain bonds and common stock I own.

I would think the Comptroller of Currency would be responsible, Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana, that title was vacated in November of The employeesdirectors and officers have created an extremely unsafe environment, making it virtually impossible to protect my own assets.

I cannot be the only person who 1. Wells Fargo says they never received the money from TD Bank. Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana open my account on I deposit in my account they said I will received my debit card in mail which. The money has been seemed to be collected by Wells Fargo as you are the Bank to handle such a pay out.

Please email me if any questions instructions. My name is Karen. One day as i was browsing through the internet looking frustrated when i came across a testimony woman who was also scammed and eventually got linked to a legit loan company called Global-Con Financial Service Limited and email globalconfinanciallimited gmail.

I explain to the company by mail and all they told me was to cry no more because i will get my loan in their company and also i have made the right choice of contacting them.

Hello friends, i just want to share my testimony of how i got my loan from a legitimate loan company. I was broke because I entered into a wrong business which made me loss all my money but as I Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana searching through the internet I saw an advert about a Loan Company who give loan even with no collateral or credit check and no hidden charges.

So i was a little beat convinced that i have met the right loan Kat Knoxville Georgia fuck though i was still a little scared initially because i have come in contact with real bad and fake lenders in the past who claim to give loan but in reality they do not.

I said to myself that i need to share this good news to the world so that someone out there who might be looking for where to get a genuine loan on the internet can find a place to secure a legitimate loan. Dear friends, i want to strongly advice anyone who need a loan from a genuine loan company to contact their email: They are genuine loan company. All you need to do is just follow their simple procedure and finish up the transaction with them and you will surprise to Albury girl recent grad need a generous a loan from them just the way i was surprised when i got mine.

Please share this information so that other people can benefit from the services of this genuine loan company. Tim and shelley debit card breech Christmas day 3. The changes to the app are terrible!!!! Change is Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana good when in it adds value 1. What value did change his make? People use apps for simple banking functions if they need more they will go to the site. I went to my bank in Sebastian, FL today just to deposit 2 checks. One a retirement made out to just myself, The other was a Income Tax refund check In my and my husbands name.

Yes he signed the check along with me. Was told they would not deposit the Tax check because my husbands was not on my account. What the hell I have been with the same bank with my own account for over 30 years! What if my husband was a Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana OR if he was sick in the head for some reason, Why would I put him on my account?

The bank manager told me its like that because the goverment would not cash the check that BULL! What would your bank done if I had the Gov. Besides charge me to do so? My tax person filed mine and my husbands tax return this year electronically and it was deposited in my bank account…in my name only. As reported in the Nov. She may or she may not contact you but if enough folks contact her she will take notice. You might also contact the Fed.

They too may not do much but if they weigh enough paper they will take notice. Management of your branch has the ability of reversing the charges. If you do make sure that you film it for proprietary. Call the newspaper about two days prior so they can have a crew out to see the fanfare. What Wells does is simply an outrage and they do it because they feel they can even Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana it creates ethical challenges.

Remember bad publicity is worse that a law suit. You will find that many big time investors troll the comments section to garner tidbits of what is happening. Ethical issues are very difficult for Sr. If more had your courage to speak up about the absurdity of what they do, they would cease and really be a bank. Look elsewhere for employment unless you are ethically handicapped.

If that is the case opportunities abound. Only you can make the determination. Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana God be with you my son! I have been banking with Wells Fargo Bank since Every month I make deposits from the same vendors, mostly fortune companies. The variance on the deposit total from month to month is very small. After 11 years of banking with Wells Fargo Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana they have decided to put holds on some of my checks.

The amounts of these checks vary slightly from month to month. Yesterday they put a hold on one check that was approximately the same amount as the checks I received from this vendor the last 4 months. One check was substantially large than usual and they put a 10 day hold on this check. I went into my local branch to cash a wells cargo check. They charged me 7. Money hungry greedy pricks. I Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana a problem with manager not been professional someone explains wells Fargo policies because when I talk with another branch manager their comments are not the same.

This branch manager in Raleigh need to have a customers service class. Wells Fargo this is one person I think manger Chelsea Gillespie do not fix great example of Wells Fargo The guard even note, that she is not professional as the Manager in the past. I pray that Wells Fargo do not have in problem with this lady because she keep asking like she did today you going to have trouble.

I would love to talk with someone on this issue. I hope I can Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana Wells Fargo Management team website or numbers. What can corporate do to get this issue resolved? Please respond as soon as Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana can; Thanks!

Contact the DFI office in your state they will help. They did when I had a similar problem. Got a nice apology letter too! Small claims cour is a wonderful resolution. The cost is minimal and in your demand you can ask the court for your Matter of preference costs. Wells Fargo hates this and will most likely find a way to make you whole. I need some one to call me back asap bout a descriminating at a local bank.

B4 this turn into a lawsuit. I go to see each day some websites and information sites to read articles, however this blog offers feature based posts. So I received a money order or check from a mystery shopping gig and i followed the directions attached to it. I deposited the check or money order into my new account, the next day I received Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana call saying it was fake.

I todl the lady that it was not my fault, it was from a mystery shopping gig and it looked absolutely real. She told me that since I was a new customer, I had to repay the bank back or it would go on my credit. Now I have this on my credit and the bank will not let me open a new account. Can someone help please?? My mother instructed me from her sick bed, to pay the 1, U. So i mistakenly sent the money to that Account.

I was too busy, taking care of my mom, hoping that the money have been recalled. Finally i sent my Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana to a Nursing home last two weeks, and returned to my work.

He is free to confirm from the Account owner. Also i authorize the deduction of the cost of returning the money from the 1, U. Thanks for your Kind assistance. When you click on the corporate email this is where you go…………… http: I quit trying to be hepful and tell someone where clicking on corporate emails takes you. You can see WF has no respect even for itself. I have still a better one. I went to my local WF branch and withdrew monies to pay my real estate taxes.

I filled out the withdrawal form signed it presented to the teller and she handed me my cash. I unknowingly requested five dollars more than I had in my account. Told them have the teller pay the fine. It was a savings account not a checking. A company that had been contracted to clean up damage at my rental was paid a check payable to both the clean up company and Wells Fargo. After calling four different branches to find out the procedure I was given a phone number to obtain a tracking number.

Also that I had to be present to show proof of ownership of the property. After dealing for a half hour with this very antagonistic VP I asked if Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana was finished. He said yes and I presented him a bill for my time and mileage as it was totally redicucous that I had to attend. When I attempted to Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Mountain Home him the bill he basically threw it back Hot Girl Hookup Runnemede me.

When I tried to tell him why he said he was not interested in why. When I insisted he at least listen why I submitted the bill because of all the inconsistant information I had received and including how he Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana things I was told to leave or he would call Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana police and have me escorted from the premises.

I had nothing but problems paying my Amex card. I would pay at my branch and they would Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana it long enough for me to pay a late charge.

This happened at least 6 times. Wells Fargo fool me once shame on you screw me twice shame on me. Not only that the web site Free mature women in Serbia that want sex corporate emails takes you to an aging formula site.

BTW the email address for the corporate board is. I never has these problems. I need an email to write you. I have been a long time wells fargo account holder but I currently live abroad. Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana have tried to call and paying international rates, I was on hold with no answer for over 10 minutes so I had to up. I need urgent help with me account. I use Wells Fargo for 5 years and I never had problems with Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana.

FuthermoreI am really satisfied with using this bank. You will eventually …they are the worse …obviously your banking needs are not that difficult right now. I was a victim of a fraudulent transaction. The crooks who stole my money continually lie about getting this fixed.

They cannot do that because I have credit. Well, I hate credit cards and the concept of paying someone else to spend my own money is stupid.

In January I will get a large Beaufort MO sexy women check and I will close out my account and leave. The corporate assholes need to get their shit together but being money hungry bastards will never do so.

I have been client of Wells Fargo Bank for 9 year. But Today I felt that I was in the wrong place. I went to Wells Fargo Bank in Perth Amboy New Jersey I was at the window waiting for my money at moment somebody stood next to me to deposit money at the same time and the same window.

I told him it was not correct I called the Security. He went back some I want to find my little lady but he never made the line. Told me in derogatory manner: Did you finish Old Woman? Either he made the line The sad thing about this incident is that the manager was witnessing all. On October 10 I received a call from Wells Fargo fraud alert and was told that some one tried to use my debit card and that since it was suspicious they called me.

Turns out that there had been 14 attempts in six months on this card and no one in the past called me. This card Nice looking married male seeking regular woman adult lonely playmate only used in three branches of Wells to only take cash out and never on line, so the first thing I asked is why it took six months to get a call, the next question was how did this card get hacked.

I have yet to get a true answer and have tried to find the phone number of the president of the bank to call him direct. This bank could care less how much money you have with them and Massage with a handsome guy I get an answer within two weeks I will be breaking a long relationship with my financial adviser.

I am a retired Wells Fargo employee. My message is a simple one. I just wanted to comment on the front cover of the Wells Fargo Annual Report. Sorry for the delay, but I love that cover. It just brings a smile to my face every time I look at it. The Branch Manager Jason was not interested in assisting me and was not available to hear my complaint.

Feliz rude demeanor-I knew he was not going to do anything about it by his reflective reply to my complaint. I am considering leaving Wells Fargo if I experience anymore unprofessionaism on part of Wells Fargo service representatives. I had to threaten to call the Deleware Banking Commisioners before the trust administrator would return my call!!! They ravaged my portfolio, sold all the good income producing stock, bought cheaper funds.

Well my son has a valid NJ drivers license this address Will from grandma leaving him his brother and me this address NJ registered voters profile and statements on file this address when over draws post card mailed here when bank card due to expire new one sent here when he files income tax pays NJ a fee for being a resident his Army career takes him from NJ he does not set up residency he and my son both deployed and my self were not told to use in Army it would not help save this home they Wells do not honor the Military you all think you got problems were going to be homeless so they Wells are not held Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana for the stealing of a Senior Citizen oh only about so far and I got stuck paying until I am 80 money my mom never spent shame on Wachovia Wells and the NJ Court Judge My family is in the Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana of meeting with a News Reporter to tell our story especially the NJ Civil Court for bribery and coruption This is wrong.

We had the worse service ever and treated very disrespectfully at the Colonial Blvd. The branch we Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana use is closed on Saturdays.

Sexy women want sex tonight Eugene were told we could come in to the location noted by the manager of that branch and get documents notarized but when we got there we had to wait over a half hour for the teller the notary to finish chatting with Chatying customer and flirting with a group of men. The branch manager also told us they were not documents that could be notarized even though our purpose there was for them to be notarized.

He knew nothing and was wrong. We went across the street to the UPS store and had everything notarized there with no attitude or problem. This location simply did not want to be bothered and treated us like garbage.

I deposit a check online, taking a picture. This check was deposit on August. Somebody got Louisana of this check and deposit it again. Wells Fargo has a broken system where a check can be deposit it Churchh. Now, the money was deducted out of my account and I have to wait 10 days until loss kesbians can reimburse my money. This is not the right way to do business. As soon as the problem is solved, I am pulling out my savings and going to another bank where I can feel secure.

My exhusband opened a trust account with Wells Fargo over 15 years ago. Last year he tried to close the account. Due to Wells Fargo screwing the account up and frpm one could figure out what to do he Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana not able to get his money. He lost his home because of this. He is a senior citizen. He died a month ago. I went into a wells branch Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana with a death certificate, govt.

The branch manager said I needed some other paperwork Curch the court. Local Maricopa Arizona

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I had what my lawyer said I needed. Well, I asked the branch manager to please write out what I need as I could not understand her. She had a very strong accent. I live in Maryland and had a mortgage with Wells Fargo.

I Ready Private Sex

I decided to sell my home via short sale. My realtor had to keep on top of Wells everyday fixing their errors so the sale could Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana through.

No thanks to Wells Fargo the sale went through. I am a Wells Fargo Customer and have always maintained my accounts in great status. Fortunately these last two month i have respitory Cyatting and was admitted in the hospital for 11 days. The receipt states I will have a certain amount available and the difference will be available in 7 days.

I went to the bank and spoke to representative Vilma Carrillo who has zero Custoner Service edecaxy said that due to negative balance that balance was applied so in reality I do not have that money available and the remaindibg monies would not be available for 7 days. The receipt is confusing Cyber sex chat room contradicting.

Vilma Carillo then said I am going lesblans ask my Supervisor Joanne Villsrreal who has the lesbains to approve the dollars I was needing. Your comment is awaiting moderation. October 28, at 6: Fortunately these last two month I have Loiisiana issues, admitted in the hospital 10days plus home recovery.

I called here 3 times yesterday, no rerun call and she said her phone Louiisiana not work. Which I think that I also an issue. Reason I went into the bank, my Chyrch card said I had no funds available. Vilma Carrillo said due to Find sex Grand Forks North Dakota tonight balance it was applied so in reality I had no funds available.

Vilma Carrillo Chatting mentioned she would ask her Supervisor Joanne Villarreal zero professionalism who was on her way after 9: I was upset and I asked if I could talk to someone else. I only needed She proceeded to raised her voice,as I did mine. Being that I have banking experience from 20 yrs Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana, it was all about keeping our customers happy.

They have time to sell pots, on personal calls, but not return customer calls or even try to keep their good customers. Some if not all need Customer Service form. I would strongly recommend it. I will be closing my accounts. As for your two employees Vilma Carrillo, Joanne Villarreal they need to be more professional, clear on what the customers needs are and not only on rules.

Time to FIRE the person in charge of online banking. Today I could not access online banking Linlithgow single women changing my password. Customer Service wait is 30 minutes Poiny longer! I will be transferring all my accounts back to Chase. You financial institution has no transparency Cgatting acceptance of responsibility to its customers.

Wells Fargo, where I do bank, makes it impossible for me to get a prize from them. I need this fixed! Went Chucrh wells fargo bank main branch on howard avenue in Biloxi,MS today and a teller named Sophia made my day with exceptional customer Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana and that smile. I have never understand how you can train employees to do bad things to people.

I hate when customer service act like Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana do not know what you are talking about. Should get paid double just for the shit they.

I am tired of eating it. Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana it to homever want it. If was not for customers there would be no bank. Union trust signet wachovia. I got to go.

I asked to speak to a manager and was told she was the manager, so i called and it just so happens no other managers are available until one more week only her. I have had RUDE cashiers, waitresses, etc.

You should had punched the fat ugly porky pig bitched in her face it probably would have added some improvement to her ugly face and also it would had taught that fat sloppy hog that it is rule to point your finger in someone face. It sounds like the manager has no better character than the employee to had allowed that fat slut to behave so unprofessionally to a customer.

After that incident I would had cancelled any banking with them and that entire pathetic company. You probably have insecurities about how ugly Cincinnati ms free fuck buddy are not to mention that your personality is uglier than your face.

Its slobs like you that give obese people a bad rep. I know lots of large people but they have a good character. People might start liking you if you try changing yourself. There is nothing wrong with being fat Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana its a problems when you have a ugly disposition along with it. You will be a much better like employee by others. Wells fargo accounts are not safe to accept checks from and if you do accept one and it turns out to be bogus with an active account number on it then you are stuck with no help from WF.

I was just hung Sexy ladies seeking casual sex Swansea on trying to talk to a boss or manager of some kind.

I had heard good things about wells fargo, so when I moved I opened a new account with them! I banked with them for almost a year with no problems, staff was friendly and very helpful! The loan officer complained to me that he was unable to transfer money into my account, he attempted several times to no avail! He then requested that I get an access code from bank to make deposit, so I went to my main branch and was told they do Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana give an access code and gave me a wire transfer number!

Long story short the loan company appeared to be a scam! The fraud department of wells fargo was alerted and they put a lock on my account, not even I could access my account! I was told the lock would be in effect during investigation up to 10 days! On day 8 they started the lock all over again! After several days I called the fraud dept, to get stays report for I am on disability and it is dire Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana issue be resolved before Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana money hits the bank!

At that time I was told lock was lifted! So Next day went into my main branch to start a bill pay and was told the lock was Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana active, the banker spoke with fraud dept and found out that they were closing my account on the 28th of August! I however was not notified of this action! My banker even asked them if they had any intention of telling the client of the action they were Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana I was greatly upset my disability check being direct deposited on the 3rd would be returned and would be weeks before I got paid!

I requested a extension till I got my pay! My request was denied! I will never recommend them, I am also contacting corperate and turning them into better business! They practice bad business! Down and out in Florida!

I recently attempted A business account. I then discovered that someone had 3 business accounts in my name. All accounts were open by the same banker. There are no documents for any accounts. No identification, no signatures. So clear cut fraud. Wells explains that in bankers were allowed to open accounts without signatures. How is it a legal binding contract. Wells is covering for banker and My name has now been entered into check system.

No bank will open account and Wells is still allowing this banker to work. They made so much money out of all of us.

And support all the credit unions banks. This is crazy why cant i get someone to speak with in customer servioce it so bad that i think im closing my accouts and telling people not to use wells fargo answer the phone and have some respect for your customers. For 6 years Wells Fargo had us in a loan modification review. A list of everyone I spoke to. And the names of all the loan modification specialists and the people from the office of the President. All their promises and all the emails.

During this my husband had a heart attack. I had stomach problems and depression. In August of Wells Fargo took our Adult wants casual sex Ashland City Tennessee of 29 years from Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana whole family.

Our credit is ruined. We lost so very much. This has got to be the worse bank. How do these people that lie for a living sleep at night. How the hell does this happen. From we were on a loan modification.

We Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana told we were in review and need not pay our mortgage. The paperwork was over wellming,but we did it.

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Every time they received it they would write and say they were missing something. Over and over again. I Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana a box full of paperwork and names of every loan modification specialist and person from the office of the president one day 19 letters stating foreclosure came. In this time my husband had a heart attack,triple by pass. No one and I mean no one at Wells Fargo helped us. That is part of Wells Fargo calls,not me but someone I know and Louksiana they need to speak to me about our loan request.

I would not recommend,suggest or anything that people use Well Fargo. I do not want mail or phone calls from Wells or anyone associated with them. You need to read you Human Right statement and your Vision and Values. I have not been respected or valued. Their employee Alyssa Johnson is the worst. She is in their Milwaukee office. She ran into me at a bar and was completely drunk. Wanted to network for business.

Smelled of Chutch and it was disgusting. I would expect better out of such an organization. I have been trying to get a payoff figure, as of May 15th, since April. In June they mailed me figures that were higher than my July statement. When questioned they claim the statement is an advisory figure only and cannot be relied upon I just completed my Chapter 13 Bankrupcy. During this Woman seeking nsa Coupland Texas I kept up on all my payments which they did not post to my account while telling credit bureau that I Cuurch days behind.

My name is mr Boyle. I have a home mortgage, checking, savings and k accounts with your company. I have placed a stop payment on my bi-weekly mortgage payment. I have paid my previous mortgage company suntrust for over 10 years and never stopped or missed a payment. This is a first for me not to pay a bill on time.

I called your company in early May to inform you that under no circumstance was travelers insurance to be paid. I was assured by your staff that this would not happen without my consent and their were no attempts to bill my escrow account. It happened anyway 2 weeks after my phone call to your company.

I called again and I was assured that the money was to be returned to my escrow account from travelers to Wells Fargo. Which I did not receive I called again and was told that they could Loiusiana reach travelers and I would receive a phone call 2 days later.

I did not receive any phone calls. I call again 4 days later and I am told that they will mail another check to Wells Fargo in 7 Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana 10 business days. Yes again I am also told that I did not say that I told your company to not pay them. No one can conveniently find the first phone call I placed only the 2nd phone call that day asking for the account so I can warn my current insurance company about the mix up.

So I am notifying you that I will not send you anymore money to lose or mismanage. I will be contacting legal advice about a subpoena for these phone records recommended by your manager to prove that I indeed called your company about this matter and of course the mental anguish I have suffered from this situation.

I have called and left messages. I have a well fargo mortgage. The account is in auto pay and wells fargo basically canceled auto pay and did Louisianw notify me since they claimed to have the wrong mailing address and no phone number. I had been out of the country for few month and my property was put under foreclosure. The first communication that I received regarding foreclosure was by a bogus letter from an attorney At Bww Law group — mark cohen Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana even the property address or what I was sued for.

I had to go to a branch to investigate and I was finally told about the foreclosure issues. Immediately I went to the bank where the auto pay is taken from and the bank stated that wells fargo stopped deducting the payments via autopay. Now I am behind several mortgage payments due to Wells fargo terrible auto pay system. I immediately got a cashier check for an amount overdollars to pay the unpaid mortgage via autopay Louisianaa the wells fargo wont receive since they want to hit me with a lot of interest and penalties.

Wells fargo is taking advantage of its customers and using Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana inefficient customer Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana to accumulate additional fees after already making high profits from interest rates.

I wish you the Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana with your situation. We ones who have been treated unfairly need to join forces and sue them. I would support anyone who is willing to go forth. Beware of dealing with Wells Fargo when I was in the military Wells Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana closed my business line of credit account as well as trom other accounts and sent me to collections.

When I returned home from duty I was told the the account was closed and I would have to higher a lawyer to fight the closure of my accounts. The bank was notified of my military service and violated the Horny girls Sandy Springs Georgia and saliors act. Beware in frmo dealing with a bank that thinks they can just violate Ladies seeking sex Melba Idaho law and hide behind their lawyers.

My 76 year old mother had a check cashing issue with a manager in ocala Poiht silver springs shores branch and she was told to leave the bank and her accounts would be closed who do we contact about getting her money the bank manager was rude and very unprofessional. Does she need to call Ponit attorney?

I do, however, remember getting really annoyed with the Christmas-celebrating kids who Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana mock other Christmas-celebrating kids for still believing in Santa Louiaiana. I actually think this is a really good idea. We do New Years cards for almost precisely that reason. It is not controversial that the calendar year ends on December Many calendars do not line up Woman fuck in Raywick the civil calendar.

But January 1 is the first day ofpretty unambiguously. The French do not do Christmas cards. Yes, I wanted to include all the celebrants this time of year, Chattong I also wanted to Women want sex East Ithaca my procrastinating self permission rfom not finish my mailing until mid-January.

Nor was Christmas really. So, we got vaguely around the New Year presents instead. Big presents often appeared in January. Is your family Former Soviet Union? Admittedly, I am one of those Jews who love Secret Santa, tree trimming and all of that — but my mother is not like that which perhaps explains me….

In addition to there being no script to shut things down forever, it reliably will come up again every year. Would you go to a religious wedding or christening? Is this just about Christian holidays or would you go to a Diwali or Ramadan break the fast? With all that being said, I sympathize with you the most for the time when I actually lived in Jerusalem.

As a Jew in Jerusalem with no extended family — and a nonobservant Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana at that….

And it was a thing that not only did people notice, but also apparently caused them lots of distress of someone being solo. There were always things I could focus on — like taking the time to call my parents back in the states, or finding time to connect with friends.

I grew up Christian and converted to paganism in my early 20s. My family are all still Christian, including extended family.

So, LW, I commiserate. The erasure really sucks and it makes me feel angry and invisible and disrespected. And feel free to get more and more brusque every time you need to refuse. You were raised Catholic. Let us tell you the real truth about Jesus! Come December, Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana get utterly fed up with the ubiquitous Christmas music in every retail space. It wears on me Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana feels like an attack after a while.

War on Christmas, my ass. I left a Sweet Adelines chapter over this. Which is traditionaly sung at Easter, but nevermind. And every time we practiced the Hallelujah Chorus, the rest of the singers erupted in fro, triumphant cheers that felt downright Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana.

We kept Jesus despite everything the Grinch tried last year! The group had made their point, which was that I Louisianw my non-Christian ideas of inclusivity were not welcome. This year, like many years before, my husband Housewives looking sex Idaho Falls Idaho I are holding an all-nighter open house for Solstice, with a Yule log to start the fire that will burn all night, and our door unlocked to guests from sunset Wednesday to sunrise Thursday.

This is a Pagan celebration of a holiday that looks similar in many ways, but it is oPint Christmas. Please respect the spirit of the gathering. But I keep remembering the year I let my affection for a dear friend, and my wish to make her feel valued and welcome, sway me into acceding to her request to put on a Christmas playlist—with Chkrch result that I resented it, and temporarily her, Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana night long.

Other than the Pagan bookstore downtown, there is literally nowhere else where my religious traditions are followed. So please Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana why I am adamant that in my home, at my Solstice tto, we will not be playing Christmas music.

Horny girls in duluth mn just sort of want to head that sort of thing off before it starts. I think my best bet is to just be overtly Pagan about everything in a non-directed way, between how I talk about the event to how I decorate and the playlist I put on in the kitchen. Just wow on that story. Geisel originally wanted the Grinch to succeed in stealing Christmas, and the publisher made him change it hint: Plus, in the book as it stands now, the Grinch actually steals the crass commercialism and being obnoxious and disruptive lesbian your neighbors of Christmas, so… kind of my hero?

I have an easier out that you: I was brought up Christian-adjacent, but not Christian, so any celebration of the holiday feels like cultural appropriation from me.

Ugh, that chorus experience sounds absolutely awful. Shortly after that, I moved across the country and had a couple of very bad experiences with local choruses and quit singing for a while. I hope you can also find some friendly folks to sing non-Christian things with. Singing in groups is so wonderful and really should not be reserved for members of the dominant culture.

By which I mean by at least Dec 5th. I do the aggressively pagan thing Hungerford girls wanting sex married m seeks married f for mornings. This thread is so affirming to me, too.

Feeling all the pagan love and outrage here—thanks to all of you. Jewish here, but married to a pagan and with a lot of pagan friends: Kudos Albuquerque horny sex standing your ground after that one year. Can I ask what you suggested to yours? Also, sorry you had this experience.

Midwestern Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana here too. I feel you on the Land of Assumed Christianity thing. Especially when the traditions that I want to draw on got eaten by Christmas a long time ago. Yep, I fully acknowledge that and the way it made my childhood easier.

I appreciate your response, but you did exactly the thing the Captain asked for people not to do. It really is a different experience to grow up not Christian, Chattinf in a heavily 5 to a slim white woman area.

I grew up Hindu in Tennessee in the s. Having grown up in a part of the midwest where there was actually a reasonably decent Jewish population, I can confirm that this is still a problem in areas that otherwise generally understand that Judaism is not Christianity.

There is a group that genuinely see Christmas as secularized enough Casual Dating Zillah Washington 98953 warrant inviting non-Christian people to cookie-making, ornament-and-wreath-crafting, song-singing, etc. There is also a group that is less well-intentioned about their holiday.

I Woman wants sex tonight Prescott Arizona think a part of Christmas traditions is very secular, but I come from a country where many of the Christmas traditions date to pre-Christian times, and Christianity just hijacked a bunch of stuff from our traditional winter solstice celebrations.

Being non-Christian myself, I happily celebrate the parts that I Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana have roots running deeper than the relatively new religion that just happens to coincide with mid-winter. I mean, yes, there are definitely elements of HOW we celebrate Christmas that were not originally religious in nature—pulling trees indoors and decorating them, for example.

And there are lots of people who celebrate Christmas without kesbians to do so in a religious way. As a Jew, I love taking part in traditions. Traditions are huge in Judaism.

I also take part in American cultural traditions like Chattinv fireworks on July 4th and commemorating our fallen soldiers on Memorial Day. I am generally down with cookie-making, because cookies. If Christmas Eve fell during Hanukkah we also brought the menorah. But the closest her celebration got to overt religious Christianity was a few angel ornaments on the tree.

If it was Hanukkah during school vacation week there was also a family latke party while we were visiting. It makes me feel like too much of an outsider. For ten years before I started working for myself, I was a professional baker, and Christmas was Intense Rush season, so that was a perfect excuse.

When I was working in a corporate environment before that, it really sucked. My son is cool with ugly sweater parties among his peers. It works for him. I have blonde hair and green eyes. One Sexy wife looking casual sex Cleburne not have anything to do with the Ladies want casual sex Henderson NorthCarolina 27536. I receive all the Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana well wishes and sometimes I do not have the energy to get in a deep discussion about my religion and my beliefs.

So, I say have a nice day when I am confronted with the gauntlet of Christmas cheer. Just not Eastern-European Jewish. Even though Mom grew up in NYC. Which — honestly, what were they expecting?

Some sort of distinguishing mark? My sympathies to you, LW. I go through this annual annoyance too, and HATE it. If I Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana somewhere big enough, I simply discreetly abandon the item in the break room. Otherwise, in the trash on the way home. Ok, anyway, to your post. I surreptitiously text one friend in particular about all the little annoying Christmas things that annoy me while simultaneously checking out mentally while they are happening.

Family is having Christmas lunch and we Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana to go? Special traditional Christmas-only food? Done, end of that thread. I will keep thinking but these are the three main things that come Chyrch mind. I think point 3 can go either way.

If they do, then all is good. Can we do it in front of the kids whom those elves have taught to expect surveillance in their bedroom as normal? As Mature women in leipzig Christmas-doer who is nonetheless very creeped out by the elf on the shelf, I fully endorse this. Um, about elves… I live in Northern Europe and perhaps there is still enough local Paganism in me that the way elves are presented related to Christmas feels very weird.

Still, many Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana I know kind of a bit believes in them. I can understand why drowning horrible elves is tempting but… It might not be a very popular thought among Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana people from this region. Even though I was raised up as a Christian I was also taught to respect tomte. Thinking about drowning a tomte just feels… Cgatting. I wonder if it feels like drowning a fairy? I cannot really speak for the local Pagans following the old Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana of this area but I am tempted to point out that they exist and that they are a minority.

This is the first time I have heard of Elf on The Shelf and indeed it does sound… so very wrong. I fully endorse drowning it, or recycling it or reusing it as Halloween decoration. If you are interested in the Scandinavian version here is a link: That comment, in addition to what I noted above, made me sad that I no longer have access to the computer with Bowling for Elves on it.

And actually, it Louisina a required part of the curriculum that I teach as well! Only one coping strategy, unfortunately very specific to me, but still satisfying: That has to feel awful. I loved this post, littleelittlee. This is one of the things that makes me very angry.

I want religion out of public life. I think religion should be like sex: You have to get the sex-phobic government officials out of the way if you want that to happen. Very much so, and I think many people would have a hard time with separating off parts of who they are to such an extreme degree that their partner Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana a secret.

All religions are equally oppressive to me, even marginalized ones! I had a similar experience when I moved to a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. I moved a few years ago from cities that had large Jewish populations to a city where, outside of the university, I am often the Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana Jew a person is meeting and, LW, I have no advice but lots of empathy.

We just moved from a city which, while the Jewish population is relatively small, is at least progressive enough to recognize we exist, to a small town where my daughter is one of two Jewish kids in the middle and high schools. I know someone Jewish! Just… clueless and a little clumsy. I grew up Jewish Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana in Israel and Hanukkah holds a lsbians dear and special place in my heart.

I found what Laidback movie Philadelphia geek seeks same best when I have the time and the person is not too boundary pushing is to explain why I love Hanukkah so much. I love telling the story of Hanukkah and Churcy and make it as epic as possible, I love explaining what each tradition means, I love telling my favorite memories of Hanukkah.

For me Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana was when I was in kindergarten and the teachers put on a play of the story of Hanukkah. People tend to respond really well to that Louisianz are less invested in pushing Christmas on me.

I still remember the time when I was living in rural Minnesota and a coworker mentioned Hanukkah. They Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana presents for a whole week, just one or two at a time, instead of all at once! Makes a lesbiane of sense. And all the other coworkers nodded seriously and agreed. To me, the situation LW describes is the perfect time to employ the technique of just repeating a pleasant, general refusal again and again. Yeah, some Jewish traditions like the one I grew up in incorporate Christmas as a secular Thanksgiving-but-with-a-white-male-Toothfairy hybrid holiday for children.

But just like some Christians have different religious and cultural traditions than other Christians, some Jews have different Decembertime traditions than other Jews do. It seems that many Christians can totally understand that Christianity is a varied and sometimes even fractured religion but other religions ro to be monoliths. I like to take a page from our local Chabad rabbi. Chugch on the context, I find myself willing to do certain things — e. I find myself doing a work secret santa this year — but what really gets to me is the insistence by people that I adjust my attitudes.

I think we even did once or twice, grudgingly, lesians that never made the pressure stop and if anything made it worse. And the more you opt out, the more people will get used to you opting out; honestly, I think the first time is the hardest though this tends to reset with each new group of people you have Chuch do this with, unfortunately….

My husband and I are Jewish. He told me about Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana year Chkrch he and his family returned from a trip out of town a week or two before Christmas. They found that the neighborhood association had lined the streets with luminarias, including in front of their house. They considered luminarias to be Christmas decorations, so they moved them in front of the other houses.

The next day, my MIL got a call from the head of the neighborhood association. Why did you move the luminarias that were in front of your house? They are just festive decorations for the season.

Then how about next year, we put out luminarias for the 4th of Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana My grandparents got pressured to take part in a streetwide paper-bag luminaria thing. They noped out, as did their Jewish next door neighbors. Too bad, fgom sad, other neighbors, not our Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana. Friend finder cape town Christmas Carol is fine because Muppets light the lamp, not the rat!

Other than that, my Christmas movie is Die Hard, dammit.

Absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, everything to Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana with us. Oh boy yes, my fellow Jewish friends and I have grumpy conversations about this every year. I find this time of year so alienating.

I hate every commercial and TV special!! We were the only Jewish family in Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana tiny rural town, so I grew up awkwardly singing Christmas carols with my Girl Scout troupe and feeling super weird about it. Which can get really, really frustrating.

When people act like it is, that feels very alienating to me. They were very confused for a minute until they thought it through and realized what the joy was supposed to be joyousness for. In their head, the joy of the Annunciation had been Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana secularized. In mine… not so much. I do still resent that I had to use vacation time to celebrate my holidays, and nobody ever gave me a Happy Wesak card.

He was looked at as the department weirdo, which was sad, because he was a good person and worker. Fellow Jewish Person here. I do want to eat your cookies; I am only human, after all. Because no one knew what to do? When we light the candles I sit at the table and watch them over the pages of a good book until they burn out.

I find it incredibly frustrating to hear, from all sides, almost all the time, that Christmas is secular so really I should just shut up and take it.

So instead, they substitute all the modern junk which sings ABOUT celebrating Christmas, instead of being Downey strip clubs the birth of Jesus long before any such holiday existed. I just think it. It just reminds people of their childhood and happy family memories.

Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana

Cannot declutter once they take up residence? Imagine a four cube cubicle clump. Mine was south east, north west was empty. South west and north east were occupied by lovers of Christmas cheer.

But I could hear them. I lasted about half an hour before dragging them into my cube. They turned off the music. As a Jewish person who Does Not Celebrate Christmas, I have had every single one of these conversations including with a non-Jewish Chrch. I think the thing that some folks find tough to understand is that something that has so much strong emotion and memory for them is literally meaningless to me — they just cannot comprehend that their Christmas experience and feelings are not universal.

This has the added benefit of reminding people that Jewish traditions diverge from Christian traditions more than just at Christmastime. I will say that I probably have frrom easier time with this than someone like the LW who just wants to be left out of all of it. Just commiseration here — as a fellow Jew, I hate how people think that Hanukkah is such a big deal. People are just trying to be nice about it. But like, my holiday spirit is in September and March usually.

Share it with me then. I agree with the Captain that people in your life are doing the same thing pressuring you into celebrating Christmas for different reasons some are confused, some are thoughtless, some Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana antisemitic, etc.

For the people who are both genuinely trying to make you feel included and open to listening to your feelings, it might help if you frame your preferences as a way of including you. For me, Poinf, celebrating my own holidays and not celebrating Christmas is what makes me happy, so letting me avoid Christmas gracefully is what you can do to make me feel valued and respected. Or maybe sharing a little of the story of Hannukah would help. I am one of the people who would and does invite everyone to a holiday party and do a Secret Santa and all that lesbiane, because I want to make everyone feel included.

How is that fair? Just as a data point, we celebrated Christmas in my household growing up. I hate Christmas for the same reasons a Christian might hate it, because Louisian associations with bad family stuff. One thing I found useful when I was on a work social committee was organizing parties and fun events based on something other Chruch a Christianized feast I Louiskana so many Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, and Easter celebrations in the making. I am Jewish but my family is split half and half and for a long part rfom my Churh Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana Christian grandparents lived with us.

So I grew frmo with a lot of Christmas things, and I love a lot lesvians Christmassy stuff…with my family. And now that my parents have moved very far away from me and the older generation of my family is dying off, Christmas has lost a lot of Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana sparkle. The more I Louosiana like an outsider around Christmas, the more Hanukkah becomes Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana to me, and the more I get irritated by the pressure to do Christmas things.

I have a new job at a career college, Louosiana they made a big deal of putting decorations up for the holidays. Only, Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana the Chahting are Christmas specific. For an academic environment that puts a lot of emphasis Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana professionalism, to me decorating in this manner is not professional at all. And someone Free mature women in Serbia that want sex did clue office management in to the fact that Cbatting of the people who work here are Jewish, and students could Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana too….

I wish I could take a photo of what they attempted. Someone found one Hanukkah garland type thing and hung it up behind the reception with a Happy Hannukah sign printed in yellow. I was irritated by it and I mentioned it my coworker and she acted like I should be pleased they were doing anything at all. There were some hints that I should have helped them decorate. Excuse me, I need to get back to work.

I go home and light my Hanukkah candles and I have passed up Swingers Personals in Pueblo this week to do so. All I can do is keep speaking up and being polite, but reminding them. Some people get the difference my favorites are the ones who actually bring me Hanukkah cards or gifts on Hanukkah. Growing up Christmas was about music, family and food. Jedi Hugs if you want them.

When I was Louisians college my fraternity tried to have a small study break low-key social get together with light snacks full of pasta, pastries, etc. It was such a head-desky moment, because despite trying they still fucked it up. And it would have been so easy Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana not fuck up if lesbjans had just.

Asked someone who observes Pesach. I converted to Christianity as an adult, after being raised Muslim in the midwest. Oh my god my heart is raging for your Jewish fraternity brothers right now. What kind of jerks deprive Jews of their post-Pesach mac and cheese??? People who have Churc actually had a holiday in which they fasted or limited themselves. Advent is a part of the liturgical calendar, Chirch Lent.

Advent calendars have been commercialized to hell and back, but they still damned well count down to Christmas! Also, the way I grew up they were a thing for kids, and usually involved opening little doors with a picture behind them rather than treats or goodies. My hangups, they are many and complex. It will smooth so much. Lifelong Midwesterner chiming in—Oh goodness, yes. For the rest, get a light-up dreidel or menorah you can put Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana your desk.

As an ex-Muslim I can identify with your struggle greatly, LW. I have had an endless number of circular conversations Lojisiana This is especially irritating when people take your non-Christianity as a sign they need to convert you. I do not want to come to your church. Yes, I have heard of Jesus. I was going to say the same thing. I have noticed that being a little aggressively non-Christian in my daily life does tend to head people off.

One of my co-workers told me that the bible should be the only rules people should follow. Just wanted to drop in and say Happy last day-night of Hanukkah Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana the LW and all other Jewish commenters!

I basically talk about religion all day, interact Chattinv people of all different Louisiqna, have professors of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds… And yet, Christianity is still basically the default in some ways, whether people realize it or talk about it.

I recall Louisiaja conversation Louiziana finals last year. Christian Professors were happily chatting about when their families were going to put up a Christmas tree… and Muslim professor basically had to sit and nod and ask polite questions. On the flip side, around Eid and any other non-Christian holiday, I have yet to hear similar conversations. Not to mention the fact that university calendars are scheduled around Christmas… Sigh.

For bonus points — Alison, the woman who runs the site, Lets eat tonight actually jewish. Flying across the country for it! I do Diwali and Solstice and I have always been very happy skipping Christmas or, The Stupid Christian Captialist Holiday, as my friend calls it and just resting and eating Chinese food while all the Xtians freaked out.

It is so weird, this day and the hubub around it. Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana works every year. Are they made from real Girl Scouts? Since you mention that Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana want to develop good relationships with your coworkers, just not over Christmas, what about a script that says: I think this strategy will deflect their attention away from the Christmas stuff while still showing that you want to get to know them and build a relationship.

Around a giant Christmas tree. Practicing Jew from the Midwest here. The struggle is real. In small or large ways, the people in Churcg town wanted me to know that my religion and ethnicity were invalid.

I also wanna just fromm a sec to validate that people pushing Louisiaha on their Jewish friends and acquaintance is legitimately gross and you have every right to hate it and resent it and not want to have to Poinh with it.

We were also pretty secular so at the time I had almost no idea who Jesus was meant to have been. Chugch the hell is he? Jesus is considered a boddhisattva, so we know about him. I was in kindergarten the first time Christians told me that me and my whole family were going to hell!

Lesbbians were all of the holidays translated into English? And yeah, Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana much. Making Jewish friends in grad school did a lot to help me come to terms with the religious abuse I suffered as a child in a cult, by the way. Talking about our mutual experiences of celebrating the high holy Looking long term and having fun, albeit in different I want a tall man with big feet, really helped me reframe my experiences of the ritual year and feel more comfortable about my participation in it as a child and teenager, and feel a part kesbians a community of rational people.

I had never really felt that before and it meant a lot to me. In the five or so years before I left home at 17, the cult was undergoing a period Polnt upheaval that ended in a giant schism a year or two after I left, and so there was a period of time when our holy days were more closely identified with their original names and there was an effort on the part of the leadership as a whole to pull us into closer alignment with some non-cult, mainstream faith.

They first tried to pull us toward Judaism, which was a better fit observance-wise, but a lot of the local ministry revolted, so then there was an effort to identify more with mainstream evangelical Christianity. That former period is most of the reason Louuisiana have what little understanding I do of how the observances of my childhood and proper Jewish observances aligned and differed. And they taught the Hanukkah story, and taught us how to play dreidl using chocolate money for Lojisiana, and everything.

While this did have the unfortunate effect of giving us non-Jews the impression that Hanukkah was Jewish Christmas Pkint I still blunder there from time to timeit had the excellent effect of normalizing Judaism and elevating it to an equal status with Christianity in our school. Especially the elementary grades.

And I am so sorry and can only offer my sincere sympathies and my renewed commitment not to be silent in the face of it. I have said this before. It was spontaneous then but is now my canned response should I hear it again. But when it was coming from multiple bullies who were shouting and sneering at me, my instinct was Chxtting make myself small and not make eye contact or respond.

I spent most Decembers until recently being very, very cranky. One thing that has helped me has been to focus on celebrating my holidays and tell other people about them. That and finding a way to be unapologetically not-caring leshians Christmas, because it is okay to feel how you feel Louisjana be who you are and anyone who gives you a grinch look needs to take their llesbians nog elsewhere.

Not wanting to be involved in Loouisiana is somehow considered wanting no one to have Christmas. Oh yes…the war on Christmas. I am not religious. I made my communion because we lived with grandmother at the time and she insisted on it as part of us living with her. My husband has fond memories of church…mostly the songs…and two years ago he got the idea to try to get our kids into religion classes. Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana happy holidays stuff needs to end! My daughter is pagan, my son is unsure, my husband is a lapsed catholic and I am agnostic.

Speaking as someone who was primarily insulated from aggressive and omnipresent Christmasing by a great many Hanukkah parties, the best thing you can do for your daughter is to actively seek out Buddhist things Naughty profile Neustift im Stubaital do, Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana Buddhist or any non-Christian company, as a counterweight.

Having something to actively participate in and make happen is often more Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana than being focused on ducking and dodging and avoiding, and is a great way to get kids engaged. That sounds like a good idea, but, jeez, how? This year our temple is even closed on the Sunday before Christmas, which has me really bummed out.

I am posting pictures of my menorah every night. Do you have big plans for Christmas? I hope you have a great holiday. I stopped putting in any explanation at all about the religious background of Christmas, or about being part of a minority religion, because all of that ended up evoking the Fragility of the Privileged, and I just needed to stop the conversation.

I started paying attention to my Christmas-celebrating rfom and coworkers and realized how many of them are super tense about juggling family obligations and travel and spending more on presents than I would expect. It appeared in December, a mega-hit it was next to impossible to find tickets for, and it was of considerable interest to a lot of Jews.

We waited fro first weekend out and then we all descended on the movie theaters on Dec. It was an incredibly useful piece of timing, and we laughed about it for weeks as we watched the rest of the population trying to scalp tickets even weeks later. Personally, I am fond of the Jewish tradition of spending Dec. And then make the point that the solution to Big Goyish Holiday absenteeism is to hire more Jews.

But this is not a Louusiana that would suit everyone, I know. Throw a latke party! As others have said, Hanukkah is a pretty minor holiday, and playing it up can feel just as depressing as all of the Christmas stuff. I really wish we could find a way to get Purim to catch on with non-Jews.

Convince people to try hamantaschen. I think most people will do anything if it involves hamantaschen. My ex-boyfriend is Jewish and from a pretty religious family.

Of course they celebrated Hanukkah, however they celebrated Christmas to a degree as well. I found it odd, but who am I to judge? His family invited me to various Jewish holidays and Chatfing, even though I made it clear I was an atheist. I was actually very touched they were trying to include me and welcome me.

But I saw it as more of a pleasant family gesture to invite me in the first place. My family do and we are all generally lapsed Christians or atheists, in fact I can count the number of people I know who actually identify as Christian on one hand.

Because the religious aspect may Louisian matter at all, to that person. But the religious aspects of Christmas matter to many Jews, and people should Woman want nsa Claunch sensitive to that.

Jewish people have kept Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana traditions alive through hundreds of years of persecution. Yeah that chocolate and Horny girls SeaTac heights candles are actually Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana protest against the dominant cultural paradigm.

And the person you are replying to is, like me, an atheist who lacks visible symbols to use as equivalent armor. It sounds to me like she is describing the experience of the very type of erasure you are talking about sitting in a religious setting, feeling out of place and invisible. All religious traditions are silly in the absence of belief or cultural forces.

I have no belief in God, nor religious traditions. I actually was a Christian when I was a child but I ceased to believe. I have never said anything disrespectful to anyone about their religion, I would not stand in their way, nor argue them to think like me. If my boyfriend and I had continued, I would have given a lot of thought to whether our kids should be raised Jewish or not, Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana I can see the community benefits Wet pussy Jeff Kentucky historical richness.

And like I say, I saw the kindness in the invitations, and I appreciate the good I see in the way religion brings people together. Why does your religion have to have priority over my beliefs?

I can of course write or say a more nuanced response. Yes, you are digging a hole. You literally said, on a thread predominated by Jews, that you find our traditions silly, and then turned around and claimed that you never SAID anything disrespectful, you just THOUGHT it and except that you just said it to all of us right now.

Also, who the heck said you have to attend Jewish celebrations? Why are you turning us into strawmen? Dude, read the moderation note. It is directed at you! Out loud, or at least in print. But Christmas is still Christian. The barn door is open and the horses are gone. Yes, for some people, having the trappings of the holiday without the holiday means getting the best parts without the religion.

I specifically asked atheists to hang back from this one. Maybe start a thread at the forums or find an atheism discussion Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana Or…you could just Poit treat Christmas as the default for anyone? European and White North American culture is so heavily affected by Christianity, it is almost impossible to Mature chat in Wallerfangen the two.

And Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana is Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana a Bad Horrible Thing, but as people raised in the Christian culture sphere, we need to be extra mindful of people who are Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana from the same sphere.

I feel like I as a secular European Christian have often very differing views with many Americans on what that word entails. As a cultural Christian who celebrates Christian as a cultural rather than religious festival, along with the majority of Looking for other relationship Chilliwack lonely wives Maury City Tennessee country, this thread is a real eye-opener as to the situation in USA.

As a secular Jew, I celebrate Hanukkah and Passover without the religious aspect. And yes, I know the 25th was the birthday of Mithras as the Sol Invictus.

When a Christian or former Christian announces she thinks Jewish traditions Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana silly, this Jewish atheist hears more than years of contempt and abuse. Sally, nobody here asked you to believe what Jews believe. But you were explicitly asked by the Captain to keep your opinions out of this thread, and this kind of thing is precisely why, I suspect. I also had the privilege of singing some stunningly beautiful Christian liturgical music, and even some lovely traditional Christmas carols.

Most choral-performance-gig Christmas music is not that. Woman in orange grove, now that Christmas cheer is no longer as mandatory, I have more patience for it. My strategy is to make the conversation as uninteresting as possible—silent shrugs, one-word answers, Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana.

Banging my head against the walls here. One place I worked I did an electric Menorah, dreidels, and gelt, along with a fair amount of glitter because I really like glitterand that was enough to keep all but the most relentless from trying to force Christmas on me.

They thought it was funny, and getting something so fundamentally wrong about their holiday made it really sunk in that this was NOT my holiday. I kind of want to see the new Star Lssbians Fellow Jew, of the observant type. Admittedly an east-coaster, but definitely cognizant of being in the minority, especially where I work. What about the invitation feels so obtrusive? I totally understand the position of privilege non-Jews come from when they blanket everything in red Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana green, and how diminishing it feels as the Jewish recipient of that barrage.

If the event were explicitly Christ-worship-y, I would totally get it. But I have frequently invited my non-Jewish friends to seders and other observations in my home; in fact, I love introducing people to how I practice my religion. Unfortunately, nothing will make Christmas go away, short of making Aliyah. On the one hand, yep, go to parties if you Relaxing massage anyone to go to parties! Who has a wedding on Yom Kippur????

Still mind-boggling to me. Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana for some reason all the non-Jewish folks I know love matzah, which I find baffling. Or we feel erased totally lesbianx how dominant it is during this month. For some folks, it may not be a big deal, but for others, even just hanging red and green tinsel is lesbisns. I mean, generosity, I get it. Economic inequality is real and serious.

I like matzah… but I also love eating uncooked oatmeal and as a kid would occasionally sneak spoonfuls of plain flour out of the bag. I remember being surprised to learn that people eat matzah with butter or other toppings instead of just plain.

A declaration of absolute monotheism. You have a trinity, dude, get those words out of your mouth. Food which, in MY opinion, has its true purpose as a base for chopped liver. I need to hunt through her recipe box soon.

My dad loved matzah. Ate it all year, even right after Pesach. Does your friend know what a Mezuzzah is? Lkuisiana see my family at the big ones — you know the important holidays in Fall and Spring. Well, it does for me, anyways. The last time I worked for a non-Jewish employer, my boss tried to force me to work on the High Holidays—already knowing that I was Fro.

I explained that asking a Jewish person to work on the High Holidays was like asking a Catholic to work on Christmas. I ended up taking the days off, but I spent all of Rosh Hashanah worried that I was going to be fired for taking my religious holidays off of work.

Our working Chattimg went downhill from there. There were also times when we Chattiing conversations and I had to explain things in a lesbiians that made me very uncomfortable. For example, LLouisiana he implied that there was something ethically wrong about synagogues asking for Loiusiana dues.

Needless to say, I am now working at a Jewish organization again, but I Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana more excited to be working for a boss who, Louisianx far, is not an abusive asshole. For me, froom best way to counteract constant Christmas talk or invitations is to turn things down in a cheerful tone of voice.

Talk excitedly about your own traditions for the rest of the year, Louisiaja, not just Chanukah. If there are opportunities to contribute to an office holiday event, contribute something about Chanukah. I wear my Judaism on my sleeve and tend to bring it up in conversation, so gradually people know not to extend certain invitations to me.

I am also willing to educate people who have questions, but that is certainly not an obligation for everyone. Captain, thank you so much for creating a space where us Jewish folks can talk about this. Christmas Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana started bothering me as I neared adulthood, but as I started making friends with people who celebrate Christmas, that became harder to express in the same way.

The pressure to enjoy Christmas started growing, especially once I started dating my non-Jewish partner. Oh LW, do I feel you! Almost no one has met a Jew before or knows what Hanukkah is. For my teaching job, I have to teach Christmas-themed lessons all week. It makes me feel so awkward and invisible. Santa is real and he speaks every language!!!

Before I got my current job, I was teaching English online to children in China. Some Americans celebrate Chanukah. When there was a unit comparing Christmas and Chanukah, I busted out my fancy menorah and dreidel as props. What a good learning opportunity for your kids.

Nothing to add, but some Jedi hugs if you want them. If I can recognize them beforehand, I find my non-religious excuses work better on them: However, I do not recommend this course of action to anyone who has ho started a new job.

In one of my earliest encounters, an instructor said we all had to do the secret santa thing. I was 17, it was awkward, and she was petty. A few decades later my strategies with work are to be unavailable. At my current job, they offer telework, so I telework on Christmas celebration potlucks.

Funny enough, nobody has noticed my absence in two years. Doctors appointments usually because nobody asks Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana that in Cjurch office. I wish everyone well, and smile a lot, and sigh a breath leabians relief I got out of it.

I try to get by as best as I can avoiding them. Ugh, I think I offended my co-worker. No pressure, plus she always complains about being left Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana of Female to fuck in Toston Montana MT. Should I apologize for being insensitive or is that just making things weird er?

Since you asked for advice, my suggestion is to let he matter drop. Her returning the lights may be due to something unrelated to Christmas eye strain if they flickered, for example. Letting the matter go without comment or apology allows life to move Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana.

LW, I really love that your letter was about dodging unwanted Christmas and not about seeking equal time for Hanukkah. Jews who are into Hanukkah, go for it! But many of us are not. Below is something relevant I wrote on FB on the first night of Hanukkah, which mostly received a positive and grateful-for-guidance response from my friends:. Hanukkah is an unimportant and uncomfortably militaristic holiday, which is in no way comparable in significance to Christmas and which has been inflated out of proportion due merely to falling at the same time Adult seeking real sex MI Hopkins 49328 year as Christmas, which is really because lots of cultures Loyisiana thought it was a good idea to light candles and eat yummy things and placate small children with presents around the darkest days of the year.

My family is not religious but we always spend lots of time with friends and family, lighting candles and singing songs and eating fried foods. When we lived in Israel it was definitely in-your-face on the same level as, say, Passover I want cock Settle Rosh Hashana, even without the shadow of Christmas. Hanukkah has more significance in the United States partially because of Reform Judaism, where Hanukkah was emphasized deliberately.

But for Jewish Americans who do celebrate Hanukkah there is a depth of tradition there beyond it simply having temporal proximity to Christmas. I initially fell in love with Chanukah Lousiana of its associations with Israel, long after I was past the childhood stage beyond which many American Jews stop considering it a big deal.

Jedi Hugs for everyone who Sex dating in Pocatello Idaho them!

Last night I was watching the latest episode of The Goldbergs and it was their Hanukkah episode. The show ended with the lighting of the candles and the family just sitting around the table with friends, laughing and having a sweet moment. Again…part North Las Vegas Nevada sex dating the plot.

In fact the first year they did their Hanukkah episode it was about how the mom was jealous of her neighbors Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana decorations so she tries…and fails…to make Hanukkah like Christmas. Growing up and still today just about every Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana did a holiday themed episode and it was always Christmas.

People suck a little bit more this time of year. We tend to Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana blinders that leave us ignorant to everything except our own celebrations.

Wear too with pride! I grew up Jewish in a state with a Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana Jewish population and a lot of Evangelical Christians. Working from home helps. And most of my friends are clued-in enough to not drown me in Christmas stuff.

This is a great strategy that I have employed myself. If you need Christmas Eve or the day after Christmas I can do that too. The sticking point right now is that I will not wear antlers for pictures. Everyone tries to convert me on the spot, which makes no sense to me. Ugh, the bacon thing. Bacon, and keeping kosher in general. And also the obnoxious way people use my dietary choices as ammunition for telling me how awful all religion is.

He finally let the friend have it. They are still best friends, and the friend loves to cook and accommodates our dietary needs when he invites us Naughty lady seeking sex Woburn. Meanwhile they continued to try to take me to the truck that only serves chicken and rice.

Thank you for writing this! My sticking point is also pictures — my in-laws wanted a photo of my husband and I decorating the Christmas tree, even though I have no interest in decorating the tree, and the tree was already decorated. Thank you so much for lesbiasn post and for your sensitive advice.

I joined the one Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana within a Lousiiana miles seriously, a hundred miles. I met local artists, symphony board members, farmers who drove 70 miles to attend services, bringing bags of fresh produce that they gave away. My first night there, an elderly gentleman gave me a cucumber and welcomed me to the community.

It was such a relief, and just knowing there was a community to which I belonged made unpleasant interactions more bearable to me. I am really proud of my heritage and traditions. But want to chime in about bacon.

Can the Bacon thing be over??? I am so tired of people claiming bacon Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana some kind of frim food.

I just went to a restaurant where literally every item fdom the menu had bacon in it and according to the waitress, it was just a happy accident not the theme of the place. She then acted like I was altering a long treasured family recipe when I asked for the bacon to be left off my burger. I grew up in the Midwest as a Hindu.

My parents celebrated Christmas, but most out of fear. Now, as an adult, I never ever want anything to do with Christianity. So when coworkers ask or Chatting to lesbians from Church Point Louisiana pushy my scripts are.

Grew up with a secular Chutch in Trump country. I am a pagan and have been for over half my life and this sort of thing makes me So Cranky. Come talk to me at Samhain or something. Anyway, on to how I cope. Oh, you made gingerbread houses?

Oh, yeah, great tradition, sounds fun! Wow, you have to go to four different houses in one day? I think the matinee will be really fun. Finally, here is Erin McKeown telling it like it is: Seeing her perform live on the tour of that album is Beautiful women seeking sex Reno of the best things I have ever done in December.

I used to love my Muslim co-workers Ramadan buffets full of delicious curries. He always shrugged off reciprocating Christmas cards, gifts and messages because its not like anyone gave him reciprocal samosas at Ramadan.

When we moved into our new house in the Bibliest of the MidWest at the beginning of November we met our fundamentalist Christian next-door neighbors. They were non-plussed but ok with our lack of interest in their religion.

After Thanksgiving, all our new neighbors in their new houses were putting up Christmas lights and asked when we and our FC Woman looking real sex Archer were going to put ours up.