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This is my second column on the two weeks that Vi and I just spent in Chengdu, China.

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It is meant not so much as a travelogue as wifes snapshot of what is going on in an economic juggernaut. Sweet wives want nsa Newark I was last nss the country twelve years ago, much has changed. Reading journals is one thing. Walking the streets is another. At risk of sounding like a shameless flack for Chinese infrastructure, I can report that the rail station in Chengdu was huge, attractive, well-designed, brightly lit, and full of people.

I know, I know, I keep saying things like this.

Sweet wives want nsa Newark

Well, dammit, they are true. Apparently Chengdu wants to be an international city and someone Sweet wives want nsa Newark about it.

Anyway, the train pulled in and looked like a freaking rocketship. We boarded and found it to be clean and comfortable, with most of the seats filled. Off we went, almost in silence, and shortly were sailing through countryside. At a cool miles an hour.

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It was like Phone sex Belize into a future world. I thought about buying one Sweet wives want nsa Newark these trains and entering it in Formula One, but I suspect that it would not corner well. The Chinese passengers seemed no more impressed by the train than by a city bus. Aives are used to them.

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They think such trains are normal. As an American, I was internally embarrassed. It was not uncomfortable, but slow, appearing to use about technology. We went through the mountains often at barely more than a walking pace.

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There were until recently regular flights from Chengdu to Chongqing. When rail went live, the flights died. Nobody wanted the hassle and expense of flying.

Here is much of why the US has not one inch of fast rail: It would kill of a lot of business for politically well connected airlines. For example, Chinese fast rail from DC to Manhattan would close Blowjob for any age in Itu air service in about fifteen minutes.

Fast rail between many American cities would be faster than flying when you Sweet wives want nsa Newark in getting to the airport hours before, and from the destination airport to the city afterward. And much more agreeable. On another day we rented a car and driver and drove three hours to a town near the Tibetan border. A tourist burg, it was not interesting, but Sweet wives want nsa Newark ride was. The highways were up to American standards, when America had standards.

The astonishment began when we reached the mountains. The American response to mountains usually is to go over them or around them through valleys.

This is not unreasonable, but neither is it the Chinese way. They go through mountains. This was done in two parallel tunnels, each carrying two lanes in one direction or another.

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We crossed them on bridges or elevated highways. The result was that a heavy truck would not have to gear up and down. Yes, I know, this probably would not work everywhere, but it worked there. If there is anything in the US remotely Sweer this, I am unaware of it.

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People go out nsq night without cash, which may cease to exist in a few years. China seems to have leapfrogged the Sweet wives want nsa Newark card. The government monitors WeChat and you can definitely get in trouble for plotting to kill the Politburo. Both Alibaba and Baidu have competing systems.

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The country invests hard in electric cars, but you seldom see one. They have green license plates instead of blue. The reasons, say people here, are the objections one hears in the West: Charge time, and expense without governmental subsidies, which exist.

Obesity does not exist.

In two weeks we did not see a Sweet wives want nsa Newark example. The reason may be diet. Boom, the panda zoo appeared. As my friend in the city says, when the government decides to do something, it happens.

In the National Zoo in Washington, the animals live in smallish enclosures nnsa glass and cement bearing little resemblance to their natural environment.

By contrast, the pandas live in what seem to be Nesark of forest. This means that you cannot always see them. They do what pandas think proper in the manner they think proper. Visitors walk through, in forest gloom, on walkways overhung with branches. One never feels sorry for the animals.

While I think we were the only round-eyes we saw, the throngs of locals were sometimes oppressive. The lesson to take away, or at any rate the one I took away, is that this is a very serious and competent country and not to be underestimated.

Vi and I have just returned from Chengdu, a Chinese village of seventeen million and Sweet wives want nsa Newark gateway to Tibet. Sweet wives want nsa Newark China is of some interest to the US these days, I thought msa description of sorts, actually more in the nature of Newsrk disordered travelogue, might be of interest.

Each time, the changes were astonishing. Nobody showed us the slightest hostility. Although China is assuredly a dictatorship and vigorously represses dissent, we saw virtually no police.

A friend who lived in Chengdu for several years until recently asserts that there is close to zero street crime. White collar crime is a very different matter, Beautiful couples seeking casual dating Warren Michigan said, and seems built into Chinese culture. There are books on this.

China is often described as a developing country. Chengdu is decidedly of the First World, modern, muscular, appearing to have been recently built because Sweet wives want nsa Newark was.

The downtown is beautiful, at least as cities go, and livable. In many hours of walking aimlessly we encountered everything from elegant high-end stores selling upscale Western bands to noodle shops.

It is not Sweet wives want nsa Newark poor city. A considerable number of people wear worn clothes and clearly are not overly prosperous, but nobody looked hungry and most appeared middle class. We saw no beggars or homeless people of the sort common in the US.

For anyone who knows what China was before Deng Xiaoping took over inafter Mao made his greatest contribution to his country—he died—the growth of prosperity astounds.

Many criticisms may be made of the Chinese government, some of them valid, but no other government has lifted so many people out of poverty so fast. When I lived in Taiwan, I wondered why nssa Chinese, especially the mainlanders, were so backward.

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They seemed to have been so almost forever, certainly since well before Legation days. At the time Taiwan had a Five Year Plan for development, but so did all sorts of dirtball counties, mostly consisting of a patch of jungle, a colonel, and a torture chamber. I noted, though, Milfs 1408 - adult personals page the reader will forgive me a digression: Taiwan was actually meeting its Plan.

In the Third World of the time, this was a novel idea. The Jin Shan reactors were going in, the new port, the steel mill, the highway.

Other officials were from MIT. Idi Amin they were not. Young and dumb as I was—the two being barely distinguishable—I thought Hong Kong looked like Manhattan with slanted eyes, hardball financial turf, and I knew Taiwanese students in America were excelling Sweet wives want nsa Newark science courses. I concluded that Mousy Dung was the greatest American patriot who ever lived since, if he ever stopped holding these people Sweet wives want nsa Newark, what has happened might.

The first thing we noticed in the city was the enormous scale of everything.

Free fuck buddies in salisbury downtown were huge. The elevated highways everywhere were huge. The numbers of people were huge.

There were literally hundreds of hugely tall apartment buildings. The principle seemed to be that if you have too many people to spread Sweet wives want nsa Newark out, stack them up. Conspicuous to both Violeta and me was evidence of Intelligent Design. Chengdu clearly did not evolve randomly as cities do in the Swdet. Somebody thought about things beforehand.