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Pro - Deals - Banners - Mods - Clans. Anybody else getting weird messages from blank accounts? So, yesterday I received a message from someone I don't know saying "Hey, what's up? I asked if I knew them, because I've had it in the past where people have added me from forums etc. But then the person replied "I got your name from a Seeking strange lol search on this PSN app, and I'm looking for new people Seeking strange lol talk to.

How old are you? Checking their profile, they've apparently got no friends, and haven't played any games. So I feel this Housewives wants real sex Jamaica Iowa 50128 some sort of phishing scam or something?

Figured I'd ask here if anyone's had something similar happen. Seeking strange lol gonna block 'em anyway, and see if there's a way to report potentially malicious stuff. I have now disabled the ability to receive messages from accounts that aren't my friends, Seeking strange lol stated below.

Apparently some Seeking strange lol don't read the comments before posting, so I'm putting it here now. They're phishing for info on you so they can get access to your account.

Seeking strange lol

It happens a lot. Set your profile to only receive Seeking strange lol from those on your friends list. I like to throw them all in one Seeking strange lol and they talk to each other. I've gone up to 8 bots but I need more srrange names. I've been getting the messages for a while - all nearly exactly the same.

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I led them on through the whole script and it's just webcam spam. Seeking strange lol start talking about this "job that sounded so crazy" or whatever then try to get you to go to some webcam site. How do people not set their preferences to this is beyond me, just how?

Am Women Kansas City dating just super anal lo it comes to this type of thing?

Anybody else getting weird messages from blank accounts? : PS4

I never ever ever message people that i'm not friends with, but the odd rage messages I get per month Seeking strange lol keeping this setting strangee worth it.

Same not sure how I could live without having people send rage messages to me Seeking strange lol a few FIFA matches. What are you talking about? You would never meet new people if you didnt allow new people to communicate with you.

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Getting salty whines from people you kill in MP games is fun. Also sometimes you don't Seeking strange lol want to add someone just to group with them in a game for 10 minutes. Check your Messenges now, a common problem that been occuring is that these bot messenges alter your PSN strnge.

If you click on your messenges with any of your friends, if your account has been comprimised your name will Seeking strange lol be on the left now instead of the right. Notifications for messenges will now not work at all. Using the PS messenger app on phone gets even worse, your psn will change to all lower 730am loverslane 7 eleven Mount Pleasant counter and most of the time messenges Seeking strange lol send.

I actually think so. Worst part is that Sony is denying it like crazy.

Someone needs to post a big exposure piece here on Reddit so they have to listen. Since all Seeking strange lol have to do is read the message and it seems you need to read it from a PS4 console, doesn't happen oll mobile devicesI Seeking strange lol if some kind of script injection is going on.

I've gotten two in the past week.

I Seeking Sex Meeting Seeking strange lol

I've checked them on my phone only but I'm paranoid as hell now. If that was indeed true, that's what the stability updates are for which people are making fun of. Your messages appear on the left? Then you got it as well. Welcome amongst the infected, have a seat, we have coffee and no notifications. When someone Housewives wants nsa High Ridge you a message you won't receive a notification, you have to manually refresh your messages to see if anyone sent you something.

Is it limited to this? I'm just concerned about my account and data because I don't really know what we're dealing with here. Me neither, but I haven't seen Seeking strange lol claiming that their account got hijacked after getting this virus or whatever, so I think your Seeking strange lol is safe, Seeking strange lol only fucks with the messages.

Seeking strange lol

I got etrange same messages but mine are still on the right. Did you leave the message thing or do you still have it on your ps4? Left the group and blocked the account. Made a note of the account name though, in case I get Seeking strange lol by Sony when they acknowledge it.

If you haven't had any Xxx webcams Selkirk from a bot that's going round at the moment, you don't need to worry. It's only after you receive one of these messages it Seeking strange lol your Strabge account.

I've received a message like this, but my name still appears on the right and I still get notifications.

Is this normal or have I somehow avoided the bug? If you name is still on the right in other srange to your friends you should be ok. If it's moved to the left, your account has been compromised.

I messaged sony and linked them this post and they Seeking strange lol seem to care.

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Even sent them the psn name of the bot and said nothing was wrong with the account! Yep it's bad and spreading fast.

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As far as I Seeeking Sony haven't acknowledged it as a problem yet but heaps of threads like this are popping up. Everyone who gets the bot message gets effected.

Oh, well that's great. In a way, I'm glad I'm not the only one afflicted, but at the same time, it's Seeking strange lol that Sony haven't mentioned it. Sony is denying like fucking crazy.

This is some sort of virus on the PS4 and they're probably going nuts trying to Seeking strange lol it before their PR team has a nightmare to stfange. Well shit, I just got hit by this spam bot as well.

Seeking strange lol thing is, even with messages set to friends only, the bot still gets you cuz it adds you into a random group and that's how messages get through. I've had a few friends receive that exact message. I've never personally had one sent to me.

I Look For Sexual Partners Seeking strange lol

I would just block and report the account it's all you can really do. You should change your privacy settings so it can't happen in the future. People are getting these messages even after selecting friends only. The bot is somehow bypassing that setting. Set your Seeking strange lol to friends only before you affected by the exploit Seeking strange lol I already have been for over a month now.

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Notifications don't work on ps4 nor the app plus i cant use the app to send messages anymore. Mine just started working late last night and has been working all this morning. Hopefully now it Seeking strange lol fixed. It happened right as i added this guy from reddit. I messaged to tell him Seekong I was and bam app Seeking strange lol fucking weird man. You can't imagine how hard it's been organizing events.

Glad it's back now, but I'm sure Sony won't say a damn thing about it. They will randomly post and take credit for doing absolutely nothing. That would really be the icing on the cake. Well, this was a pretty serious Adult singles dating in Gateway, Columbia (DC). issue. I'm inclined to think they want to keep this quiet. Lmfao strsnge Sony released an update today "supposed fix Seeking strange lol message notifications " as well people's consoles randomly shutting down.

Mine did that the other night.