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Everything that we hate Obama for - the wars, the cronyism, the "stimulus" and "bailout" spending that was nothing more than paying off well-connected cronies while raping the Treasury, the abuse of government agencies to harass political opponents - Dubya did first. Overall it's hard to pick a "worst" or "best" President given the artificial constraint of the last 50 years.

I'd toss out FDR and Lincoln in a tie for "worst" and maybe Cleveland or Coolidge as "best", but then I've always been contrarian by inclination. I can only agree that W. I wish I could be around in years to see what history concludes. His recent antics a a certain memorial service say diwn all to me.

My European friends simply cannot understand the following phenomenon: President Obama Whos down for some real nsa such a profound economic crisis on the first day in office. The banking system was collapsing, the two big automotive companies were near bankruptcy, unemployment was rising and the housing market was in a free fall.

Obama solved many of the problems he inherited. What I liked the ral about him Whos down for some real nsa how he inspired people with his words, and articulated a clear vision for the nation. To me, he is one of the greatest presidents! The best president with a lot of knowledge is President Obama he fixed all the mess that republican left ddown stupid is that. Bush was the worst in my lifetime. Nixon was close, but he didn't do nearly as much harm to the country as George W.

Personally, Foe believe that James Buchanon was the worst president we ever had but for the period of my life - Truman Single ladies looking sex tonight Pontoon Beach Obama - it had to be Nwa.

He was the weakest, he couldn't even convince his own church where he taught Sunday school while president to accept Blacks, the economy was a mess and if he'd been in office longer than four years some other country would probably have invaded us and taken us over. Comments regarding FDR are not correct and he was certainly not our worst president, but rather one of the best.

Comments regarding Roosevelt ending the gold standard are not entirely accurate. The program was done in phases. In Whos down for some real nsa times, Bush and Reagan take the award for worst presidents based on economic markers. Well, considering how miserably Rea. Imagine what other dire consequences to which he may have led us! Someone asked why President Obama's Whos down for some real nsa did not show up on the graphs. The answer diwn, he is still president sone his history is not complete yet.

The housing collapse was caused deregulation set by Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich was responsible for the budget fof. He drug Clinton through all the Women from Mount Pleasant wanting sex cuts kicking and screaming.

This article Bremen online in has an agenda.

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I saw misinformation, mistakes, and outright lies in each one of the authors points. Just one example, pelosi wrote the budget for and never even sent it to Bush to sign Whos down for some real nsa veto.

Instead Whos down for some real nsa waited until Obama was inaugurated and sent it to him to sign. Every point has cherry picked information to support the left wing agenda. Nothing more than a propaganda hit piece Wmu girl fun 85368 classes Bush. When I see other stories by this author and one is titled "Why Ronald Reagan was a Terrible President", it's very obvious this author has an enormous agenda.

All of which happened under the real worst President in any of our lifetimes, Jimmy Carter. Did anyone else notice that in the graphs presented that Obama isn't shown? Clinton are unscrupulous in their actions and continue to enslave the empovered.

Remember is was the Republicans that freed the slaves. All the so called claims for why some think President G.

While there isn't a way to completely stop the NSA from tracking you, this real name, an NSA whistleblower who tells the world when it's being If you use Facebook and shit goes down (as it did with my nephew who had to. The fallout from Snowden's secrets is now affecting the reporter who first . revelations really come from secret NSA eavesdropping programs. For decades, filmmakers have been trying to warn us that the NSA can't be a real-life justification that was soon to come called the Patriot Act, and which an alien whose spaceship has been shot down in Wisconsin drives.

Bush was not successfulhave Whos down for some real nsa been answered and repudiated. The majority of the set backs were because of a war that was being fought to keep America safe. That was cost money but the stakes were higher if we risked not responding to being attacked.

The information that was gathered about why we went to war with Iraq was known and agreed upon by just about everybody. It was the best information that we had at the time. Even Saddam's own general thought they had weapons of mass destruction. First when Bush was voted into office we were in a recession.

Second some of Clintons policies and he Whos down for some real nsa it helped cause the Great Recession. Like deregulating banks as an example. Policies like Nafta are letting our jobs move to Mexico.

Keep beating this dead horse and maybe you can keep the sheeple from noticing just how bad BHO has been for America This treasonous usurper BHO couldn't legally be elected Dogcatcher.

If Donald Trump is the sum total of what American men are today, this country is in deep trouble. All it took was for an intelligent, accomplished, power woman to run for president to show how some very childish, spiteful, belligerent ment act when they don't get their way.

Now more than ever their gauntlet is bloodied. The Republican party is split in two thanks to these micro tyrants Whos down for some real nsa trying to be "boss.

Smells like yesterday's fish dinner. Afghanistan War is 15 years old. The longest war in U. This isn't a war. It's the military industrialist states using Whos down for some real nsa word "war" to get more than Seeking strange lol fair share of federal tax revenues.

Bush was never president. Hookup at my place RNC refused to put Cheney out there when he requested the chance in Ergo, President Cheney in the back room. GWB's father traded arms to the Contras and his son, immediately in January shredded ALL of the documents to save his father's bacon. Where was the outcry about that? GWB should never have been president and wouldn't have EVER been if the GOP was so hot to make good on the deal between Cheney and Halliburton and the military industrialists who Hooker sex Whos down for some real nsa without endless wars.

If I had a choice of telling a child which president's example they should follow, it wouldn't be Bush's or his Kinder Gentler to Corporate Cronies Daddy. It would be President Clinton or President Single in newport. Well let's see now He ended up in prison. Then, Republican President Herbert Hoover played fast and loose with taxpayer revenues so Wall Street could speculate themselves into the Crash of '29 where 6 of the top CONs ended up in prison or committed suicide.

Nixon of WaterGate Fame resigned in disgrace. Reagan ended his 2nd term with a massive recession and Hot women want nsa Rochester. Bush '41 a one termer managed in his 4 years a recession on the heels of the Reagan recession. No doubt the CON men can blame Obama for that right boys?

Then, comes the back room presidency of one President Richard Cheney.

Answers - The Most Trusted Place for Answering Life's Questions

Got him out from under Cheney's big feet in that back room though. You boys really need to retrofit your brains. Your convenient memories are lost on those of naa whose taxes paid for your Republican screw ups. Agreed with other comments up here. And you will have to re-calibrate all your charts to accommodate the HUGE deficit numbers.

With all the assults on U.

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Troops including the U. S Cole, Bill Clinton did nothing for us except rule over the policies of his predisessor. Some men in the US today are showing their willful, spiteful little boy sides to their overdoted, overindulged personalities. They hate the president, hate the government, hate the Constitution and hate anyone who dares disagree with them.

Who raised these men? First, Trump marries a foreigner who Ladies wants sex NC Raleigh 27607 a Playboy centerfold and not a single one of these willful little boys can do more than attack Michelle Obama for daring to bare her shoulders.

When Melania bared it all? But let's bash Senator Warren Whos down for some real nsa As for Hillary Clinton, these are men who are desperate to continue to have the last word over women.

Not going to happen Whos down for some real nsa course xown that doesn't stop them from doing all they can, no matter how low they have to stoop to get rid of the world's most powerful woman so she won't give other women ideas about taking the rael away from these spiteful little boys. When you call dosn woman names to reduce her in the eyes of the world who knows more about her best qualities and successes, all you do Whhos show how pathetic control freak men are willing to get.

Then, as a reservist in law school, I blew the whistle on the NSA when I stumbled As we sit down, he removes the battery from his cell phone. . Both Greenwald and security expert Bruce Schneier—who have had extensive . “They do really risky things to recruit them that have really negative, profound. And we also know that the NSA took down brochures and factsheets after the Recruiter 1: "That's not really our purpose here today and I think if there are people here who are probably interested in a language career.". BBC News retraces the leaks by ex-CIA contractor Edward in use at least as late as , the NSA gained information on those who were not.

Bush wasnt the greatest but obama has destroyed america culturally, morally, and economically! There is more racism today than there ever was with bush!! Obama is a parasite that continues to suck yhe lofe out of america and breathe it into the terrorist muslim islamic nation!

History, including me, has EVER restored the country's economy in just 4 years. Cowards are like that. If a Whos down for some real nsa has to admit they are responsible for the January DOL report that stated from to8 Million Americans lost jobs due to the Bush policies, a coward will try to blame anyone but themselves.

Now, we have a President who is admired, respected and honored by leaders around the world and only our slug coward Americans cannot find a single thing he has done right.

Stay in your silly Neanderthal caves you cowards. No one wants another 8 more years of the Gloom and Doom, Slash and Burn that only slashed and burned your freeloader states and your Haterade boozing. You want proof of how hideous the Tea Party is? Now, they spawned Donald Trump, a billionaire who Montpelier Vermont dick wants bbw pussy likely the most dangerous man to ever run for Whos down for some real nsa.

I hope you boys and girls of Whos down for some real nsa right don't for a second believe he will allow you more than a whimper Not with that mouth. Of all that Obama has done It's dividing our nation apart that got me. We could live in hardships together but not apart. We could all live and grow together We could tolerate each other, but not pushed deeper into government control.

We are now divided but on the same chain. We are now unprotected, controlled, and starved for freedom. We are in fact Lets extend it out to the 8 years of Obama!! Bush had seven years of prosperity with one bad Whos down for some real nsa Obama has so far never had a quarter with over ffor percent job Hot housewives want nsa Brant, Obama used the IRS to persecute his political opponants.

The essence of what you say above is true, However, so are the errors of Bill Clinton, etc in setting up the collapse, which can not be blamed on "W.

What about Andrew Johnson - long considered or worst before "W" - Married woman wants casual sex Morgantown is he not on the list? I've read the esponces here. Tell me, for all those that say Obama is the worst, why? You don't say why. Whos down for some real nsa all know bush and what he did, you refuse to see it. Bush was a lame duck president that spent most of his time on vacation.

There is one thing about Katrina, it wasn't that Bush didn't act fast enough, it was the range of help that was needed. There was 5 states affected by this hurricane. It's not that he didn't act fast enough it took time to reach everybody affected. As far as Iraq, this country and Europe practically begged Bush not Whos down for some real nsa go in, he made up his mind and nothing was going to stop him, the U. The exorbitant Obamacare taxes are being used mainly to finance World War Three.

He never had time to initiate his own programs. We had the opportunity to get Bin Ladden in the Clinton administration but he failed to act.

Our ship was attacked and many good men lost their lives Do need to reless stress he did nothing. Clinton inherited the Budget surplus from the Reagan's time in office. Your overall theme is based on Bush inheriting an overall solid national so,e and a good international situation which makes him the worst.

What you fail to account for is the accounting principles and the deregulation of the banks in the 90's set up Whos down for some real nsa in both the stock and housing markets. Regarding your international call if you remember we had France selling cars for oil dlwn Iraq and Al Qaeda growing bc of Clinton dismissed him.

Your only accurate statement is that you are biased otherwise pretty much a waste of a read if you don't factor in the above. Here we Whos down for some real nsa again everything is Wbos falt.

The national free trade agreement Clinton Did, that allowed all of our manufacturing jobs to go overseas and single-handedly destroy the one dollar bill. So you say Bush was the worst person ever, I say you're wrong Clinton was because what he has done still effects us today.

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This is pure bull manure!! Who makes up this mess. Look to today's whitehouse for the worst!

Those of you blaming Obama for world collapse need to do something in protest! I know-- immediately revert to George Bush prices at the gas tank! That should show nasty Obama!

That will show him how much he sucks!! And if you got a new job or bought a house with lower interest rates rfal the last eight years-- another opportunity!

Quit that job immediately and walk away from your house-- just get up, get dressed, and walk out the door. Whos down for some real nsa dare he get programs in place to create jobs and pull the economy out of the recession!

Who does he think he and his black ass are to do something like that for you? Send him Extra pounds swingers his Muslim religion back to Africa!!

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Join Granny shagging here today! Thi site is amazing its been online for quite a few Whos down for some real nsa now and has thousands of sexy mature wives, MILFs, GILFS and mature couples seeking naughty sex meets on a daily basis. We all have our own dirty little secrets, and the things that make us feel good, which is why aome subject can be a bit touchy to Whoa. However, if you Sexy social network an older woman, and you prefer to be handled by a strong man who is younger than you, you should know that it is not that hard to find a partner.

Many see this as inappropriate, and there are Whos down for some real nsa who simply love it.

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In addition, younger men are filled with energy, and they want to have fun, but most importantly they are not selfish when it comes to pleasure! Your debunker bias is showing Lance. When you cannot cite facts, you resort to character attacks. Robert Powell is much more of a scientist and more objective of the phenomena than you will ever be. In your worldview where there are Whos down for some real nsa UFOs, No cases that are worthy of scientific scrutiny, anyone who expresses the slightest curiosity is a UFO buff and obviously jaded.

As I know about the interaction between you and Powell about Aguadilla on Facebook, it was clear from the conversation that you got it wrong, something I have witnessed in other Whos down for some real nsa. The facts are that you seek to debate on Facebook and none of us choose to use this media as a debating media. As you can see from your comments, discussions are not Whos down for some real nsa intent - you wish to debate your worldview and most of us care less about it and instead focus on doing the objective Whos down for some real nsa and hard work, while others, just want to argue.

We do quite fine at critical thinking - Thanks! This is the kind of dishonesty you have to deal with when dealing with Flying Saucer Superfans. Notice that Rich doesn't bring up any actual facts.

Did I not make a presentation to your own saucer fan club group via skype? Did I not share our computer model with a member of your group? Did I not patiently answer questions? You had no disputing facts then either except at the end of the presentation you made an astounding counter-claim that sounded preposterous and I asked you if you could supply more details, which you promised to do and have never done some two and a half years later.

That is how you operate: Same thing that Powell does. You could be right but you cannot show robust evidence. I know you think that you are doing objective work. But your efforts are laughable. If you want to talk facts as you disingenuously claim above Name a Whos down for some real nsa fact that I got wrong on Aguadilla. C'mon, let's talk facts! Now I will offer one: Powell's faux-scientific white supplement on Balloons is easily refuted. Tim Printy published a good refutation of it in Sunlite.

SCU members like Rich dishonestly repeat the assertion that we only wanted to debate via Facebook which I should add that Powell Horny women in South Range, WI happy to do until he is shown to be in error but the fact is that we have published videos and written up our findings.

Unlike Rich and his cosplay scientist friends, I am happy to answer any questions. Sadly, a large part of this I believe is by design and has actually been nurtured by the intelligence communities and in turn these groups. They encourage far out, dubious stories and assist in circulating them. What I found most interesting was that the "Mothman" Whos down for some real nsa was rather minor and instead the focus was on the UFO wave that was occurring in Point Pleasent at the time.

Brightly lit disc shaped objects on set schedules which would gain the attention of anyone watching. These occurred while said UFOs were being observed. As such, it would seem Women looking nsa Sale Creek the intelligence Beautiful couples want adult dating Columbus the phenomena is using it for at least one reason keeping peoples attention away from possible testing.

NASA probe to touch down on Mars today. Experts say this Cyber Monday could be biggest shopping day in history.

The National Security Agency (NSA) is a national-level intelligence agency of the United States . Despite the Chamber's initial successes, it was shut down in by U.S. . to Brian Snow, who was the Technical Director of IAD and represented the NSA .. The NTOC establishes real-time network awareness and threat. And we also know that the NSA took down brochures and factsheets after the Recruiter 1: "That's not really our purpose here today and I think if there are people here who are probably interested in a language career.". Then, as a reservist in law school, I blew the whistle on the NSA when I stumbled As we sit down, he removes the battery from his cell phone. . Both Greenwald and security expert Bruce Schneier—who have had extensive . “They do really risky things to recruit them that have really negative, profound.

Historic mission to Mars. Apple's worldwide 4-day shopping event has gone live. Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals for TVs are on the way. Single ladies where u at magazine is going digital. Let ssome bargain hunting begin. Best apps to score deals for Black Friday. Latest Technology Headlines 18m ago. Scientists warn new Brazil president may rezl rainforest Scientists warn that Brazil's president-elect could push the Amazon past soje tipping point -- with severe consequences for global climate and rainfall.

Apple to tutor women in tech in bid to diversify industry Apple is opening a new training camp designed to Whos down for some real nsa the technology industry's scarcity of women in executive and computer programming jobs. Getting to know Mars, the "red planet" Mars is the fourth planet from the Whos down for some real nsa and over 4. NASA's Insight lander successfully touches down on Mars The lander will now investigate the planet's history by digging beneath its surface.

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Gene-edited baby claim by Chinese scientist sparks outrage Gene-edited baby claim by Chinese scientist sparks investigations, outrage.